Saturday 25 November 2017


I never imagine when I blog, that it will be ages until I do it again, I have loads to say...plenty on the go...good intentions.....perhaps just not the time to go with it.

I am now a month or so in on my Design Studies BA and I can't believe how much I love it....I did an art course....uuummm....twenty years ago and I loved it then, but went on to jobs, marrying, kids...all lovely things, but apart from a bit of painting here and there, art was largely forgotten.

I have been working a few relief-shifts in a local library, which I also really love....with that has come a couple of trips to other Welsh libraries, firstly a wonderful library in a beautiful old building in Llanelli.  They've achieved an amazing space, which is part of,  and being used by the community.  I'm afraid I've become a library geek and can't understand people's negativity towards libraries....some of the things I've read in the local paper this week, about a planned new library, have made me feel very sad for people who don't see what I see. In all the comments on the article, they  amounted to the same thing, libraries have no place in the now or in the future...although the commenters didn't put it quite so nicely.  After our trip to Llanelli, we visited the national library of Wales in Aberystwyth.

Wow, mind blown, and I went up a couple of levels in my love for libraries!  I had the privilege of being allowed to look in the vaults at their archives and even more excitingly their Art section. Wow!  I saw so much, most impressively the huge collection of work by Kyffin Williams.

Anyway....gosh...where was I....

So onto a few things I've been doing 

Rust dying...this is so exciting, although requires some patience...something that I'm not great at!
I know I will do more of this as my head whirs with ideas when I'm unwrapping the results.  One thing I am also in love with is dissolvable fabric which I am itching to do more with.

Always said I was not much interested in dying wool....I've changed my mind.....

I have no idea what I'm doing with a camera, but I'm enjoying the process of playing.

Hopefully, next time will be soon....catch up again then.x

Saturday 14 October 2017


So last time I blogged, I was trying to make a  decision.... and now.....I have!

I've enrolled on a BA in Design Studies, which I'm still finding difficult to  believe.  I kept thinking and saying 'but art is something I would really enjoy' which in my head meant that it wasn't a sensible choice!

My head is ticking over with lots of ideas, I'm excited to start thinking creatively again, to see the things around is like something once loved and put to one side, has been brought out of the shadows and remembered!

I always used to be in the habit of  photographing everything I saw, as I was always thinking about blogging, but it's a habit I have grown out of.  Now it is required of me I can't wait to get going again.

One thing I love is colour, like the purple berries I spotted among the 'old hat' red  berries....I mean these almost look 'artificial' they are such an unusual jewels glistening in the sun.

I have ordered myself some raw yarn this morning, for a few ideas spinning around in my head...any pointers would be gratefully received, but otherwise I'm going to throw myself in feet first and see where the path leads.

I had a wonderful time at Cardiff Half-Marathon, what an amazing event to be a part of....very inspiring and emotional

Thursday 28 September 2017


Tomorrow would be the day, if all had worked out, that I would have been starting in Swansea Uni part way through a BA in German (and a little French), a continuation of my three years part-time study with the Open University.  A big decision, as it was sooo tempting to finally see a degree in sight.  Reality strikes though and its not to be.

You see, the last year has made me a little fidgety and while time is flying past, I seem to have watched it feeling sad.  I've been doing a bit of this and that, but nothing that has made me feel really content.

Working a few hours in the library has given me a glimpse of being an adult again and begin to feel more confident.  Taking up running and entering a few races has done me the power of good and I've met so many lovely people (highly recommended!)

But having my hopes lifted and then realising that Swansea would not work out, was not all so has made me think about other possibilities.

Totally in reverse of where I am now, I have a real opportunity of another college course, one on my doorstep, one that feels like it might give me direction and possibilities.

Now it's just to decide....not my forte

While I decide, there's always crochet and running!  This Sunday I am running my second half marathon in Cardiff....there is a bunch of my running buddies going too, so it should be a sociable pressure for times, it's such a big event that it's more about enjoying the experience with the other 24,000 runners (wow, I can't imagine what it will be like!)

Last Sunday, I ran a 10k organised by a local running club and held in my village.  It was wet, wet, wet, but I'm not a fair weather runner and quite enjoy the rain to keep me going. 

 I'm not particularly fast, but see a small improvement each time I race....onwards and upwards

(smiling as I'm on the last straight!)

Friday 15 September 2017

Small Hello

My latest crochet project....nothing too difficult beyond making the decision of which colour to use next.  Feels about the best thing right now, as typically for the beginning of the academic year things are  'full speed ahead'. New classes for the boys, new commitments after school, new races to be run (and the training that goes with them), new plans to be made.  I like all the newness, although it can become a bit difficult to prioritise.

I have been doing a few hours working here and there at the library and I picked up a crochet book which contained lots of ideas, none of which grabbed me, apart from the above pattern which, although not complicated is effective I think.

