Sunday, 2 September 2012

Year of projects - 02.09.12

Wow...we're in the ninth month....when did that happen....

This week I've been working on two new projects.

This is the beginnings of a new pullover for's fulfilling the need in me to make a Veera Valimaki top....I love so many of the things that she has designed, but I am starting with something simple (hopefully!) her Plain and Simple Pullover......I am doing stripes, as I love me some stripes!  I am little concerned that I may end up looking like a Cornishware biscuit barrel....I'm going more for nautical.....fingers crossed then!

This has taught me  a new skill with changing colours in the round without showing where they to the rescue for jogless stripes!

The second new project is a scarf that I've been pattern testing for Marie from Undergroundcrafter....great pattern, very easy to learn and flexible to make a scarf as long or wide as you like.  I tried this in King Cole Riot and have really enjoyed watching the colours unfurl....its not far off done in just a few days, just needs a couple more rows and a bit of blocking and it will be a done deal.

Well, the weekend has flown by again, and next week marks the return to school for two boys with little starting back the following week.

They have had a fun-filled holidays, lots of outdoor adventures despite the constant rain, so lots to tell their friends in the playground!

I will leave you with two photographs from yesterday's walk.

Sometime later when all has quietened down, I will look forward to reading about your progress too....until next week.x


  1. Wow your like me, always more than one project on the go! I think all us crafters are the same. I love your projects, very colourful & its great learning new skills too.

    I can't believe the kids are back at school next week!

  2. Your boys are just gorgeous, love your projects.

  3. Your boys are so handsome; what future heartbreakers they'll be.
    Love how you're striping! Jogless jog ain't so bad once you get into that rhythm.

  4. Oh I just adore all of Veera's stunning patterns, I just want to find her, bring her home with me and knit together :o) It made me giggle at the thought of cornish ware, hee hee xox Fabulous scarf too Faith, that Riot yarn never ceases to amaze me.
    I hope you enjoy the last few days of the summer hols with your adorable boys xox Penelope

  5. That's a great scarf design - it really makes the most of that lovely colour-changing yarn.

    Have fun with your stripes! (I was going to recommend techknitter's blog post on jogless stripes but I see you've found a resource already.)

    Great photos of your little guys, especially the second shot. :)

  6. Loving your nautical jumper- I think the blue and white will look lovely, and the scarf colours are also great... cant wait to see it finished! Love that last photo!

  7. Two lovely projects - the Cornishwear comments made me laugh!!! I'm sure the jumper will be lovely xxxx

  8. Lovely projects Faith and gorgeous pics of your boys as always!
    Hope you all have a happy week,
    Susan x

  9. Every wardrobe needs a striped sweater! Love yours and thanks for sharing photos of your family walk yesterday. We had a family walk in the woods yesterday, too, and it made us all so happy!

  10. I think it will look more nautical than Cornishwear :). Your scarf looks lovely so far - I think you really picked the perfect yarn for the project.

  11. Look at those beautiful boys! What lovely pics hon. Loving your stripes!! Can't wait to see it on you. I do love a good stripey top.
    Have a fab week,

  12. More Breton than biscuit I think :) Just had a look at the pattern and it's lovely, can't wait to see how yours works up! Great scarf too.

  13. Lovely work! I love stripes too, and your nautical colours are very fresh. Are you doing the collar in one colour? Can't wait to see!

  14. Cornishware or jaunty seafarer, either way I LOVE THE STRIPES!

    And yes, how on earth can it be September already?!

  15. I have yet to quite get the jogless stripes BUT yours look fantastic!!!! Can't wait to see the pull over completed.

  16. I really enjoyed this post, Faith! Just look at those adorable sons! It's nice to meet another fan of Veera Valimaki; the goddess of short rows! I came a little to grips with jogless rows the other week although I recall having to trawl through quite a few different techniques found on Youtube. I'm loving your blue and white combinatino!

    Have a lovely day,


  17. Hey Faith, love the colours of your pullover, that's such a gorgeous blue. Had to laugh at the Cornishware biscuit barrel comment!! I'm sure it will look fine.
    Great scarf too, love the pattern and texture in it.
    Lovely pic of your boys,they look like a happy bunch....

    Claire x

  18. I really love the colors in your sweater and I agree, hooray for youtube. Jogless stripes, an important skill! My boy went back to school last week and we are already in the thick of all that school entails--I miss the stress free days of summer. Your boys, as usual, equal adorableness. :)


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