Saturday, 23 January 2016


Well 2016 so far has been pretty much me thinking and not really doing!  I'm definitely in a reflective mood.  

I think that probably every blogger has a whole host of things that they should be doing....things that that they want to do....and its probably not worth adding the things that you'd like to have a go at!

It turns out I have rather less time than I thought I had and even then, its probably less than that.

My crafty endeavours, German learning and running come way down the list of things that are part of my everyday, and yet they are important, as they probably make the essential things possible.  If I didn't do some of the 'me' stuff, I would soon not be me.

Last weekend I should probably have been catching up on my German (I have fallen behind in my studying) but we all did a Parkrun instead....and do you know what it was exactly the right thing to do.  I had a clear head, I felt more balanced and not quite so panicky that I wasn't ticking everything  off the 'to-do' list.

So the big list didn't shrink any really, but I was happier.

I would like to be blogging again....I would like to know the method of making all the new German  vocabulary, I look up everyday, actually stick so that when I go to use the word, it is still there (where does it go?)

I would love to know what on earth the coloured ball of acrylic that I was mixing in, with the pale pink, in the above baby blanket was..........I have been back to the shop, I have picked up what I thought it was twice and come back to realise it is nowhere near.....that's a small frustration in the scheme of things, but hey its not asking much!

I would like to be able to combine all the things I want to do into one I can listen to German TV while I run, but can I blog and knit at the same time?  Maybe I could find a group of German runners who are also part of a knit and natter group....maybe I should start the group....I would.... but I have no free time ;-)

Monday, 4 January 2016

Zwischen 2015 und 2016

So for another year, all the sparkly decorations have been packed away.  Christmas 2015 has been lovely......relaxed, good company, good food and happiness.  It has been pretty difficult to 'snap out of it' to be honest.  The run up to Christmas with school age children (in three different schools) is busy to say the least.  We picked up the children from school on the last day of school and took off to Cardiff for the night.  It was such a big treat for us 'countryfolk'!  Hotel, meal out and shops....a welcome break from the same four walls and routine.

Away has gone my advent calendar that I made some years ago.  Despite the lack of chocolate the children still seem  keen to see what will come out next.

New to our family traditions is a big portion of  Sue's Caramel Popcorn (recipe from  Mrs. Micawber blog)  Along with the batch of Ruth's coconut mince pies.

(These are not the only favourite things from other can't blog and not be affected!  )

I've rattled through a few makes, some of which were presents.  The christmas tree hat was for a friend who runs a food and basics bank and at Christmas also manages to give out presents to children who would otherwise have nothing in our county.  Anyway after promising a  hat, this was my offering

This shawl was a happy skein of yarn from Mothy and the Squid and the pattern was 

The painting above was a commissioned gift for a young lady who has been doing charity work in Durban, South Africa with young mums and children.

This is a painting  of Chester our beagle for a competition, unfortunately I did not place, but I enjoyed the process!

We've enjoyed some lovely walks in the past week or so, despite the dreadful British weather at the moment.  We have somehow got out of the habit of doing longer family walks, we must get back to it.

Apart from more of the above, I hope that 2016 is filled with  a few more challenges.  I somehow managed to pull off my first race, which was a 10k in September....I ran the whole lot, which I was fairly smug about....not bad for a lazy girl.  I am hoping that this year might hold a half marathon.....although I am realistic that I may not have the time to train.

I am still pressing on with my German (with far too many major wobbles just recently)  I have never found anything more difficult or nerve wracking.  I am supposed to travel to Jena, Germany next month and the idea of it makes me feel pretty queasy!  If I have an hour to work out what I want to say and a notebook I'm ok.....but conversations don't generally work like that!!

Anyway....if I can do these things then so can anyone....

All the very best for you and yours in 2016!!