Tuesday, 29 November 2011

One-a-day (29th November)

Crochet is definitely not for the faint hearted...........in my house it is fast-paced and at the moment a little stressful!

So as you may recall, my temporary one-a-day, is a flower scarf for my mother-in-law who is about to hop on a plane and will be away for Christmas.  So I have today to finish and then it will be wrapped to give to her tomorrow! 

I'm out tonight.......... and although I am good at multi-tasking........ playing the whistle and crocheting at the same time is not I would say........ my strong point.  In my favour, the boys' schools are striking tomorrow, so I could work until late tonight as I don't have an early start tomorrow.

This week I have done 16 flowers.

It's not so much the flower making that takes the time, but all the crocheting together and sewing ends.  I have made good progress and at this stage have to say a massive thank you again, to Marie, Underground Crafter who suggested how to join. I feel it is working out well.

As is often my moan, the light is dreadful here today making the colours seem a lot brighter than the more muted colours I have actually used.

Those who chipped in their recommendations with the shape I should go for, will realise that the vast majority said triangular shaped shawl, so I duly went with the long scarf!  I did start with a triangle, but decided that a long scarf may get more use, even if placed over the end of a bed etc...

I only have three small flowers to do, and then it is the boring rewarding task of sewing and seeing the scarf come together.  When it is finished (early hours of tomorrow morning?) I will try and lay it out flat, so you can see how I've placed the motifs.

Anyhoo........thank you for the continuing support and lovely comments....even if I do blatantly ignore all your helpful advice!  Looking forward to seeing how you are all getting along too.  If you would like to see more One-a-day work, do check out gingerbreadgirl's blog.

Sunday, 27 November 2011

Year of projects (wk15)

Well this week hasn't exactly been productive on the crochet front........

I did make a number of stars and snowflakes for the school fayre, of which a few were sold for their funds.  This pattern for a star came out of a book I recently purchased and was a very interesting motif to build.

Apart from that, most projects have fallen by the wayside as Christmas presents become more pressing.

My in-laws are off on the annual 'get away for the winter' jaunt to S.Africa this week and I am struggling to finish their Christmas presents.  My FIL has a favorite jumper which has a small hole in the front.  Lots of joking has been made about making him a flower to cover the hole. So this weekend I have been amusing myself (and it turns out, my husband)..............

.....................prepare yourself for some appalling crochet!

Now you do need to use some lots of imagination, because as this stands it does look rather like a dodgy donkey with deformed legs.....but then again this is a first attempt...........cut me some slack..........

How many attempts do I get?  And have you guessed what it is yet?

This one  (according to my  hubby stifling the laughter) has a Jay-Lo bum so definitely isn't quite right.

Maybe I should check out what a Protea flower looks like...............

Well, that just about sums up this week's poor efforts!

Before I go, I did want to tell you about our walk yesterday with the boys.  We had planned to walk around the local reservoir which provides the county's water.  When we got there, it was rainy and windy and not at all suitable for a walk, but we did drive the boys around to see how the dam worked.

The realisation that this was the water that came out of our taps was revelationary for the boys.....then followed lots of  "eeeeuuuugghhh"s!

There we have it! I'm going to go and perfect my......ahem......motif and catch up with you lovely fellow bloggers.  Hope you all have a great week!

Saturday, 26 November 2011

Reasons to be cheerful

You know............. it occurs to me today......... that if dust looked like glitter we'd all find less need to clean.......

Today I am again linking up with planet penny with my

Reasons to be Cheerful

This week saw the culmination of some family Christmas crafting for middle boy's school fayre.

Two hours in a hot and busy school hall and all my fears were proven incorrect and we 'sold, sold, sold'

I am totally inspired by new skills I learnt and when I finish all my other jobs (kidding myself?) I will make some reindeers for our house.

