Friday, 22 February 2013

Next Step Sock Knit-a-long

Toe-up, two-at-a-time Twisted Basket socks

This is where I am at!  I have grafted (worked hard!) for the past few days, after seeing every ones progress on the instagram feed and feeling guilty about my lack of socks to show.

These are painfully slow in my mind....I have loved learning the method, but the combination of thin yarn and small needles has got me bored beyond.....and I need some crochet in my life! I have a few more centimetres of pattern left and then a small amount of ribbing.....YAWN!

I saw Joanne from Rose and Dahlia's socks still on needles, but also on her feet, and after reading how hard she found it, stupidly, I thought I'd try mine on stubborn am I that it was a serious struggle and I began to wonder if my circulars were going to snap, but I still carried on....remind me not to do it again!

(I have to say, I was more than pleasantly surprised, when I had finally shoehorned the socks avec needles on, how very comfy and fitted they were...HOOORAAY!)

I am linking up with Crafts from the Cwtch for this post as part of the Next Step Sock Knit-a-long

Monday, 11 February 2013

Year of projects - 10.02.13

This is the first Year of Projects update, I've done in a while....I'm not sure where the weeks are going, but it always seems to be a Monday or a Tuesday....see proving my point its Monday today!

I've been keeping myself ticking over with a few things itching to be done but still more languishing in their project bags.

The first is a small baby blanket for a little boy born just before Christmas....easy make, using singles, half -doubles, doubles and trebles in no particular order.

The second thing which is currently on the needles is a second scarf for the hubby.....would you believe it, but since I finished the first one a few weeks ago, it does not come off, it goes on his bedside table at night time, and then gets put back on first thing the next morning.  We do live in a cold house, but I call that a massive success......this occurring to a man who has always treated my knitting and crochet as something to smirk about.

This scarf is pushing the boat out with a small, 'not-too-shouty' blue stripe.  Its made in two colourways of Kingcole Riot.

As I am sitting here typing this, I have just looked up and seen a male Great Spotted Woodpecker on the feeder outside the window...I know very little about birds, but I do know him, as he's far more exotic looking than the others that visit  (its very misty outside...either that or my windows are particularly dirty, you decide!) they are particularly shy and when they see movement they are taking photos is a covert matter.
Right.....ought to go walk dog and kids....half-term hols.....lots of things to do!

Looking forward to catching up with all my fellow yop-pers sometime tonight!

Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Stocki's Beautiful Bloggers' Blanket

Thought I'd show you the squares I am about to send (I know Jill, I am cutting it fine!) for the Beautiful Bloggers' Blanket for 2013.  Do you remember last year's blanket?  It was stunning, loads of colourful cotton crocheted squares, lovingly and painstakingly sewn together and offered as a prize to the lucky blogger picked from the hat.  As you well know, blankets really make me tick....and this one...made by so many different hands, is really special.

Anyway, although time is short, there is still time to join in and be in with a chance of winning this year's blanket.  Pop on over to Stocki, read all about it, and get crocheting.

My first square is called Impossible Hexagon, made in four different colours of Sirdar Sublime cotton.

The second square is called Alter Ego, again using the same sirdar cotton.

The third square has the same designer as the square above, this one is called 'On the huh'.  I did really enjoy doing this one, I thought the pattern was really clever.....something a little different.

The last square was just crocheted as I went.  This was made in some beautiful variegated cotton, Katia Samba that I bought from Stocki's new etsy should check it out, she has some gorgeous handmade things, worth bearing in mind if you have a special gift to buy.

Anyway.....why not get your crochet hook out, find yourself some cotton.....and join in the fun!