Sunday, 4 December 2011

Year of projects (wk16)

Well what a week this has been.  Both big and medium boy have been sent home sick from school, I've dashed here and there, cleared up sick.......... and to boot.........they were generous enough to share it with me!

I've also done more than my fair share of crochet with a sprint to the finish on my flower scarf which has already been given and has winged its way to sunny S.Africa.

For all you super-clever folks out there who guessed Springbok last week, I take my hat off in awe, I've got to say my dreadful crochet definitely didn't make it an easy guess!

I re-attempted the springbok for my FIL, and I'm not sure telling you that this photo is a bad one is convincing enough!!  I couldn't really say where it all went wrong, but it looked quite good and then I decided to make a badge so it would hide all the ends sewn in and tied off in such a small piece, and to be honest the more I worked the worse it got!  I ended up quickly taking a picture and packaging it up before I did any more damage! I'm sure it will have high amusement value!!

I was very inspired recently  by Sarah from Crafts from the Cwtch lovely knitted armwarmers and thought they would be a great gift for my two nieces, so I found this crochet pattern and gave them a go, with I think quite good results.

Both dreadful pictures......and how bad that I got biggest boy to model some girly gloves for me!  I made them longer than the pattern suggests and will definitely make another pair for my second niece.

In other news I am doing the sums and looking at the list and things are starting to look very busy!  I have another blanket on the starting blocks, two snakes, another pair of armwarmers, my mum's present.........

So same time next week then? 

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  1. The arm warmers are fabulous! I think they would look quite good on me, in fact. I wonder if I could get the Goatmother to make me some?

  2. Your flower scarves are soooooooooooo interesting, very different and unique. Love different, funky, and unique.

  3. The flower scarf came out great! And I love the armwarmers.

  4. Gorgeous makings! Just tell people that it's a crocheted magic eye springbok :) I hope you're all better, those d&v bugs from school are nasty.

  5. I'm so glad to hear you are on the mend, believe me I know how dreadful it is a tummy bug coming into the house, how come our little ones are expert at sharing those with us ! lol
    Love the scarf and the badge and how cool are those armwarmers ! I have a pair of those somewhere to knit and seeing yours makes me want to drop all and give em a go, the weather being chilly of course helps to lol...must refrain and finish scarves though...your list is looking decidely busy for the next week or so and I'm looking forward to seeing all your starts,

  6. I knew it was like a gazelle or something; I really think you did a nice job on it. It's authentic looking to me.
    Sorry your boys are ill. The sick bugs are so dreadful this year and being out in the cold a few times during the school day doesn't help much.
    Sorry you caught the ohana cold and I hope you get some R&R to yourself. Someone made a good observation/comment on my daughters' godfather's status one day: Who will take care of the caregiver? Hope you get pampered.
    I know from experience, when Mama's sick, the ohana doesn't eat as well nor function as smoothly.

  7. Your armwarmers look very elegant, even if the photos aren't the best. How pretty that flower scarf is! Now feel better all around and see you next week!

  8. Oh my goodness... Faith what a week! I love those arm-warmers and have them on my list to made a great job of if I get stuck I'll be messaging you :) I have to confess that I only knew Springbok because I had an Aunt who living in SA who sent us a wooden one back (!)...but your crochet version is so much nicer! Thanks for your lovely comments about the Beautiful Blogger Blanket :)x

  9. Everything you made looks brilliant!!
    Hope you feel better soon

  10. Wow, what a week! Hope everyone is fully recovered, there is nothing worse than when a house get a bug and they all fall like dominoes.
    Those armwarmers look so cozy, your poor son, being ill and being made to model girly gloves!!!

  11. Lovely Faith, seeing the springbok made me smile, brilliant attempt, I would never get anything quite as good as that! Beautiful scarf too, I am sure it will be treasured,nothing like a hand and home made gift from the heart. I love love love those arm warmers thay are gorgeous, I am busy knitting some up for Alice for Christmas. Thanks for sharing the link too.
    Oh by the way did you see that you are a winner on Yarn around hook? Congratulations, lucky you xox Have a fab rest of the week and I hope you and your boys are fully recovered now xox

  12. You have obviously been very busy on all fronts - I love the mitts, too!

    Pomona x

  13. Hi Faith - you won my snowflake giveaway! Let me know your address and I'll post it all off in the next day or two.
    That's a lovely scarf!

  14. Hope you are all feeling much better now, The scarf looks fab! You MIL will love it Im sure! Loving the mitts too!

  15. The flower scarf turned out fabulous. Those armwarmers are beautiful too. That bug is horrible, I was floored with it all weekend. Hope your all feeling better.


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