Christmas hot pads scenting my house with cloves and cinnamon.
( a quick make for the boys' old school Christmas fayre)


As much as I've enjoyed my stint of crafting with the boys for the school fayre, I'm so glad it's done, glittered and sold....I am shattered and so looking forward to guilt free lounging on the sofa this weekend!

We're going to head outdoors this afternoon to appreciate our wonderful surroundings.......... breathing it all..........storing up lots of happy memories that we will dine out on for years to come!

What are your reasons to be cheerful?

Do go see other people's reasons for being cheerful and maybe join in yourself?

Tuesday, 22 November 2011

One-a-day Tuesday (22nd Nov)

This is a flying visit.....because as ever, I have a million things to do and about quarter of an hour to do them!

I have fitted in my 14 flowers this week which was my aim to make two a day and I think the pressure may be off a little next week, so hopefully I may even stretch to doing three a day.

There are three new pattern flowers in there (the purple ones with the circle around), which have really caused me to smile.  One has six petals, the other two have seven......but the best bit is, that the one in the book I am working from has eight.........not sure how I manage it!!  Maybe by next week I will have mastered it..........either that or I will just say its part of the bespoke design?

These are them all, not a great accuracy for colour, but hopefully giving you an idea of what I am aiming at.

Now question is.......do I make a long scarf when I join, or more of a triangular shaped shawl?

Come on help my christmas-induced-fuzzy brain make a decision!

Well, only have 999,999 other things to do......ooops and about three minutes left!

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Sunday, 20 November 2011

Year of projects (wk14)

Christmas is drawing in and on Thursday next week we have middle boy's Christmas fayre which we have been crafting for.......it's not like me, but I've found this really stressful.  Both my older boys transferred schools in September and I feel like we've all been on a bit of a campaign to get every one's approval (probably also because it caused quite a stir when we left the little village school.)

Anyway, next week I will hopefully be revealing a small offering of glittery Christmas makes from the fair hands of all three of my boys (and even my husband too on occasion, this goes to show the level of dedication in this house!)

So crochet? There's been a good bit of that too...........
Went off track a little this week after some friends had their first baby.

I made this with stylecraft, however the stitch and colour I think make it look like it was made with expensive yarn.  I worked two colours at once with a size nine hook. Just plain old single crochet, with I think, nice results.

I've also been making a hat for my father-in-law as they are away for Christmas so presents are being done and wrapped now........not entirely sure what he will do with a snuggly woolly hat in S.Africa though!

This is a Robin wool mix and it's gorgeous, so soft and warm. I can't say I am otherwise taken with Robin as I find it to be a little squeaky?

I've been hooking various portable projects too, on the school run etc.... So I've kept myself busy!

Yesterday we all went out for a walk around the local lily ponds. After walking through wooded paths there is a wonderful beach........I'm afraid I don't believe that anyone else lives in a prettier place than I do.......can't be possible!

The boys walked their legs off and I must say last night I was finding it difficult to crochet with heavy eyes!

Do you know.....I feel quite overwhelmed by all of my bloggy friends.....who knew when I started all this, I would feel like I do now! I sooo appreciate the compliments, the inspiration, the giggles.......thank you so much to all you lovely fellow crafters and bloggers.....you make this Little Welsh girl very happy indeedy!

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Thursday, 17 November 2011

Reasons to be cheerful!

It's Thursday, and I'm linking up with Planet Penny with my ..............

Reasons to be Cheerful!

I am in my element at the moment with my crochet projects, more WIPs than you could shake a stick at! Friends of ours had a baby a couple of days ago and I am busy making a blanket (my favorite past time!), the promise of another baby due in a month so an instant excuse to make another blanket! Christmas presents, snowflakes..........endless crochet...............

Anyway, avoiding all the crochet excitement, here are three reasons that I am cheerful.

Beautiful flowers from my Mum

My oldest son's class assembly this morning, he makes me soooo proud!

Learning new skills.....this one is almost ready for paint and glitter!

