Sunday, 1 July 2012

Getting the show on the road!

So here we the beggining of another Year of Projects......full of excitement, anticipation, enthusiasm.....square eyes from scouring Ravelry so hard!

I've spent some time clicking 'queue' mindlessly and then became a little shocked in how much I thought I could achieve in a blanket-love has reared its ugly head and even I have to admit that eight blankets might be beyond me!

On this year's YOP list I want some challenges (knitting), colour, practical makes (presents) and enjoyment....hhhmmm!



Dream Stripes shawl
A Veera Valimaki jumper or cardigan, but I can't decide which!
Fiets Hand Shoes from Knitting Brioche book
Oor-flap Muts - from Knitting Brioche book
Ipod Hoodie - I think these may be a good pressie, so if it is straightforward then I may make a few.
Pinwheel Purse - another present idea
Slippers - I've looked at lots of patterns, but will try this one first
Big Snowy Owl - just because!
A pair of socks......I fancy trying some toe-up two-at-a-time....but we will see!
Ten Stitch Twist - I think this may be a pipe dream!


Owl scarf - so cute
Fingerless mitts - maybe these ones?
Blanket - oh dear!
Another blanket - are you seeing a pattern?
Cinderella - present idea

I have a vintage crocheted throw on the go, which I must finish and also from many moons ago, the famous Boring blanket, which proved so boring, it is still not finished!

I would love to make a few crocheted bags, probably as presents, but these are not exactly planned yet!

I know that as it stands, my list isn't completed by any means, and I also know that I will still fit in, lots of last minute quick crochet projects to keep me sane!

I've been working on a couple of tea cosies this week.  This one I embellished with some pansies and simple flowers....the other one that continues to nag me, is clear in my mind, but proving harder to materialise!  I will get there.....but it may take months!

I picked up a tea-cosy book from the library this week, and I have a suspicion that Tea-cosies may feature heavily in the next month or so!

Onto other things......yesterday we squeezed in our weekend ramble between showers, and although it was a little short , it was very sweet indeed.

The tide was right in, so not much space for dogs and boys to let off steam, so we took a wander up the coast path.

Crashing waves....good for the soul.....

My boys, big and middle have been adventuring this morning, look what they've got up to!  This was a sponsered abseil to raise money for their cub group at a local castle from the 22m keep.

And finally.......for all you that entered my 100 post giveaway.....the winner......

Can you see, or do you need a zoom-in?

I'm so pleased that you won Sam I Am, blogging is made so much better with all the lovely comments left and your comments and encouragement are always appreciated!

I have often read peoples' thoughts on holding a giveaway and wanting to have a prize for everyone, and I have to say I'm in the same trite as it seems to say....I wish that I could give something to all my lovely readers......sorry.

Anyway.....that about wraps it all up.......I can't tell you how excited I am to start another Year of Projects......last year was brilliant.......this year will be better!


  1. Great list Faith you've some gorgeous projects lined up, I think the owl scarf really stands out, so cute, can't wait to see that. Your list suits you I think as its got lots of room for the last minute items I know you like to crochet up and way to go you having more knitting projects on the list...I'm very impressed.
    Oh that beach looks gorgeous, now see thats how I like the sea, not all calm and sunny but rough and wavy...jealous
    Congratulations to Sam I Am (what a great name)
    I know indeed where Bantry is as its my favourite part of Ireland to holiday in and go back very regular, it is miles away but you know what we say here in Ireland, sure its just down the road 4/5 hours away but still down the road lol.

  2. It looks as if you are going to be very busy over the next 12 months.I was very jealous you managed to get to the beach.I just love the sea air and being beside the sea.It makes me feel that everything is good with the world somehow.We are going back in september but its still weeks off yet!
    I really loved the pansies on your tea cosy, how on earth do you do them?

  3. OMG!!!! I can't beleive it! I was sitting figuring out what I would list for my YOP's and 1)discovered the snowy owl pattern that we both LOVE! I've printed it off but was told it is beyond my skill level at the present time. Ha! Ha! That comes as no surprise! Then I see this DARLING boy picking out my name! I about fell off my chair! LOL! I was just totally enjoying your YOP picks and whammo! I'm still in shock!
    But SO excited to receive your gorgeous and so generous gifts! I hope through osmosis that I will pick up some of your knitting skills! Thank you so much and also thank your handsome son for picking my name! Are you sure you want to send to the U.S.?
    I will email my address but if you find shipping to be too pricey I would understand.
    Meanwhile, I need to go back and see what other projects you picked! How fun especially in July and not January. Is this something you just do by yourself or is this a group thing where you all share and then urge each other on during the year to get them all done? I could use "urging" in all areas of my life! LOL! Thank you again so very much!

