Monday, 25 April 2016

Crochet comeback

Oh, how I've missed this...all the usual excuses...well you know how it goes...the thing is I have probably gone into procrastination over the really pressing things, such as the big German exam I have next month, so what am I doing ....anything but revision!

This small baby blanket above was a total re-make after beginning a very similar blanket  and finding I didn't have enough yarn to finish and then frustratingly, being unable to find the same yarn again.  Baby blanket #2   

We had two nights away in our little caravan, the sun shone on us and our day-out was simply 'wunderbar'!  Llansteffan Castle and beach, Carmarthenshire.

The latest project....guess what I'm making?  It will always be a blanket.  I'm pleased to be taking part in the 'Last dance on the Beach' CAL 

(As many of you know, this CAL was designed by the late Marinke Slump ( aka : Wink) from and was the final design she was working on at the time of her passing. In accordance with the wishes of Marinke’s family, 12 of her online friends and bloggers have completed her unfinished design to present this beautiful and sensitive CAL in Marinke’s memory and as a tribute to her work.)

I am here....I am still crocheting, knitting and sewing...although admittedly, a little less.  I'm beginning to be bored with my less-productive self....I'm getting fed-up of thinking about projects, but not actually doing I'm doing something about it! (although I am by no means promising to finish off the hundreds of unfinished projects lurking!)