Sunday, 2 October 2011

Year of projects (wk7)

.................And there was another week and we're now into October.......................

Today we have had a braai  in the sunshine with my in-laws..........not bad going for the UK in October.  It is my Father-in-law's birthday today, so we have all well and truly filled ourselves with good food.  My poor hubby in the meanwhile is hauling our straw bales in before the rain comes and missed the whole thing.....ah, well we can all tell him how nice it was and he has a plate piled high with food when he turns in for the night.

This week, among lots of other things, I took my boys to a local newsagent, where they have a rack of acrylic at the back of the shop, and let them pick out some colours for a hat each.

Then when they chose their colours I made them change their minds to something more suitable!

The littlest's hat is unfinished, but he was itching to try it on.  It is supposed to have more scales and a few spots, so we'll see what gets added on.

It seems like it could do with another couple of rounds, but then all my boys have good sized heads, so I should have thought to increase it a little when I was doing it.

Now there's a cheeky face eh!

Both hats were super-quick, although the dinosaur one probably needs a few extra bits, and middle's hat may well end up with a bobble on it.  Both were Ravelry patterns which you can find here and here.

My granny stripe is growing well and looks more wonderfully stripey everyday.

So what does this week hold? 

Well I treated myself when I was out with the boys yesterday to two new books, I never buy crochet books, and even now I am amazed I did, but sometimes it is nice to actually see something in print isn't it? 

I am still feeling I was a little frivolous, but I could not resist the Christmas one and the other one came along for the ride

Anyway, I have a tonne of housework, washing, clearing...etc...etc...etc... to do and here I am rambling on again.  I am looking forward to my Sunday evening of browsing through other people's blogs with a cup of tea in hand. 

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  1. OMG how cute are your boys and their hats...Love them.

    Its nice to pick up books now and again...I think the last one I got was on shawls lol, are you going to do the cute little reindeer on the front of the xmas one ?

    The children here take over the tv too, if its not cartoons, its playstation only they all enjoy the rugby I don't think I'd stand a chance of getting it on lol.

    Oh Faith the thoughts of crocheting socks rather than knit terrifies me a million times more rofl...have you seen my crocheting ? It looks like a pre schooler went mad at a ball of yarn ! Perhaps I'll concentrate on getting the hang of my crochet more in the new year

  2. How wonderful it is for your boys to have a mum like you, letting them pick out their yarn for hats. They'll remember such like that and cherish those hats.
    Those books look so fun.

  3. That IS a cheeky face; he looks very pleased with his hat! I can never resist books of Christmas patterns either!

  4. Love those hats and the boys look as if they do too. Must check out that 150 Blocks book ... I have a serious addiction to collecting crochet books :)

  5. Those hats look wonderful, can't wait to see the dinosaur one with more detail on it...and the blue hat would definitely suit a small bobble on it :)

    Ooooooo books!! I have been tempted to look for a book that has block patterns for crocheting :)

  6. Super hats, I especially love the dinosaur hat

  7. The hats are great! I also prefer pattern books - I like to look through them away from the computer :).

  8. Brilliant hats - love the dinosaur's pointy bits (not sure 'bits' is the actual, technical term) and I just can't wait to see a crocheted reindeer!
    Emily x

  9. I think I need to make that hat for my niece. She still little enough that she will have no idea what I've just done to her. HAHAHAHAHA!!! I love it!


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