Friday, 21 September 2012

To dust or not to dust

I know I've told you before, that housework isn't really my forte.........

And despite suffering with a dust allergy.....I can often think of better things to be doing than dusting.

Well, I'm beginning to wonder if the entire dust stores of the whole world have been dumped on, in and around our house.

There is so much dust that the workmen are taking it away by the lorry load.

I've discovered a new method of torture sure to get the secrets out of any spy........the constant tap-tapping of the hammers knocking the render off, the drone of the powered chisels......

Can you see me?

One of our cats has always been a climber (not so good at the descent)  She is so enjoying the ladders to climb...the planks to walk along......looking in at us from the windows......sneering at her less-capable cat sister.

Is there any point in dusting?  I fancy a holiday for as long as it takes for everything to be sorted and sneeze-free again.

Tomorrow is littlest boy's birthday, he will be four and we will be celebrating with a family day at a local wildlife park....complete with picnic and chocolate birthday cake.

I have baking to do......I haven't lifted my head much from my knitting in the evenings recently so I am guilty of not visiting everyone as often as I usually do........normal service will resume when I put down the jumper.


  1. Housework is overrated in my opinion!! The dust only comes straight back or the children mess it up!! I moved to my mum and dads for nearly a year when we had major work done on the house. I took the children, 2 cats and the husband, but the cats stayed when we moved back. I think they thought life was quieter at my parents house!!
    I hope your son has a wonderful birthday and you all have a fabulous day tomorrow. x

  2. As soon as I saw the title of your post, my answer was "not to dust." There's too much knitting and baking and visiting and daydreaming to do! Happy birthday to your little guy!

  3. House chores suck. I feel guilty as heck but dang, it sucks. Aren't the workmen supposed to clean up after they're done each day?
    Your plans for your little one sounds so much fun. Can't wait to see your pics and post.

  4. We agree with Joanne. :) Highly overrated!

  5. Knitting rules. Dusting doesn't. xxxx

  6. You've made me smile! I get it. I really do. Keep knitting and enjoy your's little one's birthday tomorrow. I'll be thinking of you.

  7. I hate to dust. But I hate seeing the dust even more! Are you remodeling? Is that charming and quaint stone wall your house? Inquiring minds need to know. :) Can't wait to see the jumper!

  8. Oh no, I really don't envy you render removal, I remember if from our last house, nightmare. Absolutely no point in dusting!

    Happy birthday to the littlest man :D

  9. I need to look up "render removal", but I think I've got the jist of it. The cat photo is priceless.

    Hang in there, and by all means put off dusting as long as you can. I always do. :)

    Happy birthday to Littlest, and have a great week!

  10. Don't dust! At least not until the workmen have been gone for at least a week! Just keep the room in which you crochet / knit reasonable...then you can sit there working away - and pretend the whole house is clean! Simples! Happy birthday littlest...4 is such an important birthday...and THE best age to be imho :) hugs, Jill x

  11. happy birthday to your lil un.
    Dusting!!! Dusting!!!! whats that then???? I don't blame you dusting is a waste of time, once you have done it there is more to do anyway so I don't bother!

  12. I agree - wait til the workmen have gone - then get someone else to do it! Living in a very old farmhouse with lots of animals, my house is always dusty - it's only when people visit that I notice it (and feel ashamed!). Hope your little one had a good birthday!


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