Sunday, 1 September 2013

Year of projects - 01.09.13

Well we are all home after our epic holiday to Austria...epic for the miles driven (2626), for the miles walked uphill and mountain, for the fun had, for the number of wow is lovely to be home, but know that a little part of my heart remains in the mountains.

So here I am after more than a few weeks away from the Sunday updates...not sure how I managed to do it every week before, as now it seems near impossible.

The things going on at the moment? 

This was a quicky project for a birthday gift which I filled with a mix of chocolates, all tied up with cat paw ribbon, for a cat loving friend.

My multi-stitch stripe blanket, following Little Woollie's CAL is out of the bag again, and in fact travelled to Austria to be crocheted on in the evenings, so it is a little further along, although a way to go.  It is bright (my hubby does not love it) and I am so enjoying each section of lovely it is to whizz along with my crochet hook after a lot of delicate knitting.

And last but not least, I am part way through my second Boo Knits shawl...and here I am at the foot of the Grossglockner (the tallest mountain in Austria) This is New Beginnings knitted in a part ball of fingering silk/BFL blend yarn  in a blue-green fact it is rather glacier like, so may get a name to suggest it, as it has been worked on here at the glacier.  We drove through the High Alpine Roads to the stop point and walked down After we had recovered from the walk down to this point, we walked down onto the Paterze glacier...awesome and scary all rolled into one.  This was one to add to our memories.  It was a gruelling walk down, and far worse back up...tears from the boys and nearly tears from me too if I am honest!  Some of the stones here looked like they were made from silver....amazing!

Impressive eh?  This imposing peak is not the biggy...the Grossglockner is out of shot to the left.  No matter which picture I look at, none of them show the sheer vastness of the area...this one was taken from the glacier zoomed right in.....mind blowing.....
Sorry, a quick meander of topic... to catch up with other YOP projects, check out the ravelry page.