Saturday, 14 October 2017


So last time I blogged, I was trying to make a  decision.... and now.....I have!

I've enrolled on a BA in Design Studies, which I'm still finding difficult to  believe.  I kept thinking and saying 'but art is something I would really enjoy' which in my head meant that it wasn't a sensible choice!

My head is ticking over with lots of ideas, I'm excited to start thinking creatively again, to see the things around is like something once loved and put to one side, has been brought out of the shadows and remembered!

I always used to be in the habit of  photographing everything I saw, as I was always thinking about blogging, but it's a habit I have grown out of.  Now it is required of me I can't wait to get going again.

One thing I love is colour, like the purple berries I spotted among the 'old hat' red  berries....I mean these almost look 'artificial' they are such an unusual jewels glistening in the sun.

I have ordered myself some raw yarn this morning, for a few ideas spinning around in my head...any pointers would be gratefully received, but otherwise I'm going to throw myself in feet first and see where the path leads.

I had a wonderful time at Cardiff Half-Marathon, what an amazing event to be a part of....very inspiring and emotional


  1. Well done Faith on your race and on your new studies. I wish you the very best.

  2. How very exciting! Best wishes for the path ahead, and congratulations on completing the half-marathon.

    Those purple berries do indeed almost look artificial. What a lovely colour!

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