Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Birthday boy

On request, birthday breakfast was at MaccyD's .....I must admit, I didn't complain at the pancakes and syrup ;-)

Sustenance is all important when you have a full day ahead.

Here's the birthday boy....he was four this birthday.....he says he will be thirteen next birthday.....

Here they are the three amigos....horses at the ready!

Middle boy has an impressive ability to fit in tiny spaces........other visitors to the park looked on disapprovingly........but hubby, biggest boy of all, encouraged all the way and would have got in himself if he wasn't a little too big.

Giving you some perspective

Bigger brothers are always worth copying!

Biggest brothers haven't always got what it takes!

Relaxing in the sunshine.

Yet more relaxing!

Chocolate cake was on the menu.....Nigella's Quadruple Chocolate Loaf cake....and it didn't hang around for long! tasted that good.

It was of course, a day out at the wildlife park and apart from the monkeys shown above, we did see a few other animals too.

What a perfect way to spend your fourth birthday I think!


  1. Happy fourth birthday to your little boy - sounds like you all had a lovely day :0) x

  2. What an awesome day Faith for your boy's la hanau. Mighty neat how they can fit in what looks like a little space. Great trees to chillax upon and yummy lookin' cake!

  3. Quadruple chocolate loaf cake - sounds and looks delicious! Happy Birthday to Youngest.

  4. Aww what a lovely day! My middlest was always into small spaces too...I have a lovely photo of him stuck in a plastic dustbin.....bottom first if you know what I mean! Jill x

  5. Those boys of yours are simply gorgeous and a big HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Mr FOUR. It certainly looks like you had a fun day. Thanks for sharing your lovely photos.
    Anne xx

  6. OMG!!!! 4 years old, already? You might want to warn him about being 13 next year though. That is the awfullest age of any! (is awfullest a word? LOL!) Happy, happy, happy birthday to that cutie pie! What a great day you all had. I would love a day like that!
    The cake looks SO good and I have been searching for my Nigella cookbook ever since you made the last luscious item of hers. I cannot figure out what happened to it? Maybe I just dreamt I had one or it could be I'm getting "old-timer's disease", couldn't be that! Ha! Ha!

  7. Faith you have such gorgeous boys! Glad you had a good day and that choc cake looked very scrummy!!!! lol xxx

  8. Your boys are so doggone cute! I want to hug Littlest every time I see his photo. Happy birthday to him!

    That cake looks and sounds scrumptious.

  9. That was a perfect way for your little lovely to spend his special day. I love,love, love that photo of the three boys on their bikes! After having only one sister myself, I have been amazed and in awe of the bond my three boys have with each other--it has been so amazing watching it forge throughout the years. You are a blessed mama!

  10. Oh Faith, your little/big boy looks so gorgeous! Hippy, happy belated birthday to him all the way from France and, please next time, share a piece of the cake with us all!!!


  11. Looks like a lot of fun, I agree the perfect day for a 4 th birthday!!

  12. Looks to me like the very best way to spend a 4th birthday, just sorry I'm late with my birthday wishes.

  13. Four to thirteen what a step, lol.......
    Four is such a gorgeous age.
    What a lovely day out and that birthday cake looks so yummy, not surprised it didn't last long. Love the pic of the birthday boy and his piece of cake...

    Claire x


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