Thursday, 17 September 2015

Blanket love

Well, you might think you could get bored of doing the same thing.....but you know, no matter how many blankets I make, I still want to make more!

About three months ago, we bought a caravan, in a bid to make family holidays a little more affordable, having three school aged children and dogs makes for an expensive getaway always.

Our first caravan holiday went swimmingly, it was so relaxing.....yes, we forgot things, but it was lovely having all your own things to hand.....and who knew that you could carry so many crochet/knitting projects when you have a whole caravan to fill ;-)

Well, it wasn't long until there were 'caravan blankets' being crocheted frantically!

This is middle boy's blanket who has a liking for  yellow and blue....and was so excited when I finally sewed in the final lose ends....doesn't that make you so warm inside when something you've made is so wanted?

This is biggest boy's (as seen on the last post)....far more grown up and sophisticated!

This is littlest boy's....I had already made this, so it has been re-purposed as a 'caravan blanket'

And if I haven't made enough, I find myself making another at the moment, this one a car seat blanket for a new baby girl....I am really enjoying it, as it's a totally different design to the ones I have made previously....I'll show you next time.

On other yarn news, I bought the above from a lovely etsy shop Mothy and the looks amazing, you can't see all the rainbow colours in it, but it is called Summer Skies Rainbow.....I think it will be a shawl....hhmmm shawls, just mini blankets eh?!  The delivery was next day and I got some lovely stitch markers to boot!  How thoughtful is that!

On non-yarny news, this is my mad hubby, finishing his first Iron Man....that's 2.4 mile swim, 122 mile cycle and 26.2 mile run....I was too stressed at the time to take it all in, but I've shed a few tears since.  He raised £500 for a local food and clothing bank.....MY HERO!

Just to leave you with more happy thoughts, here's the caravan blankets, littlest boy, middle boy, biggest boy and mummy blankets....hubby denies needing one.....will it stop me???