Thursday, 5 July 2012


I've always been a's what I do........

I see things and think......'I like that, I could make it'.

Like most crafters and creators, the things I make are generally for other people.

A friend spotted this mid-making a few afternoons ago and said, 'That's lovely, you could sell those easily'  I started making this little doll for my youngest son's school friend when we were invited to her party, unfortunately, as it was an off-the-cuff idea, I decided the night before to do it, and didn't get it finished.

I should say, I have no intention of selling the doll, as the pattern was free, and I totally respect the pattern writer's wishes.....but I have to say, on the subject that I have often thought about, it is very difficult to price an object that has taken some hours of work, but would be worth relatively little, to most.

I make things, for people who I think will appreciate it and I honestly think this comes out in the creating ......

Making a baby blanket is a huge privilege to me, knowing that the blanket may go through life with that person (yes, maybe folded in a box sometimes) ......isn't that special?

I would love to someday, make myself some pennies doing the things I enjoy, but I don't ever want to lose the chance to make something for someone that I love...........

Isn't it the best feeling to be given something heartfelt?

Sometimes, I guess, you may not even know the person that well, but you know they will be touched by the gift and thought behind it.....helping them to feel special when the world is on their shoulders.....or just be so 'them' that you had to make it.

I've always been a's what I do!


  1. So good..:))
    You are the same like me.. When I saw something and If I like it, All the time I want to have it, otherwise I try to make or create somethings like it..:))
    All best wishes...

  2. That doll is just adorable!

    I, too, would love to make a little bit of money with the things I make, but for me, the real joy is in creating. Not everyone I make for appreciates handmade, so I have to find the joy elsewhere. I'm glad the things you craft go into appreciative hands!

  3. She is so sweet and it's funny because I was never into dolls as a child but she's adorable and that face...TOO CUTE! Maybe it's the "empty nest" thing? LOL!
    What you wrote about giving and making was beautiful. I couldn't have said it better.

  4. She is beautiful. People say the same thing to me about the sock monkeys I make sometimes but I feel that I wouldn't enjoy making them any more if I felt I had to and as they take two evenings each I'd rather save them for special people.
    I adore her striped tights.

  5. Oh, that is just TOO cute! You are so talented, my friend. Not to mention blessed with a beautiful spirit. :)

  6. I couldn't agree more, especially about the baby blankets. I've still got all the handmade blankets I received from when the children were young and they have been used and loved each time and they will definitely be handed down or on for a long time.
    What I love the most about making things is giving them to people as gifts. I think it shows so much more thought than running into a shop and buying something for the sake of it.
    That doll is adorable!!

  7. Beautiful doll. I agree how do u put a price on something u have spent many hours making? Often people do not appreciate how much effort goes into these items and they are often undervalued. I think any craft based skill is under paid. I have also found that it also takes then enjoyment out of what you do when you make to sell. I love to make things for my friends and family knowing they will be loved. :)

  8. Oh what a beautiful doll Faith its just gorgeous and perfect for a little girl. As someone who loves dolls and have done all my life I think its just divine and I'd have loved one. I get what you say about being a maker, I see something and think I could make that lol. The thing with making things to sell is you will never be able to put a price on the time or effort you put into it thats why they make better gifts for people who'd appreciate them.

  9. That doll is so adorable!! Totally agree with you about making for people with love.

  10. Such a cutie Faith...She really is adorable and looks as though she has such a very pleasant demeanour too!...I wonder what your boys think of her?
    I agree that there is nothing more special than a hand made gift...It's difficult to put a price on such things, isn't it?....I always feel very privileged if I am the lucky recipient!
    Hope you have a happy weekend,
    Susan x

  11. This is just the perfect post, and you are totally right. No one much got rich selling knitting, but the giving of our love and effort enriches us beyond measure. :D

    Cute doll too ;)

  12. Love the doll cute! Know what you mean about making pennies from doing what you love but I wouldn't swap my ability to do the crafts in the first place for any amount of money! I feel sad for people that can't knit, sew or crochet so just feel blessed that I can! lol xxx

  13. Amen to all you said, and all the comments above.

    The joy is in the making - and having a lot of money involved would probably steal the joy away.

    Keep making! :)

  14. P.S. The curly hair is especially cute - and the stripey little tights.

  15. Firstly I love the doll she is just adorable and secondly, I know the feeling I have made a few things for money but there is nothing better than finding a pattern and knowing just who would love it best and than making it and giving it to them as a surprise fills me with utter joy. Oh and again love the doll her hair is adorable

  16. Yes; I think it's a gift to be able to be so crafty, esp a knitter or crocheter b/c of the skill and patience.
    I love how you respect the creator's wishes. There's a big debate about copyright and the selling of FOs in our world.
    I think the same way; always seeing a pattern and thinking it'd be perfect for someone I know and love, not for myself.
    Keep that dream alive and start small! That's what I plan to do.

  17. You clever girl! Your doll is gorgeous and anyone who is lucky to receive a beauty like this would treasure it forever. I have to say that this pattern copyright thing annoys me a bit. If you find a pattern for free, I think you should be able to do with it whatever you like. I say "share the crochet love"!!!! I've only created a few patterns and I couldn't be happier if someone managed to make a few dollars from their makes.

    Have a fab week hon,

  18. I Love the doll she's just lovely, and however gets her would be lucky to have her! I too have been told that I should make and sell my creations, but really the time that it takes me just wouldn't make it worthwhile, plus it would take away the joy of creating (I think),

  19. Just love her....curly hair and all. I'm sure whoever ends up having her will love her to bits. Part of me is glad that you weren't able to finish it in time to give to a child who would perhaps just chuck her in the corner for other more active toys....sorry perhaps I'm getting rather cynical! Whatever...I loved your sentiments and am sure you have a sweet spirit! Joan


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