Monday, 30 July 2012

Stopped in our tracks

Remember me saying that harvesting is a stressful time for farmers who are watching the weather and hoping to avoid the inevitable breakdowns.......when the sun shines it is all hands to the deck and hoping that the rain stays off, until the crop is brought in.

Remember the photos of my two youngest boys in the cab with big huge smiles.

Well yesterday marked the second day of harvesting our winter barley, but it did not all go quite according to plan.

Thankfully our neighbour and my hubby managed to jump out of the cab, but there was no time to save the combine.  From the garden where the boys and I were, we heard some massive 'boom' noises which were the fuel tank and tyres blowing, followed by plumes of thick black smoke.

The fire brigade arrived quickly and dowsed the burning field and combine, but unhappily it was already too late.

What a difference a day makes!  I am so thankful that everyone is safe and well........but feel so sad to see the state left behind.

Saturday, 28 July 2012

Year of projects - 29.07.12

Well, I'm being a (tired) early bird this morning, getting my update done before the start of a busy day.  We are out to a family lunch, and with church first, time is limited  to sit in front of the computer.....however, I will be sat with cup of tea in hand, reading everyone elses progress this evening.

This is my ten-stitch twist which I took to the beach yesterday,  while the children played......I think I'm getting very brave, as I do have a little bit of a 'thing' about sand getting near my yarn.....but yesterday I couldn't pass up the window to knit.

This is it again this morning, a little further along.  I have to say, I'm not sure I will have the patience to make a blanket, as although easy, I'm finding it a bit slow......I am kept going with the changing colours, which always make things more interesting, but unlike crochet, it isn't instantly gratifying.  The pattern is simple and clever, the way I like it....... maybe it's just my technique isn't as slick as it should be.

This is really all I've been working on this week, a little dabbling of my toes into some simple crochet, but I've definitely had my 'knit head' on, in the main.

We've had beautiful sunshine these past few days and have loved it......farming and sunshine brings on the mad dash to get the crops in, so yesterday the combine harvester turned up to cut our winter barley.

This is a photo after a small break down (this too, is typical and is all part of the fun of harvesting time!) which with a drill, some hammering and a bit of blue air, was  soon fixed .

As the combine was on stop, it was very difficult to dissuade two small boys to leap into the was brief and highly supervised though as my hubby and our neighbour had their fixing-fingers in the header  at the time. ever, thank you for all your lovely comments from last week....I'm looking forward to catching up this evening, when boys are tucked up and all the days events are done....probably with a bit of the Olympics in the background.....who knew it would be such addictive viewing!

Have a great week.x

Friday, 27 July 2012

Lazy, hazy days

Well, we're taking this welcome bit of sunshine in our stride, and beginning to relax into the school holidays.....walks with the dog, beaches, trees, crochet, picnics.........just perfect!

Beach combing

Shell collections


'Who you lookin' at?'

Wonderful hydrangeas

Early morning stillness

Dappled sunlight through the trees

Handsome fella on our walk this morning (a young cormorant??)

The art of building a castle

I can see the sea!

I have worn shorts (yes, that was where they great reflective light came from) and ....this is a big step forward, I have crocheted on the unheard of thing for me, who has been known to squirm at the thought previously....although it was cotton, and not wool...I'm not ready for wool

Biggest boy has been at a cub jamboree to celebrate the Olympics and is promised a 'real-metal' gold medal tomorrow....very exciting.

For those of you interested in the Malteser Square recipe, you can find the recipe here.....I warn you though,it is the beginning of a very slippery slope.......don't do it!

I will leave you with the wise words of my three- year old.

Littlest: "Mummy, aliens don't wee"

Me: "Really...don't they?"

Littlest: "Nope, they only poo"

Sunday, 22 July 2012

Year of projects 22.07.12

Well the past couple of weeks of 'busy' must have taken their toll, as for the past two nights, I have not knitted or crocheted......hubby was about to get the thermometer out.  Waking up this morning was a bit like hitting the wall I reckon, and I'm afraid I've whined more than once today!

The picture above is a quick start on Ten Stitch Twist, unfortunately not in the Noro suggested, but in King Cole Riot, first time I've used it, and so far pretty impressed.

Disappointingly that's really it for YOP work this week, but I have still been busy.  A couple of weeks ago I borrowed a book from the library with lots of patterns for knitted and crocheted flowers, I can't say I've found the patterns very easy to follow, as the terms are slightly different to those I am used to, but let's say it has been a challenge!

(rose, scabious, daisy, dianthus, pansy)

We have been treated to a couple of days of sunshine, and definitely not taking it for granted with the recent unseasonal weather, we had a family BBQ yesterday.  It was relaxed and fun with great food and even better company.  I baked a cheesecake, a bakewell tart, a summer pudding and a batch of malteser squares which all seemed to go down well.

