Thursday, 16 February 2017

Walking, colours and crochet

Recently it seems, we've hardly had time to stop, I've been fetching and carrying a little more than usual and everything seems to be squeezed in.  Thankfully, on two recent Saturday afternoons, I've managed to get all boys and dogs walking in the same direction and been out for a ramble in our wonderful surroundings.

This first walk was best part of an hour away from us, but a place we often drive past and think of planning a walk.  From the road, the rocky outcrops look like three wolves, and I'd often wandered what they were like close up.

The day was clear and crisp, perfect for appreciating the panoramas and seeing the landscape's rich colours.

All happy not so happy a little later on, when we got a bit off-map and ended up with a couple of extra miles under our belts ;-)

Here, if you look carefully, is our collie Ned, watching his master, who is seeing what it would be like to sleep on top of a rock......hhhmmmm....

Some curious ladies also enjoying the dry day

A view from the other side....the light was beginning to fade (after our de-tour!) and it was satisfying to feel like we had earned our supper after a half day walking.

On the second Saturday, we ventured out in the same direction but to another rock, this one I can remember visiting when I was small child.  

The day we chose to walk, was bitter and threatening rain, so it was rather shorter than the previous walk.

We did picnic on this walk, but it wasn't quite as successful, as we were all pretty cold and fed up. 

The colours of the hills and bracken in the back ground did remind me a bit of my Moorland Blanket.

Which is coming along nicely, as I have had to attend a lot of practices  with my boys for a play which they are involved in.  Initially I think that people thought me a little quirky with my crochet, but now they are seeing it grow it seems to be making more sense.  In fact one of the ladies in the cast, came over and said she was making one's a small world!