Saturday, 31 December 2011

Looking forward.......

What a whirl of a week hey?!

We had a wonderful Christmas........... lots of pressies, food, friends, laughing, glitter, .........and here we are at the end of 2011............. wondering what 2012 holds..........

There are fairly big changes likely for us in 2012, which may well mean we won't spend another Christmas in our farm house by the sea, so I was very quietened while taking the decorations down today.  I am not one for keeping the decorations up into the New Year, preferring to clear the decks and start anew.  I feel full of hope and anticipation for the new, but also truly blessed for all that my family  have had in the 2011.

At supper time, we discussed things we would like to achieve in 2012 and I think we all chipped in some good ideas.  I have a list of personal things, but most boil down to being a little more confident and a little less 'scaredy'!  

I want to start painting again (crochet has totally taken over my life!).
I would like to get some of my paintings, (or maybe even just one) into a gallery.
I want to say 'yes' more often when I know I can do something, but am just too scared.
I want to spend more time playing my instruments and stretching myself technically.
I would like to do more walking as a family.

There are of course a few more here and there, but I think in saying those few aloud, I may be more determined to stick to them!  Please feel free to ask in a month or so how I am progressing!!

Today our house guests left and we pushed furniture back into its familiar places (I cannot wait to sleep in my own bed tonight!!) We had lunch and then went out to blow away some Christmas cobwebs and stretch our legs.

It was certainly a good stretch, as following hubby's lead, we went way off track and ended up trudging around for ages with me saying 'I reckon we should turn around and go back' on loop.............of course, eventually it was decided that we may not be headed in the right direction and we should turn around and go back......(HOOORRRAAAAYYY!).......muddy, wet and exhausted

I think I shall find it very difficult to stay awake to see in 2012, as the bad sleeping, late nights, long walk and fresh air have all added up .......I give myself a further hour before I am sparko!

In the past couple of weeks a  few of my wonderful fellow bloggers have given me the Liebster award, which I hope to blog about in the next week.......I am ever grateful to the inspirational people I have added to my friends since beginning blogging, you have all made 2011 an even cheerier and more wonderful year.

On that note, I would like to wish you all a Happy New Year and hope that for each of you, 2012 will be the year when some of the seemingly impossible things you dare to hope for, actually come true.



  1. I hope your changes are positive ones and things you dream of.
    We went out on Thursday to a museum to do something different as I feel the children need to break the cycle of Christmas.

    I hoped to take down the decorations tomorrow and was worried I was the only one......thank goodness you are clearing the decks as well.

    I wish you and your family have a wonderful new years eve and that 2012 is full is laughter, fun and happiness xxx (and all you wish for) x

  2. I hope all your wishes come true. Confidence can be a hard thing to muster,however, look at how admired you are becoming in the blog world. You can do anything. Happy New Year!

  3. Hi Faith... I'm so surprised to hear that you feel you need to be more your photo you look confident, and in your messages you always come across as such a fun person...maybe you really are confident underneath but just hide it well! Not sure from your post whether the house move comes from a positive or a negative change, but whichever it is I do really hope it all goes well for you... and I shall be watching to see you end 2012 in another lovely home (with your paintings on the wall, and your music playing in the background). Happy New Year to you and yours Faith.. Jill :)x

  4. Its been lovely following your blog in 2011. Looking forward to following you in 2012. Happy New Year......xx

  5. I hope 2012 brings you lots of happiness and whatever may happen may you all remember you are together and thats what counts, the where no so much. I'm glad I found your blog I do enjoy reading it and I hope you achieve your personal goals, I think the scardey bit sometimes comes with getting older and knowing the what can happen and we sometimes get comfy with the familiar and don't want to branch out so I wish you the very best with that goal, that itself is something major.
    Happy New Year to you and your family.

  6. Wishing you and your family a happy new year :)

  7. Happy New Year to you and your family. I love the walking resolution!

  8. Happy New Year to you and your family! Gorgeous photos, as usual.

    Good luck with all your plans for 2012. I hope you do get a picture into a gallery. What instruments do you play? May the new year bring you much unexpected happiness x

  9. Happy New Year Faith, I hope all your dreams come true, you know I've always thought you come across as outgoing so I'm sure you have it in there waiting to get out! our resolutions are very similar I too want to play more, something I've not done near enough of recently, and walking as a family sounds perfect... Except in our family that would mean carrying at least one small person some of the way so maybe that's a resolution for years to come :) Janettexx

  10. Good luck for 2012, I hope your dreams make it to reality and i look forward to reading about your adventures on your blog.
    Happy new year to you and your family

  11. Dearest Faith
    Blessings and many wonderful inspiring days for you and your family this coming year. It's good to have some plans and also to go a little with the flow I think. I am really looking forward to seeing all your paintings and hope that sharing with us will make you more confident and self assured that it's not as scary as it might seem. Thank you for all your lovely comments over 2011. Here's to embracing each and every precious moment of our lives xox Penelope

  12. Much love and happiness for 2012. For the first day of 2012, I took my family for a hike in the woods as it's truly one of my favorite things to do so I was happy to see that that is one of your new year resolutions. Enjoy!

  13. These photos are beautiful!!
    Love your resolutions

  14. Brava for your plans for the coming year, Faith!


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