Monday, 31 December 2012

Bye, bye 2012!

I've pondered how to sum up 2012, and after much beginning and then backspacing, I've decided to just keep schtum......We got to about five weeks ago and then .....well, it really doesn't deserve the blog-space. It is sufficient to say that my family and I are dearly looking forward to the New Year.

Amongst the rubbish there have been a plethora of are some recent ones.

(I giggled nervously as we drove through the monkey enclosure.....not sure I really 'enjoyed' it as I was feeling a little stressed that this cute monkey and his friends would make mincemeat of our car!)

Looking back at my last  new year's eve post, I see we went for a wood walk, and today we were also up to our ankles in mud and rain, trekking through my favourite walk in the trees.....lets hope there is far more of that in 2013!

In 2013..........

I am hoping to find  our things which are still waiting to be discovered in one of the many boxes we moved but haven't  yet opened. 

I am planning to over-do the sparkle that was somewhat sparse this Christmas.

I will make it my personal mission to discover whether a traditional English trifle should be jelly-less (this one has caused some debate in the most unlikely of situations).....please feel free to add your two-pence worth.

I will wear vests.

I will read.

I will again contemplate the idea of swimming in the sea everyday........contemplate.........

I will knit socks

D'you know.....I've cheered myself with the endless possibilities that 2013 holds....I've reminded myself how much I love being part of this little community.....thank you for making my year!


Sunday, 30 December 2012

Christmas ornament swap 2013

You may remember some time ago (in October?) I joined in with Christina Lowry's lovely ornament swap with much enthusiasm and excitement as Christmas IS my favourite time of year.

I had an idea of crocheting some baubles and went about looking at various people's patterns for making a ball.  I settled on this pattern here, as it sounded to make the firmest, most spherical ball.  The jury's out actually as to whether that is true, as unlike the pattern writer, I found the halves hard to match and sew together invisibly.....probably my bad maths (increasing), losing count while trying to listen to children's natter and yep, not using a stitch marker...will I never learn!

I used Kingcole Riot and the jewel colour changing suited the project well I thought.

I made about five of these, but in all honesty, the others are still languishing at the bottom of a project bag somewhere.....ah, well, just think how far ahead of the game I will be for next year!

So, as all good swaps go, as I made something, I also received something....I was not disappointed and received a beautiful patchwork tree from the clever  Elisabeth of  Sharks Dinner.  She has a pretty blog, and is brilliantly talented at all things sewing.....check it out.

Thank you so much Christina  for organising such a lovely swap!  My new decoration is just gorgeous!

(I am not ignoring the fact that I haven't blogged for over a month, just choosing not to clutter this post with 'other stuff')