Thursday, 15 December 2011

Reasons to be Cheerful!

Well, being a Thursday (gosh these weeks whip around quickly!) I am going to link up with Planet Penny and my

Reasons to be Cheerful!

Well we are back from our hollies and I feel...........rested and rejuvenated (?) ......we had a brilliant time, but it was all over too quickly and we packed so much in I was falling asleep by 9pm!

Its exciting to be back into the thick of it for Christmas though and now the panic can really set in!

There was snow on our hols (and by some freak of nature it had only snowed in some places)

There were reindeer (Marigold this one is for you!)

The boys painted some ceramics (I was itching to have a go myself)

And when I got home I had this lovely parcel from the lovely Victoria at yarnroundhook seven beautifully delicate snowflakes, a handmade felt heart and a candy cane and Christmas chocolates to boot, all carefully wrapped........what a lovely gift to come home to! 

Another thing I am incredibly happy about is that this afternoon we moved all our cows and calves over the fields and roads and into the shed for winter.......for me, this time is always slightly fraught with tempers rising and plenty that could go wrong!  But they are all in, munching on their silage and feeling a little more comfortable on their straw beds.  I did take a photo of them all chilling out, but it was too dark to come out, so instead I will leave you with a picture of one of our lovely ladies and a calf just minutes old, born in the spring when the weather was a little friendlier!

So there we have reasons for being cheerful right now, if you would like to see other people's reasons for being cheerful, please go on over to Planet Penny's blog and maybe join in too?

Thank you so much for all your lovely comments and thoughts.........I always appreciate them so much and yet again feel overwhelmed by my lovely bloggy friends.


  1. Oh how lovely and heartwarming to hear.When you think about it we all have lots to be happy about if only we take time to think about it. Most of us have such busy lives that its hard to find precious moments to reflect but its so good when you do.
    I'm loving the reindeer too!

  2. Hi Faith... so glad you had a lovely holiday.. I thnk it is a great idea to go away just before Christmas to recharge your batteries! I love your little ones' ceramic painting... you'll never want to throw those away! As you say, that was a lovely parcel to come home to too... where are you going to hang them? Have fun with your preparations... :)x

  3. I think I'd have been tickled white to have received that package! Those snowflakes are AWESOME!!!

    Ahhh, the Christmas panic, yep, I realized this morning the countdown goes to single digits tomorrow. How did this happen so fast?!?! :)

  4. sounds a really great idea that faith, think i need to think about the possitives at the moment.
    I love the ceramic painting!- your children mustt have had a real great time. lovely parcel too...and how sweet that little new born calf - yes the temp' has dropped and straw beds would be miles better than frosty frozen fields ;0)x merry festive blessings x

  5. Awesome reasons to be cheerful!!!
    Love the reindeer!!!
    My reason to be cheerful is I just found out my newest niece was born a few hours ago :)

  6. A reindeer woo hoo, it looks so magical. It's very exciting for me to see a reindeer as you might have guessed. I don't remember ever seeing a real one, I just love it. It reminds me of so many Christmas movies. The boys ceramics look great did you get to have a go? Your so lucky what a wonderful little pressie for you at Christmas time. xx

  7. Glad you had a nice break. Seems funny to know you are in snow and here we are in the heat over here- its been raining a couple of days now and its very sticky- still my garden's loving it (until blight sets in I guess!!!)

  8. Those are great reasons to be cheerful, I am certainly cheerful!!

    Can you visit my blog, there is something there for you to see

  9. What lovely reasons to be cheerful! I'm glad you feel refreshed after your holiday, and those snowflakes are beautiful! Px

  10. So glad to hear you have had a good holiday with your lovely family! How fantastic to see raindeer!... that must have been very special for your boys so close to Christmas? :)

    Love the hat you made in your previous post...and such a cute model :)

    Louise xxx

  11. Faith, your boys are such cuties! And I'm coveting their ceramics - what a great job they did!
    Very cool that Santa (or would that be Father Christmas?) loaned a reindeer for you to enjoy on your vacation.

  12. looks like you had a lovely time, i love the ceramics your boys painted & how lovely to receive those snowflakes, they are gorgeous!


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