Thursday, 8 December 2011

Reasons to be cheerful!

Are you bobbing along or trying to keep up?

Somewhere between the beginning of the week and now, things have changed up a gear, I'm trying not to panic, but I must admit I feeling a little pressured! 

This morning a funny thing happened and made me feel a little reflective (in a thoughtful, non-shiny way!)

A friend requested that I make her some Christmas decorations and I was pleased to be asked so hooked a couple of cotton snowflakes and a couple of golden stars, I blocked them carefully (more so than if they had been for me!) and put them in an envelope for when I next saw her.  Well, unfortunately, after hoping to see her at my local toddler group this morning and her not making it, I put them under my chair to take home again.  While we were singing on the mats right at the end, I saw someone doing a really odd stretch (the type a young man does on a date to the cinema with his new girl!) and the next thing, my envelope was being folded up and put up a sleeve of a lady I don't know.  It is very possible that her name might have been the same as the name written on the envelope, but somehow I think that is irrelevant.  I came home feeling a little odd about the whole thing, but giving her the benefit of the doubt I rang the group leader to see if said lady had a sudden realisation of what she had done and handed it in.......but no..........I am not confrontational and I hope she will at least put the decorations on her tree.......I hope the stars sparkle and catch her eye and the snowflakes look crisp and white ..........

Anyway.....I digress.....its Thursday and I am going to join in with Penny from Planet Penny with my

Reasons to be Cheerful!

I have been trying to think of reasons apart from the obvious one to think of.........ummmmm.....  but no.......much as I try I can't get away from the fact.......


We are off to centerparcs tomorrow along with my brother, his wife and their three boys and we are going to have a wonderful time!

There are reindeer, snow, a brilliant swimming pool, great cycle paths, lots of activities....phew, I am sooooo excited!

This week, I made myself a woolly hat to keep me toasty in all the (fake) snow that will be on our hols!

Littlest modelling!

I won some beautiful crocheted snowflakes from the lovely Victoria on yarnroundhook.  I am so looking forward to adding them to our family's lucky am I!!

Christmas festivities with the children.

This is our towns traditional lantern parade, where the children make their lanterns and the council provide a little torch light to go inside, then there is a procession through the town finished off with Father Christmas turning on the lights.  Here you see my boys all full of mischief  (the photos that followed got decidedly more ridiculous!)

There you have it.....oh, by the way, did I mention I was going on holiday?!

Hope you all have lots of reasons for being cheerful too, why not go and check out the other ones on Planet Penny's blog and maybe join in too!


  1. OOOOOooo horrible person that sleeve sneaker was....I can't begin to understand how people like that sleep at night.. I think you are amazing not to confront her... what a lovely person you are to turn it into a positive. Have a lovely holiday.. hopefully your batteries will be well charged ready for Christmas by the time you get back.

  2. Oh I so can't believe someone would do that..I'm afraid I'd have gone up and asked her what was she doing with an envelope up her sleeve ? and then watch her squirm her way out of that..nothing like someone caught red handed squirming...I hope everytime she looks at your beautiful ornaments she remembers how she came by them and feels very ashamed..

    I hope you have a terrific time on holidays sounds like a wonderful time you have planned and how cute is your littlest one in your hat..the hat is fab to but he's just too cute !
    I can just imagine the behaviour that went on, sounds like what my crew get up to when they get a fit of mischeviousness.

  3. Oy. You are a nice person. I would certainly have thought about butting her! It's Christmas. Maybe your good efforts will rub off on this person. Hmpffff. For Heaven's sake don't leave any Peanuts lying around that woman! :) Your hat is fabulous! Hope you have a great time on your holiday. The place sounds wonderful. I hope there will be pictures appearing here - especially the reindeer. :)

  4. What a stinker! I hope all the needles fall off her tree! Have a fabulous holiday, you'll be lovely and cosy in that hat!
    Penny x

  5. I can't believe people actually do things like that. I'm like you and don't really like confrontation but I don't think I could have let this one go so well done you for being the bigger person! This is my first visit to your blog, it's lovely.

    Hope you have a lovely holiday.

    Take care,
    Emma xxx xxx

  6. I'm not a fan of confrontation, but I hate thieves with a vengeance, so likely would have caused a scene. People are sometimes so very confounding.

  7. What peculiar behaviour! Karma will have her, that's for sure.

    I hope you have a wonderful holiday! We take Small Girl to Centre Parc at Longleat, it is such a wonderful place and we all end up feeling rested and renewed which is a huge achievement for a self-catered holiday.

  8. By the way, did you get the link I sent you to the video of the Mighty Quinn for your boys? Maybe it was an old address?

  9. How very awkward. I'm not confrontational either (in fact any kind of confrontation makes me get nervous and teary-eyed) so I can understand your not wanting to ask her about it. Perhaps she thought there was money inside. I hope she uses the decorations too.

    That lantern parade sounds like a lot of fun. Have a wonderful and warm time on your holidays!

  10. Faith, that is such a strange incident. Brava for letting it go. Let's pretend that it was her name (as you so kindly suggested), and she thought someone knew she was in need and provided a quiet gift for her. Though the exaggerated stretch to reach for it does sound a bit suspect.

  11. Forgot to say - have a wonderful holiday!

  12. Wow! What a brazen and thoughtless lady! You are wise to just let it go and hope she at least puts it on her tree. How very odd, though. Love your reasons to be thankful! Hope you enjoy your trip!

  13. I actually cant believe that someone did that... doesnt that just make you so mad?? I dont know if I would have been as restrained as you either! Enjoy your trip, I hope you have a fab time with your family! Jxx

  14. I think you did the right thing, what a strange way to behave. Maybe the obvious efforts you have put into the snowflakes and stars will cause her to think a little about the effects of her behaviour on others, but anybody who steals at a baby group is pretty far gone!
    I hope you are enjoying your holiday!


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