By request of Ruth, here are three of the puds, the summer pudding stayed in its bowl for transporting and once up-ended, was quickly consumed...yom, yom, yom!

This afternoon I got my way and we walked in the big woods.

There was some whining (not from me for a change!) and tired small people were bribed with the promise of homemade strawberry milkshake.

It is always so satisfying to get out in the woods on a warm day, even though we were all tired, it felt good when we were among the trees.  Both dogs are now snoring and I won't be far behind them.

Looking forward to catching up with all you fellow YOP-ers.  Thanks for all your lovely comments last week. Hope you all have another good crafting week.x

Thursday, 19 July 2012

This and that and then some more.....

Well this week has contained a little of everything.....and thankfully, we are all just about still functioning.

With the school summer holidays starting next week, we certainly have decided that sprinting to the finish line is the best way.

We've had a which I was playing as part of a small ensemble......I also raided the garden beforehand for suitable flowers, getting drenched in the process.  Once these hydrangeas were all picked, I hunted around to find someway to transport all the huge wet blooms to the church......eventually I ended up emptying my ironing basket and using that...........never has an ironing blanket looked so wonderful!

We've had middle boy's Leavers Concert, The Jungle Book, which he was playing King Louie and singing 'Now I'm the king of the jungle'...........just brilliant!  Many tissues needed!

We've had biggest boy's deadline for his cub badges, there has been DIY-ing, painting, writing, collecting, swimming.......

I've been at Pencil Case Nerve Centre sewing the boys' designs for their teacher presents.

(I must admit, I ended up winging this, as each time I started to read a tutorial, my mind was elsewhere and I found it incredibly hard to decipher)

The cases I think are a real success....even lined too.....I hasten to add in gingham so I could follow the lines!

Somewhere in the middle of the week, was our 13th wedding anniversary, but I'm afraid it got lost in all the other activities.

Today is the last day of school for little and middle until September, which will help ease the pressure....I also have a handful of puddings to do for a family get-to-gether tomorrow.......I'm thinking cheesecake, bakewell and a summer pudding.....nothing beats a summer pudding....lets hope it brings out the sunshine.

Well.....I am pushing my luck sitting here, when there are boys to be chivvied, breakfasts to be made, faces to be cleaned......x

Sunday, 15 July 2012

Year of projects - 15.07.12

I'm running a little later than I hoped, but then you've got to grab the sun when you see it, and now it is raining, so I am glad we did.

This week I've ticked two quick makes off the list, both were gift ideas and I would probably give both a whirl again.

These are Non-felted Slippers made in two shades of Sirdar Click which I found in a bargain bin at my LYS....after I started making them, I realised it would have been more sensible probably to put the darker colour on the sole.....but hey, that's living dangerously!

This type of pattern is what makes me interested in start and the slipper appears from no-where.....very clever pattern....I will definitely make these fact, I may make every member of my family, a pair for Christmas!

The next finish was also a quick fix, although maybe not as quick as the slippers.

This is a pinwheel purse which hasn't actually finished blocking, but for the purpose of the post, I will pretend it has.  A neat little pattern where you sew together five little squares, four of them  with a purl row in the middle which allows the fabric to fold and therefore close the purse.  I made this on slightly larger needles than called for, but next time, having now bought the correct size, I will do it as the pattern says, as I think it will be neater....great idea for putting a small gift in, like some jewelry, also great for using up left over sock yarn.

So that's me for this week, I have been a bit of a butterfly, flitting from one thing to another (but that's another post), it makes life more exciting.......I now have my head deep in the realms of pencil cases as the mad dash starts to make all the teacher pressies before the end of the week.

Thankyou for all your lovely comments on my last post, what  a truly wonderful bunch you all are!  Looking forward to boys tucked up, cup of tea and time to look through all the other YOP work.

To check out other bloggers' progress, see the Ravelry page here.

Sunday, 8 July 2012

Year of projects - 08.07.12

You know how I said to expect a couple of tea-cosies over the next month?......Well here is no.2

This one is for someone who loves cats, so I crocheted a couple of cats and have also made a couple of mice to sew onto the top too.

This project brought with it a new skill learnt in the form of a very simple cable, which will make me a little less daunted on the next project.  The little flowers are  crocheted on a 2mm hook with thin yarn.

Its not exactly YOP work, but then what I have started on, is not worthy of a photo at this stage!  More next week hopefully!

I must admit to finding it very exciting looking at everyones' lists last week....and there are definitely a few things that made me want to re-write mine....we'll see how things progress ;-)

We have grabbed the chance of a dry afternoon to get out and on a different path than we normally take, and it made for a great walk for kids, dogs, hubby and me.  We had a couple of incidents with wellies left behind in thick mud, but that is when you're glad that you are jumping into a farm vehicle on the way home, and everyone strips off as they come through the door so it can all go in the machine!

