Sunday, 9 September 2012

Year of projects - 9.9.12

Another week, another update on my Year of Projects work!

I've been plodding on again with my Plain and Simple Pullover, it's a slow process round and round and I have to keep reminding myself that at least I won't have to repeat the process as I am doing the back and front all at once....can't be bad!

I must start measuring carefully now, I think I will probably take the sizing off a jumper that fits me well.

There has been no other knitting this week as my evenings have  been busy, which is the only time I sit to play.

Although not strictly a YOP piece, I am happily whizzing along with my Little Woollie stripe feels so nice to pick up the pace with a bit of crochet between the slow-plod sessions on my four-ply sweater.

The coming week is already shaping up to be a busy one, littlest starts back to school on Tuesday which will mean some car time for easily-put-downable-pick-upable knitting or crochet....maybe I'll start to think one-a-day again.

The weekend has been wonderful, with an impromptu meal out on Friday....what a surprise... I was just about to start cooking, and then my hubby says 'fancy going out instead?'  I didn't need asking twice!

We had a lovely meal, a game of pool while we were waiting (I don't think I've played for over fifteen years) and a sit on the sea wall watching people going by afterwards.  The kids were positively sparkling with excitement! was I to be honest!

Look at the setting sun picking out the rowing boat.

Yesterday was football (Big's team lost), sheep moving and sorting and then crabbing off the pontoon in our village (no pictures as I was too busy fielding children teetering on the edge and stopping Chester from eating the bacon-bait)

Today, a walk on a different path through our my favourite woods.

It was a slow one, as there were plenty of blackberries to be foraged......the boys weren't the only ones hunting.

Have you ever seen a dog like it.....he's picky too, he carefully takes the black ones and leaves the red ones behind.

Anyway, hope that you have all had  a good week whatever you've been up to....looking forward to reading all about it soon. Faithx


  1. Your dog picking blackberries is so cute! Love that little woolie blanket. The colors and pattern are so pretty. Looks like your sweater is coming along ... I tried knitting several years ago, but it just didn't make any sense to me. I'll stick with crochet and cross-stitch. :) Best wishes for a great week. Tammy

  2. Both the sweater and bright colored striped crochet blanket are looking awesome. Wonderful pictures by the water's edge.

  3. Your dog is very clever, he knows the ripe ones will taste nicer :) The blanket is just gorgeous and I love the mix of stitches in it :)

  4. It sounds like a perfect weekend. My friend who lives in North Carolina has a dog that does the same thing, amazing. Have a great week.

  5. Good progress on the pullover - and at least there aren't sleeves to speak of either :) It'll just be suddenly done one day! Love the sunset picture with the rowboat!

  6. The pics are wonderful and it's nice when a surprise supper happens..the pullover looks like it is coming along..I have a beagle that eats the weed bedstraw (pounds of it, if I let him..) and sunflower leaves!

  7. Your sweater looks great! And I'm a big fan of in the round- no knitting something twice and no seaming! Which, even though I seem to be the odd duck who doesn't hate seaming, is still a bit of a pain!

  8. Very pretty sweater! Also, this is my first time visiting your blog and I love your header with the beautiful crochet. And thank you for no captcha, lol!

  9. Lovely post, Faith! Dinner out always seems better fun when my husband is the one to suggest it. I am really liking your stripey---but I understand the round and round boredom. I was curious what you do with your sheep--do you raise them for selling to market for food or do you raise them for the wool? How many do you have?
    *smiles and a hug*

  10. Loving the sweather Faith the colours are so nautcial and just keep thinking that back and front will be done together, your doing great at it. Really love the blanket, your mix of colours is just fantastic. I've not settled on a car project for the pick ups and drop off's. I've been amusing myself with a crossword book, a bit pointless as I've complete baby brain at the moment and its enough to remember my schedule and name lol. What a lovely Friday evening and the impromtu ones are always the best. Hope this week isn't so busy..but who are we kidding, one of these days we shall meet ourselves lol.

  11. It looks like you had a lovely week. The beach is wonderful.
    Another good thing to think about while you are making the sweater is very little seaming. You'll get through it :)

  12. Dinner out - lovely! I like your photos very much, they remind me of my Cornish childhood. Here's hoping that school settles down soon and we all get a bit more knitting time.

  13. I was really fortunate to win one of Little Woolie's striped crochet cushion covers in a give-away last year, I was over the moon, her patterns are gorgeous. Loving your crochet and regarding knitting in the round it is so worth not havig to do back and front and then the stitching up which I really do't enjoy Faith.
    Andy and I went out fr a sun downer drink on Saturday when Alice was at a party and it was so lovely to do something fun and spontaneous x Your boys are looking a sweet as ever, hope all goes well with little lad in school tomorrow xox Penelope

  14. I love the little scallop-y row in that blanket. Keep at the sweater - just think how nice it will look when done!

    Your little guys have really bleached blonder this summer! And how nice to have an impromptu meal out. No one enjoys eating out more than the family cook, I think. It's so nice to sit back and let someone else do the work and the cleanup.


  15. Such lovely, cozy projects in the works for this quickly coming autumn. So nice!

  16. I love the colours of your jumper, they go together so well. And the blanket is great, so bright and cheerful. Looks like you had a good week, the beach looks beautiful.

  17. Your woolie blanket is so colorful and fun! May be a project I will attempt in the future!

  18. what a wonderful week you have been having! loving the knitting and crochet, I would love to do the little woolies blanket as its so lush!

    loving all the family activities too. fab fab photos

  19. Wow, I love the colors on the blanket! So bright and fun - I can see how it would be great to do in between the sweater.

  20. I have seen a dog like it because Finn whippet is exactly the same! Ooh he loves his blackberries!

    Sorry this is such a belated comment Faith, I missed this post.

  21. Love the sweater, great stripes...Is it for you?
    Talking of stripes, I am LOVing your blanket!! All the different textures look fab :-)
    Hope your boys have enjoyed the start of the new term. Happy crafting!

    Louise xxx


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