Thursday, 1 December 2011

Reasons to be cheerful!

It's Thursday so I am linking up with Planet Penny with my

Reasons to be Cheerful!

My reasons for being cheerful ( among other things) this week are all Christmassy...........for me, I love to begin decorating the house on the first of December, as the time from now until the big day is like the blink of an eye.

So first things first..................

Our tree is up.........
(it will take a week or so to get other bits and bobs up, but we've started!)

My biggest boy has written his letter to Father Christmas.....unprompted.....but remembering to say thank you first for last year's presents.

My in-laws got on their plane today and they had their pressies with them.........I was so relieved to finish this scarf (yes its just pretending to be an lampshade cover!) .

So short, sweet and Christmassy.  My house is making me very cheerful with all the lovely sparkly things..........what is making you cheerful?  Why not pop over to Planet Penny's blog and join in too?


  1. I love decorating for Christmas too. It's so fun to get out all the delightful little things that we only see once a year. That scarf is gorgeous - she'll love it. (And if she doesn't you can wear it yourself.)

    What a sweet letter. I like his request for "a nice surprise". He sounds very polite and open-minded. Have a cheerful week!

  2. A lovely Christmassy post, what a beautiful scarf. That letter is very well written, and he's obviously a budding artist!
    thanks for joining in,
    Penny x

  3. So glad you got the scarf done, what a relief that must have been and a weight off your mind. Love the tree, our decorations are all up and I to put up our trees today.
    The first of the season's mince pie's are cooling as I type.
    What makes me cheerful is the the whole Christmas season, I love it :-D

  4. Oh! The scarf is too beautiful! It looks like lace! We love Christmas too, but we never get any decorations in the barn because Ella eats them. Oy. Maybe this year. Hmmmm... Love the letter and the drawing. What a talented young man! Okay, the Goatmother is still cleaning the barn so we aren't cheerful yet - but soon.

  5. Yay!!! you got the scarf finished- Hurrah!!!!!

  6. That scarf is incredible! I also think it's awesome your son wrote that letter unprompted. I, too, love the spirit of Christmas. I wish it could last all year!

  7. Oh Faith are you telling porkie pies? I know you wanted to keep that scarf as a lamp shade.. it does look lovely as one.. you'll just have to make another!! Lovely Christmas creeping into your home.. How sweetof your Son to just ask for a surprise.. so much nicer than a huge list! :)x

  8. I think December is the most cheerful month of the year :)
    I love your scarf-lampshade :)
    Happy holidays!

  9. Oh how lovely, to have Christmas in your home. We have resisted getting a tree yet and are waiting for next weekend, but I think I may have to start getting some other bits out soon.
    Your flower scarf looks wonderful, after the big push to get it finished no wonder you are pleased it is done.
    What a great letter your son has written, so nice that it not just a massive list of wants. Very polite

  10. We put our tree up this week too, I love this time of year. Cant wait to see afull photo of your scarf- looks lovely! Janette

  11. Oh how cute is your son's letter to Santa! What a sweetie to do that all by himself and so polite too! I think the children make Christmas don't they!
    I'm so glad to see I'm not the only one who puts their decorations up around the 1st and is ready to de-clutter and start a fresh the day after boxing day!! haha...!

    Loving your flower scarf.... I do think you should make another one to fit your lampshate though, it would look fab!! ;)

    Enjoy your weekend
    Louise xx

  12. Gosh you're way ahead of me! And I know that I have missed the overseas posting date as usual.

    Pomona x


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