Sunday, 19 August 2012

Year of projects 19.08.12

Well, going through this week's photos, I have about ten posts worth of pics to share, but not many of them are yarny, so it would all be very off topic!

My ten stitch twist is still lurking in the background, although it hasn't had as much love this week as previous weeks.

At the beginning of the week, I finished off my Not So Big Snowy Owl

What a nice knit, a few new skills learnt, mainly using DPNs, which turned out ok.....lots more practise needed though! 

I also learnt Kitchener stitch, using the brilliant tutorial on Purl Bee webpage.....this is super clever, and although mine is not perfectly neat, its hard to see where it starts or ends, which I'm guessing is the idea!

I am enjoying some knitting break on a new crocheted blanket, following Little Woollie's crochet-a-long, but this isn't strictly on my YOP list....ooopppss.

Anyway, totally off-topic, yesterday was our friends' daughter's first birthday, and the barmy parents asked if I would make The pressure.....all turned out well....but I was completely stressed out!

As well as The Cake, I made about 50 vanilla cupcakes and a batch of mini rose-flavoured cakes....oh, and a batch of malteser squares, as it would be rude not to, wouldn't it?!

The party was just perfect, and despite it being a bleak morning, the sun came out and everything was just glorious.....such a lovely afternoon....remembered for many years to come I'm sure......if I ask our friends, I will share some more pics in another post.

As I said it has been a busy week, lots of things to tell, but I may be pushing myself with so many non-YOP pictures!  I would like to share just one though, taken at the beginning of the week, when we all enjoyed a day out in a beautiful garden.

Middle and Littlest boy enjoying the sunshine and freedom, in such a beautiful garden...........isn't this how everyday should be when you're a kid?

Another full day, making the most of seeing our far-flung friends all visiting for yesterday's beach afternoon sometime this evening when all has settled, I will look forward to catching up with everyone else....thanks for your lovely wonderful you all are!

Hope you all have some carefree moments in your weeks.x


  1. Love the owl ~ he is fab!! :O)x

  2. I love the owl too. The cakes look excellent, I think you did a great job. Now you can relax?

  3. Oh Faith, where do I begin...the owl is just gorgeous and love your kitchener stitch, can't wait to see more on your blanket and I just knew you would do great with the cake and cupcakes. I love the cake, its just perfect for a little girl all cute and girrly and those cupcakes look just so yummy!! That picture of your boys is just Summer in a photo, its how everyday should be spent during the Summer should the weather cooperate. Enjoy your day.

  4. Well done on the cake. And I LOVE the owl, it's brilliant!

    That last photo really is one to treasure :D

  5. The owl is too cool. I love it.

  6. I am also LOVING your owl! Brilliant!
    Gorgeous cakes, too- the number 1 one is ace.
    It's so lovely to watch the kids enjoying the nice weather, isn't it?? Yours are very cute!
    Enjoy the rest of the weekend.

  7. Love the owl!! The cakes look so tasty as well. Just lovely to see the children enjoying the freedom of running about. Isn't that what a garden should be....a thing of beauty where people can physically enjoy themselves. Rather than just standing and looking! Joan

  8. Oooo. I have serious owl love. :)

  9. Awww the cake looks yummy! Your owl looks fantastic, very well done with DPNs!

  10. What a terrific snowy owl! Well done you! Your grafted seam entirely disappears!

    Love the pic of the boys running through the garden. I think that was my every day in the summer when I was a kid!

  11. What a compliment to be asked to make the first birthday cake! It looked great. The vanilla cupcakes were pretty also, like miniatures of summer. I Googled the malteser squares and my do they look decadent and rich!

  12. Oh Faith, I always love to see your photos, whether yop related or not! Such a lovely post, and such a sweet friend you are to have tackled all those beautiful and decadent desserts. They are lucky to have you in their life. All I have to say about the owl is that I am in love! What pattern is that? I seriously want one!
    Adorable snap of your boys--and I agree, summer in a photo for sure. So carefree, and just as it should be when one is little!
    Have a great week Faith--as always, I have enjoyed my visit into your world. :)
    *smiles & cheer*

  13. Love your owl!!!! As for the party and all the baking you did - yowzers - I would have been stressed too BUT it seems everything turned out ok :)

  14. I love pics that are not part of the I don't mind when people stray off topic..especially when they involve cake and kids!

  15. My goodness Faith you are a woman of many your owl. He looks pretty darn perfect to me.
    All those cakes look wonderful and although I've just had a bowl full of porridge for breakfast I'm sure I could fit one of those delish cupcakes in!! Just!!
    Gorgoeus pic of your boys in the garden, beautiful memories to treasure.

    Claire :}

  16. Adorable cakes - the #1 is so cute with the little marzipan dots, and those mini cakes are beautiful. (For some reason we don't do rose flavoured things here in the States - so it sounds very exotic to me.)

    Well done on the owl - DPNs AND Kitchener stitch! He looks great. I like that tweedy yarn.

    Your boys look so happy running through that garden. :)

  17. Your owl is just terrific, and honestly I enjoy seeing the other things your up to even if they're not from a YoP. Who can resit yummy cakes and smiling kids? Not me!!

  18. The owl is just the cutest little thing :)

    Your cakes look scrummy!

  19. Gosh i LOVE not so big snowy...he is gorgeous :o)
    the photo of your little boys is beautiful and OMG what fab cakes, your friend is so lucky
    love jooles x

  20. The owl is great, definitely the perfect size for cuddlyness! And those cakes look amazing, I am very jealous!

  21. You're owl is so very cute. It nice that you learned the kitchener stitch (I'll learn this soon) and how to work on DPNS. Thanks for sharing a photo of your children enjoying what is one of the most beautiful gardens.


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