Friday, 31 August 2012

Change of season

Well, the boys' school holidays are drawing to an end and it's not with anticipation that I look forward to school runs and rushing about.

The past week or so has felt a little odd, and honestly, I've felt a little 'flat'.  We've done a spot of entertaining, which I always enjoy, but these occasions have been 'goodbye' meals and they've made me feel a bit heavy-hearted. 

My sister and her family have moved to pastures new and our friends have returned to Kuwait for a few more months until hopefully they come home permanently......I know neither of these things are reason to feel glum, but coupled with a feeling of.....well.... I'm not quite sure.....I'm feeling a bit unsettled.

My knitting and crochet have lacked 'buzz' and I'm suffering from need for a change of scenery....oh, dear....I do sound like a whinger!

So what am I doing to kick myself into gear? 

Trying to get some long-awaited jobs ticked off the list.....look.... my bunting from last year's swap finally sewn up and labelled with the places it came from. Very cheery it is too, around our bed.

Starting new projects.....mainly a new sweater, which being for me, I've indulged in some stripes (more of that on my YOP post on Sunday).

Doing a little sewing.

This was a house-warming gift for my sister, which I really enjoyed doing, but does remind me to invest in one of those free-style foot thingies.......working with the foot up is not the way!

Planning for the next few months.

I'm sure six weeks of next to no routine is one of the factors of my bleeauuuggghh-temperament.  I'm not looking forward to the return to school, but I think it will be the positive 'shove' I need.

So I'm going to make like a student on my first day back at school, with newly sharpened pencils, starting the first page in a new book....

I hate to write-off the summer, but it seems to me that I am starting a new season, and I'm going to jump in feet first!  Care to join me?


  1. I always look forward to the autumn - feels like a whole new start doesnt it?


  2. School holidays can leave you feeling a bit 'meh'. All your usual routines go out of the window as you find yourself having to keep little ones amused.

    I no longer have that excuse, maybe I can blame my hormones lol. Either way, I'm ready for a change in more ways than one. Autumn is knocking on the door so maybe this is a good opportunity.

    Have a great weekend!

  3. I am right there with you sista!

    First off, good-byes are never fun or easy, especially when you are the left behind person!

    Second, my son (the last one left at home) started back to school yesterday, and I think I was dreading it as much as he was! I so resent being on that darn school schedule--so much hurry, scurry, and fees and concerts and games, and homework. Oh, the homework! I would bend over for the kick in the pants that I need, except to compound matters, I am already not feeling myself due to a dental trauma on Monday!

    I think maybe I need to start thinking about putting up my autumn decorations as I love them so, and then we need a good old fashioned rain storm! We have not had rain in 40 days--very unlike Seattle!

    I hope you feel better soon, and find some pleasure in each day--especially take time to do something for yourself. (good advice I think, and I should follow it too!) :)
    *smiles and a hug*

  4. I really don't want the boys to back to school, but I can't wait for a routine to return to the house. I feel like we all need the structure.
    Look forward to seeing your new jumper. xx

  5. The end of our summer I was meh too. Lazy and resistant to the coming change. But oh well, had to suck it up and jump right in.
    Love how you're so multi-talented!

  6. While I love the summer holiday because my kids get to enjoy relaxed days, I do love the fall! The crisp weather always makes me feel like new beginnings are just around the corner. I hope you can embrace the new season with some new knitting? : )

  7. I do know how you feel, in fact I've been thinking similar thoughts myself. I guess the idea that the start to the new school year is a good time to begin things is ingrained in us as children.

    Knitting is the best cure I know for the glums!

  8. OH, my yes! We are ready for a 'new season' to begin. :) And this will be quite a good one I think! (Love the hearts) :)

  9. There seems to be a lot of glumness around at present, I'm blaming the weather! I'm sure your umpf will return real soon. Loving your projects too. The bunting looks really cheery.

  10. Absolutely with you on the jumping into the new season thing. Hitting September is both unsettling and upbeat I find and a bit like hovering before plunging into a swimming pool one can feel a bit unlike getting stuck in! I always find that the last week of the summer holidays is a bit unsatisfactory - H is reluctant to go back to school and gets moody even though he will be fine once he's back and I both look forward to and dread the return of school-infuenced routine. It always tends to improve once we get going with it. Happy (stripy) Knitting! E x

  11. I'll join you! Let a new season give some new inspiration that will get the buzz going again. It is weird though, in summer I had more time to craft but I did less....A well, it is catch up time!

  12. Oh yes, it's a horrible feeling at this time of year isn't it. It won't be so bad once it all starts, it's the thought of it. I find it begins with the purchase of school shoes and goes steadily downhill from there.
    I wish I could say something fabulously deep and reassuring, but I just feel the same as you.
    Love the bunting though, and the pretty present for your sister.

  13. Hi Faith, the start of the school year can be so refreshing, a time to sort things out and get things done you can't when the kiddos are home. But then the homework, that is gross. You will get your mojo back, we all do.
    Sending you a hug,

  14. Sometimes holidays are like that and all you need it the routine to get you back in gear! Love the little home heart, I bet she loved it too!


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