Saturday, 25 November 2017


I never imagine when I blog, that it will be ages until I do it again, I have loads to say...plenty on the go...good intentions.....perhaps just not the time to go with it.

I am now a month or so in on my Design Studies BA and I can't believe how much I love it....I did an art course....uuummm....twenty years ago and I loved it then, but went on to jobs, marrying, kids...all lovely things, but apart from a bit of painting here and there, art was largely forgotten.

I have been working a few relief-shifts in a local library, which I also really love....with that has come a couple of trips to other Welsh libraries, firstly a wonderful library in a beautiful old building in Llanelli.  They've achieved an amazing space, which is part of,  and being used by the community.  I'm afraid I've become a library geek and can't understand people's negativity towards libraries....some of the things I've read in the local paper this week, about a planned new library, have made me feel very sad for people who don't see what I see. In all the comments on the article, they  amounted to the same thing, libraries have no place in the now or in the future...although the commenters didn't put it quite so nicely.  After our trip to Llanelli, we visited the national library of Wales in Aberystwyth.

Wow, mind blown, and I went up a couple of levels in my love for libraries!  I had the privilege of being allowed to look in the vaults at their archives and even more excitingly their Art section. Wow!  I saw so much, most impressively the huge collection of work by Kyffin Williams.

Anyway....gosh...where was I....

So onto a few things I've been doing 

Rust dying...this is so exciting, although requires some patience...something that I'm not great at!
I know I will do more of this as my head whirs with ideas when I'm unwrapping the results.  One thing I am also in love with is dissolvable fabric which I am itching to do more with.

Always said I was not much interested in dying wool....I've changed my mind.....

I have no idea what I'm doing with a camera, but I'm enjoying the process of playing.

Hopefully, next time will be soon....catch up again then.x