So there you have it........hope you have lots of Reasons to be Cheerful too...... if you do, why not join in with yours on Planet Penny's blog.....or if you need some more cheer in your life, go read others reasons for being cheerful, I'm sure it will put a smile on your face!

Tuesday, 15 November 2011

One-a-day Tuesday

So I find myself in limbo..........

My first one-a-day project is finished and I'm actually a little disappointed as it was a nice simple square that fitted well in to my day.........

So I've been pondering my next project and had a bit of a 'my list is how long?' moment!

I have numerous Christmas projects, a 'just because' blanket, two baby blankets.

..............so none of these things lends them self to one a day, as they need doing yesterday........

Top of the list for Christmas?.............The flower scarf for my Mother-in-law, needs to be done by the end of November as they are spending Christmas in S.Africa, so need to take their presents with them. 

So it is by this process of thought, that this will become my temporary one-a-day.

I have 19 flowers made.

I'm not sure how many more I need to make, but needless to say its lots more.  I have (quick tot up) 14 days to make quite a few more, which will then need placing and joining. 

So here is the plan.......(am I making this sound like I know what I'm doing) ..... I will aim to make two a day  and then in the last two days I will make 20 in a complete insane crochet meltdown..............

Are you with me???

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Sunday, 13 November 2011

Year of projects (wk13)

I'm feeling quite bright and breezy today.

..............not sure why........new projects............walking in the hills yesterday..........new yarn..........hhhhmmmmm.....................

Well, first things first........as part of this and my One-a-day project I have been doing a sunnyspread throw, and last night I finished it..........finally!

I had been having a little crisis with my ongoing 'will I/won't I have enough cotton?'  Well it turned out to be both really.

I just got finished the fourth round of edging and realised with the mini bit left (about 4m!) I wasn't going to be able to do the final rounds of SCs.

The edging was beyond tedious, but made worse by the fact that I had bought a new pattern and the yarn to go with!

So I steamed on ahead and started the new .......blanket!....... (who knew that I would do another blanket!!)

This isn't quite as bright as the photo suggests, but has a more rich palette than my normal brights.

Having gone at this full steam ahead, I just couldn't get my head around the pattern....I hasten to add that this was after 11pm.............funny how when I picked it up this morning it all made sense!

The pattern is quick and simple, so this is not a long-termer.

Also in the mix.........having given up on the idea of sock monkeys for my youngest nephews, I've started on the first of two snakes.  Mindless crochet without a pattern seemed like a good idea until I realised that my twin nephews will argue if their snakes are different.

Hill walking yesterday.

Anyway, that's how my week has been going.........looking forward to seeing how yours is going too. 

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Thursday, 10 November 2011

Reasons to be cheerful!

Just as I did last Thursday, I am linking up with Planet Penny, to give three

 Reasons to be Cheerful!

New crochet projects!

I have also just 'discovered' my new blanket project (going on the theory that you can never have too many blankets) which given a quick (expensive) trip to the LYS will be started very soon.

Autumn light........
(this is the view from my back door, and this is my permanent reason to be cheerful)

Christmas crafts with the boy and my favorite.........glitter

As I said last week, I have many Reasons to be Cheerful and the very process of thinking about them is very good for the soul.

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Tuesday, 8 November 2011

One-a-day Tuesday tallies (wk9)

Here we go again!

Sorry.........this is a terribly squonky picture, the light is so poor and placing it on the kitchen table seemed like a good idea, until I was standing on tiptoes on a chair trying to fit it in the frame.........if you think this one is bad, you should see the others!

So my tally actually stands at 62 (one must have jumped off the table in these pics). The pattern is an eight by eight square but I actually intended to make it long wise...........but actually...........

Having seen it both ways, I think the square may just be nicer...............maybe less practical, but suits the design?  What d'you think?

I think that the little hand has something to do with trouble with maths!

So...........you know what this means, don't you?  I have two more squares to do and then it's edging all the way!

I have loved doing this project, in fact I would definitely make another as it has been stress-free.