The library is such an amazing resource and so underused....(I might actually be becoming a library-bore).  I find new books each time I'm there....shame that when it comes to book-reading time at night, I can barely keep my eyes open.

Small hello from me anyway...hoping to be back here more 😊

Tuesday 21 March 2017


It has been a busy month....again....but now things are beginning to settle.  So many new things, setting myself a few challenges....the stirrings of spring have made me feel like taking on new's all good!

I had a mission to undertake recently, a painting commission that required me  going on a bit of a recce to take some photos.  The place wasn't really on my doorstep, so I decided to combine it with visiting another place I was keen to see.  The panorama view above and the view below are of Llangrannog, a small coastal village with the most stunning coastline.  This gentleman overlooking the sea, is Saint Carannog, 

I am very blessed to live right by the sea and the coastline is breathtakingly beautiful in Wales, I do rather like the more mottled colours in our landscape during the colder months, there is definitely something to see all year around.

Ends can only mean one thing...a finished blanket....a stripey blanket at that.....this is my Attic24 Moorland Blanket

It has been a lovely project and fairly easily done.  Two of my boys have recently been in a stage show of Oliver with the local operatic society.  My oldest took the part of Oliver, so for the past five months I have carted him back and forwards to lengthy practices, sometimes three times a week.  My trusty project bag has come with me every time, much to the amusement of the rest of the cast, but there was suddenly more interest as it looked more 'blankety'....some even sounded envious that I had something to show for my hours of sitting in the back of the hall.

Last week was show week and I got to shed a few tears at both my boys on the big stage....I am so proud of them both, especially the oldest having the courage to sing solo in front of  a sold-out 300 seater theatre.

Thinking of it still now makes me emotional, the music, the orchestra, the was a fantastic opportunity I won't forget and certainly the boys won't.

Finally, I've been running again, this was a charity race for a Neonatal was muddy and steep, but a lot of fun!  Look, I'm smiling, but most likely as I could see the finish line!

Thursday 16 February 2017

Walking, colours and crochet

Recently it seems, we've hardly had time to stop, I've been fetching and carrying a little more than usual and everything seems to be squeezed in.  Thankfully, on two recent Saturday afternoons, I've managed to get all boys and dogs walking in the same direction and been out for a ramble in our wonderful surroundings.

This first walk was best part of an hour away from us, but a place we often drive past and think of planning a walk.  From the road, the rocky outcrops look like three wolves, and I'd often wandered what they were like close up.

The day was clear and crisp, perfect for appreciating the panoramas and seeing the landscape's rich colours.

All happy not so happy a little later on, when we got a bit off-map and ended up with a couple of extra miles under our belts ;-)

Here, if you look carefully, is our collie Ned, watching his master, who is seeing what it would be like to sleep on top of a rock......hhhmmmm....

Some curious ladies also enjoying the dry day

A view from the other side....the light was beginning to fade (after our de-tour!) and it was satisfying to feel like we had earned our supper after a half day walking.

On the second Saturday, we ventured out in the same direction but to another rock, this one I can remember visiting when I was small child.  

The day we chose to walk, was bitter and threatening rain, so it was rather shorter than the previous walk.

We did picnic on this walk, but it wasn't quite as successful, as we were all pretty cold and fed up. 

The colours of the hills and bracken in the back ground did remind me a bit of my Moorland Blanket.

Which is coming along nicely, as I have had to attend a lot of practices  with my boys for a play which they are involved in.  Initially I think that people thought me a little quirky with my crochet, but now they are seeing it grow it seems to be making more sense.  In fact one of the ladies in the cast, came over and said she was making one's a small world!

Friday 13 January 2017

New Projects

First finished project of 2017...

This was a kit bought for me by my in-laws for Christmas, it is gorgeous... a quick make and great finished bag.  I haven't done yet, but I intend to sew some bias-binding along the handle to stop it stretching, but other than that, it is good to go.

 Attic 24's Weekend Bag in Heatwave

Somewhere between Christmas and New Year's day, I finished off the last few remaining squares of my Last Dance On The Beach (Under the Stars colourway).  I admittedly didn't follow it to the letter, there were two squares I just couldn't get on with (and a colour I disliked) and I swapped things about a bit.  I'm quite pleased with the end result, its a colourway I normally wouldn't go for, but I really like the darkest brown against it and it somehow works ok.

So I would normally be a little out of sorts without a blanket on the go, but all is well, as I quickly took up this....

Attic 24's Moorland Blanket which was also bought in kit form for me for Christmas, this time from my parents (my family know me well!!)  I'm enjoying this, the colours are beautiful.

So busy with this and a few other less exciting things.  Back to studying now and back with the running group I joined in October.  Hopefully 2017 contains a few 10k runs and hopefully I get to set some new Personal Bests.