  4. I have joined the year of projects too :)
    Im looking forward to reading you posts on your projects I am always inspired by your work.
    Love Love the tea cosy.
    How brave are your boys! you so wouldn't catch me doing that.
    well done :)

  5. What a great list!!!! Love your tea cosy - I have one on my YoP list which was carried over from last year as I didn't get around to it.

    Really looking forward to more of your lovely posts and projects over the next year. Hope you have a great week xxxxx

  6. Faith, I shouldn't have popped over here this evening! That owl scarf? Those gloves? I think they might both have to go on my list for Christmas makes, even though it's blatant copying!

    Your tea cosy is the height of gorgeousness, so pretty.

  7. Just looked at the big owl!!! How do you find these things??? I love him.

  8. I had to come back and comment on your list. I was so shocked by winning the giveaway and then making my own list of YOPs that I forgot tell you how much I loved YOUR list! Especially love the blankets. I think I have a thing for them too. And the tea cozy and pansies! Over the moon...I have to go add some I think! And the vintage crocheted blanket and the cinderella doll. I also forgot to add a cupcake scarf. And your owl scarf is on my favs in Ravelry.
    The pics of the ocean are so gorgeous and your boys are just too cute. Love it all! I need to start ordering yarn! Although of course I have a WIP! LOL!

  9. Your new YOP list is inspiring me to get my act together and start putting mine in some sort of shape! A tea cosy is going on my list, too!

  10. Oh Faith--first off I am so glad you are back for year 2, and secondly I have to say how much I love your list! That stuffed owl? Umm, yeah. Now on my favorites list! Everything you have chosen is lovely and once again I find myself thinking I should be learning to crochet! Hey, and maybe we can do our first pair of toe-up, 2 at a time socks together. I have a book on this technique written by Melissa Morgan-Oakes. This will be the only way I will be able to bring myself to try socks as I know I will fall victim to 2nd sock syndrome!
    *smiles and cheery wishes*

  11. Oh, Faith! That tea cosy is to die for! Did you make up the pattern? Is there a link to it somewhere on the web? I just love it!!! Or if it is in a book, would you mind posting the name? And, you are right. Crashing waves are indeed good for the soul. :)

  12. Crashing waves are good for the soul. (I'd love to hear some right now!)

    Your list looks very ambitious (to me at least). I love those pansies on your gorgeous tea-cosy.

    Have a great week! And congrats to Sam I Am.

  13. Beautiful work, Faith!
    I loved the photo of the crashing waves....
    You are going to be kept busy with all your creativeness!
    Have a week of fun!

  14. What a huge list of Love all the ideas! The tea cosy is so the colours! The walk looks wonderful and the crashing waves....good for the soul as you said! Good luck to the winner of the giveaway...well done! As for your sons abseiling wonderful to help their cub group out that way...well done!!

  15. Oh are going to be a very busy lady Faith with all those gorgeous projects!...Love you crashing waves are so lucky to live by the sea.
    Congratulations to the lucky winner of your lovely book and well done to your boys raising money for the cub group...very brave too doing the abseiling!
    Hope you have a happy crafty week,
    Susan x

  16. So many exciting projects to get on with! I love your tea cost, I'll have to remember pansys they are gorgeous! Hope you are having a great week! Jxc

  17. I love the cozy! I think your list looks really fun - I can't wait to follow your progress this year :).

  18. Oh Faith, I have just fallen in love with most of the projects on your list! Especially the Owl!! and the owl scarf!! They are just far too cute.
    Your tea cozy in wonderful and the pansies are just perfect on it. They would make great brooches as presents too!!
    My Ravelry favourite list has just grown considerably longer!!
    Can't wait to see your project thought the year!!

  19. Your long list puts my short one to shame! Love the idea of knitting a Veera Välimäki - I've wanted to knit Shift of Focus since I first saw it, but I'm waiting until after The Diet - and funnily enough the yarn for my Whippoorwill was originally intended for a Dream Stripes. Happy Knitting :D

  20. Wowzers! What a brave fellow to do that!
    Can't wait to see the evolution of your YOP this year.


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