We live in a beautiful area, with plenty of lovely places to walk, but of recent, I've really wanted to get in among the trees, its definitely something new in me.......and I long to walk in the woods all week, so I'm afraid come the weekend, the kids often don't get to go anywhere unless there are trees there!

Today's walk was right by the sea too, I love to see the boats when the tide is right out....leaning... waiting for the sea to return.

Well that about sums it all up, I'm looking forward to sitting after supper and reading about your first week of see other Year of Project work, check out the ravelry page here.

Thursday, 5 July 2012


I've always been a's what I do........

I see things and think......'I like that, I could make it'.

Like most crafters and creators, the things I make are generally for other people.

A friend spotted this mid-making a few afternoons ago and said, 'That's lovely, you could sell those easily'  I started making this little doll for my youngest son's school friend when we were invited to her party, unfortunately, as it was an off-the-cuff idea, I decided the night before to do it, and didn't get it finished.

I should say, I have no intention of selling the doll, as the pattern was free, and I totally respect the pattern writer's wishes.....but I have to say, on the subject that I have often thought about, it is very difficult to price an object that has taken some hours of work, but would be worth relatively little, to most.

I make things, for people who I think will appreciate it and I honestly think this comes out in the creating ......

Making a baby blanket is a huge privilege to me, knowing that the blanket may go through life with that person (yes, maybe folded in a box sometimes) ......isn't that special?

I would love to someday, make myself some pennies doing the things I enjoy, but I don't ever want to lose the chance to make something for someone that I love...........

Isn't it the best feeling to be given something heartfelt?

Sometimes, I guess, you may not even know the person that well, but you know they will be touched by the gift and thought behind it.....helping them to feel special when the world is on their shoulders.....or just be so 'them' that you had to make it.

I've always been a's what I do!

Sunday, 1 July 2012

Getting the show on the road!

So here we the beggining of another Year of Projects......full of excitement, anticipation, enthusiasm.....square eyes from scouring Ravelry so hard!

I've spent some time clicking 'queue' mindlessly and then became a little shocked in how much I thought I could achieve in a blanket-love has reared its ugly head and even I have to admit that eight blankets might be beyond me!

On this year's YOP list I want some challenges (knitting), colour, practical makes (presents) and enjoyment....hhhmmm!



Dream Stripes shawl
A Veera Valimaki jumper or cardigan, but I can't decide which!
Fiets Hand Shoes from Knitting Brioche book
Oor-flap Muts - from Knitting Brioche book
Ipod Hoodie - I think these may be a good pressie, so if it is straightforward then I may make a few.
Pinwheel Purse - another present idea
Slippers - I've looked at lots of patterns, but will try this one first
Big Snowy Owl - just because!
A pair of socks......I fancy trying some toe-up two-at-a-time....but we will see!
Ten Stitch Twist - I think this may be a pipe dream!


Owl scarf - so cute
Fingerless mitts - maybe these ones?
Blanket - oh dear!
Another blanket - are you seeing a pattern?
Cinderella - present idea

I have a vintage crocheted throw on the go, which I must finish and also from many moons ago, the famous Boring blanket, which proved so boring, it is still not finished!

I would love to make a few crocheted bags, probably as presents, but these are not exactly planned yet!

I know that as it stands, my list isn't completed by any means, and I also know that I will still fit in, lots of last minute quick crochet projects to keep me sane!

I've been working on a couple of tea cosies this week.  This one I embellished with some pansies and simple flowers....the other one that continues to nag me, is clear in my mind, but proving harder to materialise!  I will get there.....but it may take months!

I picked up a tea-cosy book from the library this week, and I have a suspicion that Tea-cosies may feature heavily in the next month or so!

Onto other things......yesterday we squeezed in our weekend ramble between showers, and although it was a little short , it was very sweet indeed.

The tide was right in, so not much space for dogs and boys to let off steam, so we took a wander up the coast path.

Crashing waves....good for the soul.....

My boys, big and middle have been adventuring this morning, look what they've got up to!  This was a sponsered abseil to raise money for their cub group at a local castle from the 22m keep.

And finally.......for all you that entered my 100 post giveaway.....the winner......

Can you see, or do you need a zoom-in?

I'm so pleased that you won Sam I Am, blogging is made so much better with all the lovely comments left and your comments and encouragement are always appreciated!

I have often read peoples' thoughts on holding a giveaway and wanting to have a prize for everyone, and I have to say I'm in the same trite as it seems to say....I wish that I could give something to all my lovely readers......sorry.

Anyway.....that about wraps it all up.......I can't tell you how excited I am to start another Year of Projects......last year was brilliant.......this year will be better!