Thursday, 16 August 2012

Ruby's birthday

This weekend, we have all been invited to a tea party to celebrate our friends' little girl's first birthday.  I've often done a painting as a present for various people, but since discovering crochet, knitting  and blogging my painting has been tucked to one side, and to be honest, I really miss it.

Painting for me is very reliant on my mood, and not something started on a whim.  I thought I would ease myself back in with a small fun present for the birthday girl.

I've done a handful of these pictures before, as christening presents....hopefully, its a present that gives enjoyment for years.

I start of with a faint sketch onto heavy watercolour paper, and then when it starts to take shape, I use watercolour inks to 'colour in'.

What starts off looking a little unpromising, can soon start to come together.

Until, you are able to look at it and feel the balance is there.

It's always surprising how adding the mount and frame is all it needs to make it look good enough to give away.

Last year, I sketched up some ideas for a local branch of agricultural advisers, they encourage farming that takes care of rare plants and wildlife.

A simple sketch became a banner that is used when they do agricultural cool is that!

On other subjects....of the more woolly kind......I have a confession........I'm not sure how it happened, but last night.........

....I started another crochet blanket.  I am joining in with Little Woollie in making one of her gorgeous multi-stitch blankets..........awful I on earth am I going to fit this in!

I've got to say though, it felt wonderful to be zipping along the rows.......ooooh, I do love a crochet blanket!

Well, we are having an away day to day to the local agricultural show.....we are going suited and booted as the past week has been torrential rain and wind (as is to be expected when it is show week!)  The boys are champing at the bit to go and I'm sitting here typing. 

I have a fraught couple of days ahead, as the deluded parents of Ruby, have for some outlandish reason asked me to make the birthday girl's cake and a big batch of cupcakes......I have no idea what they have based their decision on....but anyone with any great tips.....step right up!

Catch up soon with pics of THE cake!!


  1. Wonderful creations. I used to be good at drawing/painting at school and would like to try it again but am a little frightened incase I'm rubbish at it now! Your painting is lovely, a present to treasure. Enjoy the show, hope the sun shines for you. Looking forward to seeing The Cake...

  2. What an absolute wonderful birthday present and something she can enjoy for many years. From someone who can only draw stickmen and very poorly at that I admire anyone who can sketch and paint. How cool is that banner and from your sketch you must be so pleased. I think you'll rock out a great cake...for ideas for little about heart, butterfly, flower or something spotty or with bows..I cheat on the heart and flower and have shaped tins lol. Best of luck with it and I can't wait to see what wonderful creation you come up with and loving the blanket.

  3. Good luck with all that baking. But I'm sure your cakes will be a spectacular success if that darling painting is anything to go by :D

  4. You are so talented! I love how your blanket is coming along so far.

  5. Your beautiful painting will be cherished for always! Lovely work. As for the cake and cupcakes, I'm sure you'll out-do yourself as you always do. : )

  6. Wow, what a fabulous painter you are! I wish I could draw or paint!

  7. You are too talented! Yes! Time for more painted skies!!!!! You are too good at them. (Love the beginnings of the blanket though. :))

  8. You're a true artist, Faith ... knitting, crochet, painting, piano, BAKING .... can't wait to see The Cake. :)

  9. Beautiful work Faith...your card really is so must do more painting!
    I love the colours in your new blanket too...such lovely vibrant's going to be beautiful.
    Hope you have a lovely weekend...lucky Ruby will have the perfect cake,
    Susan x

  10. Gorgeous, gorgeous!!! You are such a talented lady, you really will have to do more painting! Cant wait to see how your blanket turns out! xx

  11. Wow, things are busy at the moment Faith.........
    Your painting is just gorgeous, perfect for a one year old and such a lovely, personalised gift.
    If must give you a buzz when you see that farm banner around the place.
    The blanket is going to look wonderful. I'm looking forward to seeing everyone's work...

    CLaire :}

  12. Wow, I can see you have been very busy and everything is so beautiful! Your paintings are really lovely, I can see why you would miss doing them, but your crochet projects are also lovely. The new blanket is gong to be a stunner and I love your owl as well.


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