Thursday, 23 August 2012

Silver linings

This year, the boys' school holidays have been markedly different from other years....with the introduction of Chester our beagle puppy to our home, we have got out of the house everyday for a good walk, come rain or shine.

This particular day was one which was drab and rainy and didn't seem to hold much promise of a nice walk.

We jumped in the car, suited and booted and headed to a beach about ten minutes away.

We were to discover untrodden sand, crashing waves and space to run.

There were definitely silver linings in those clouds!


  1. Good morning Faith...Such wonderful pics of those crashing waves...your boys must have so much are so lucky to be only 10 mins away from the coast!
    Hope you are having a happy week,
    Susan x

  2. Hi Faith! I´m so in love with your pictures. I can´t stop myself looking at them. It must be wonderful living so near to the sea!
    I wish you a great day! xxxBarbina

  3. What wonderful pictures and in my opinion thats the best kind of day to visit the beach, one where its abandoned and has big crashing waves. Glad you all had a day out and that the weather hasn't stopped you much.

  4. I love the beach in all weather ... maybe even more when it's windswept, cool, and blusterly like the photos you showed here. Thanks for sharing such a gorgeous place with us.

  5. Those photos are amazing......xx

  6. Oh there were, there were, silver linings indeed. An empty beach and crashing waves ... my idea of heaven!

  7. How nice to have the beach to yourselves and to have some private time with Mother Nature!

  8. What a gorgeous post hon! Really lovely photos. We are off for a runaround at the beach today (cold but no rain thankfully) - must remember to take my camera now!!

  9. A solitary beach and crashing waves. Perfect! (Especially with three energetic little ones and a puppy.)

  10. **sigh** Can I come a live with you? What a lovely, silver lining kind of day.

  11. Sometimes I think that is the best time to be on the beach - when no one else is there and the wind is blowing and the waves beating the shore. I love your photos - really evocative!

    Pomona x

  12. I lovetha wild open space Faith and the rain is sometimes comforting I find, as long as its only drizzle!! Wonderful that you can see the positive in your days finding that silver lining indeed. Chester looks like he's having great fun getting out with your little ones xox Enjoy the rest of the summer holidays together xox Penelope


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