So the burning question is...........what shall I do next?  Suggestions gratefully received.............

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Sunday, 6 November 2011

Year of projects (wk12)

A good week all round this week.........crocheting............... and crafting with the boys......

This week I have ticked two things off my project list, although they were just quick projects.

The first was a little owl bag from anapaulaoli on Etsy.  This was a birthday present for a friend's little girl who was three.

This was a lovely project, if not a bit hairy when I put the zip in the back, but this was down to my sewing skills, not the easy-to-follow pattern.  A quick and simple make that was happily received!

The second project is a Christmas present for my niece, this is a pattern called Caity Cat designed by super-talented The Green Dragonfly.  Check out the other bright and colourful free patterns on her blog as they are all gorgeous.  On the pattern there are lovely crocheted flowers on Caity's stripey body, but due to time restraints (it was late, my eyes were closing and I was determined to finish!) I embroidered some flowers instead.

Both projects this week have been fun to do and easy patterns to follow.  Its nice to see quick results sometimes isn't it?

I am going now........... off to do some more  Christmas craft with the boys for the school fayre where they will be selling things that they have made.  The fayre is in three weeks time so I think we are going to have to be very efficient!

I will share some of their things when they have some finished (hopefully soon!) in the meantime let the glittering begin!

Looking forward to seeing what you've all been up to later.........hope you've all had successful weeks as well.  To catch up on other Year of Projects work.......check out the group page on Ravelry.

Thursday, 3 November 2011

Reasons to be cheerful!

This week I am linking with Planet Penny again with my Reasons to be Cheerful

I think the process of thinking of reasons that I am cheerful, makes me realise how many there are!

Its the small things that can make you feel warm and fuzzy inside. I saw the first lot of starlings swarming this morning..........an amazing sight.............I could watch for hours.  There are some amazing clips on youtube if you haven't seen them before.

Anyway.........I digress............my three Reasons to be Cheerful

Snowflakes for babies

Pumpkin pie for tea
(hubby was entrusted with taking it out of the oven this morning and followed my instructions a little too literally to check if set, by sticking his finger in it!)

I won a giveaway!

I won this beautifully handmade phone case from the wonderful Rosie Hearts who has rosiebull designs  in Not on the highstreet.com  I have admired her lovely things for a good while and her sewing is amazing!  How lucky am I to win this beautiful phone cover with sparkles on the front!

Right, I'm going to attempt putting up a youtube clip of some swallows.........no clue how to do it........... lets just give it a whirl!

Ah........easy when you know how (and you find the big icon that says 'Insert a Video')

Tuesday, 1 November 2011

One-a-day Tuesday's tallie (wk8)

OOOoooopss, the name of this group is 'one-a-day', but this week it has been


As you may know, my one-a-day squares for my sunnyspread throw have been made during school drop-offs and pick-ups....a good system that hasn't failed yet........well until half-term that is..........

The squares themselves are not difficult to make and very quick also, so last night after the boys were tucked up and stories had been read, I busied myself and nearly caught up...... but not quite!

So with this week's six, I am now on 48

Must admit, I have not tired of this project and could easily see myself making another as the stitch detail is so simple and pretty.

Onto other things.............yesterday I read on nicoleandthebee about a lovely project being started by a fellow Raveller, Lynne. 

Last year, Lynne's new born son, Sam,  had to spend Christmas in hospital. During this obviously emotional and stressful time, Lynne did a lot of crochet including some crocheted snowflakes for her son's incubator.  This year she is trying to get other people involved to help crochet enough snowflakes to go into all the incubators in the special care baby unit............anyway to read more about her story and appeal, please look here.

These little snowflakes are quick to make and easy to fit around other larger projects which we may all need a break from now and then........I know I can certainly commit to doing some........wouldn't it be lovely to do something so special this Christmas! Go on.......you know you want to!

If you want to check out other one-a-dayer's work please look on gingerbreadgirls blog.