Sunday, 22 July 2012

Year of projects 22.07.12

Well the past couple of weeks of 'busy' must have taken their toll, as for the past two nights, I have not knitted or crocheted......hubby was about to get the thermometer out.  Waking up this morning was a bit like hitting the wall I reckon, and I'm afraid I've whined more than once today!

The picture above is a quick start on Ten Stitch Twist, unfortunately not in the Noro suggested, but in King Cole Riot, first time I've used it, and so far pretty impressed.

Disappointingly that's really it for YOP work this week, but I have still been busy.  A couple of weeks ago I borrowed a book from the library with lots of patterns for knitted and crocheted flowers, I can't say I've found the patterns very easy to follow, as the terms are slightly different to those I am used to, but let's say it has been a challenge!

(rose, scabious, daisy, dianthus, pansy)

We have been treated to a couple of days of sunshine, and definitely not taking it for granted with the recent unseasonal weather, we had a family BBQ yesterday.  It was relaxed and fun with great food and even better company.  I baked a cheesecake, a bakewell tart, a summer pudding and a batch of malteser squares which all seemed to go down well.

By request of Ruth, here are three of the puds, the summer pudding stayed in its bowl for transporting and once up-ended, was quickly consumed...yom, yom, yom!

This afternoon I got my way and we walked in the big woods.

There was some whining (not from me for a change!) and tired small people were bribed with the promise of homemade strawberry milkshake.

It is always so satisfying to get out in the woods on a warm day, even though we were all tired, it felt good when we were among the trees.  Both dogs are now snoring and I won't be far behind them.

Looking forward to catching up with all you fellow YOP-ers.  Thanks for all your lovely comments last week. Hope you all have another good crafting week.x


  1. Love the crocheted flowers, very pretty... do you have plans for them?
    Glad to hear you have been making the most of the sunshine with bbq's and woodland walks.... good stuff! We are hoping for a beach outing tomorrow if it's nice again. Your cakes and puds look YUM!! xx

    Louise :)

  2. Dearest Faith
    Those malteser squares look AMAZING, please do share the recipe. Your flowers have also come along a treat, I too have dabbled in the world of yarn flowers and love discovering and learning new stitches.
    Hasn't the sunshine been divine, it is so well deserved for all of us having to endure the insufferable wet rain and puddles. I do hope you and your boys have a fun filled week and summer hols ahead. I am hoping to get a couple of simple crochet projects done on my week oof, working full time again has seriously been stopping me from getting my daily fix! much love, Penelope xox

  3. Love the flowers, very cute looking, way beyond my level of crochet lol. I really love the look of the Ten Stitch Twist, it looks so cool and its going to look great in the King Cole, I have to say I love most of their yarns and I use a lot of them.
    Now those deserts just look soooooo yummy, I had to enlarge them so I could get full advantage of them, now I'd have to still have a medley, would love to know about the malteaser one though if you had a recipe handy for that...I'm going to play around with a chocolate cheesecake next lol.

  4. I've always been impressed by the projects I've seen in King Cole Riot - never seen the yarn in person, perhaps it's not available in Canada? - so hopefully you love it just as much!

  5. I've had the ten stitch twist and a similar square pattern on my favourites for ages and had thought Riot would be perfect, I find Noro very troublesome and am a big fan of King Cole.
    Those puddings look delicious.

  6. Difficult or not, your flowers turned out lovely! Your puppy has grown into quite the handsome guy. I imagine it is good he has a lot of energy to keep up with your three human puppies. :) Your puddings look wonderful, by the way. :)

  7. I love your flowers, despite complicated instructions they look perfect to me.
    Those desserts look so yummy, you must have been cooking for hours.
    Walking among trees is such a lovely thing to do and good to make the most of the weather too.
    Have a lovely week,
    Anne xx

  8. Hello, The flowers look great. What will you do with them? I have had those days myself and getting out in the country side is the best for me. Hugs to you, Anna

    PS-Yummy to those deserts!

  9. Malteser squares? Recipe please!

    The flowers are beautiful - I like the dianthus, and it reminds me of a primula as well. That Ten-Stitch Twist is one amazing pattern, and the King Cole yarn looks like it gives great stitch definition.

    Have a great (and hopefully non-whiny) week! :)

  10. I love the flowers you've been making.

  11. What a busy mama you are! I love the photos of your boys-they are just so cute and....boyish! I have 3 sons of my own so I am partial to the gender. :) Love the flowers and love the colorway for your blanket--Hope the rest of your day was restful...
    *smiles & cheery thoughts*

  12. Your boys are so handsome. You are such a wonderful and dedicated mum.
    The desserts you baked look scrumptious! Went well down? I think they did more that! I bet smiles and bursts of sugar decadence blasted off of ppl's tastebuds.
    What a clever blanket pattern! B/c of you I pinned that.

  13. Which ten stitch blanket are you doing, I swatched the other day to cast one on, and I love the way it grows very different from your normal blanket.

    The flowers looks so pretty

  14. Wonderful projects. I came over for a visit by reading about your blog on another blog I follow.

  15. Hello Faith..Your baking is wonderful and you always inspire me to spend an afternoon in the kitchen...maybe tomorrow with eldest daughter!
    I love the pretty flowers and I'm guessing the bribe of a homemade strawberry milk shake worked?
    Ooh, lovely last pic ...fingers crossed for some sunshine this week so that you can enjoy those walks with your boys,
    Susan x
    P.S Thanks so much for calling by today!

  16. I will always put down everything for a good walk and a strawberry shake.

  17. Look at those dogs and, of course, look at those adorable children! I think your woods have the same pull on you as our vineyards on me. I need to go out alone or en famille every day. The evenings are a brilliant time for a walk. Yesterday evening I went cycling with my son and we had an amazing ride along the Loire river. I love the smell of dry grass and hearing the crickets.

    Cheesecake and Bakewell Tart? Please invite me for tea, Faith ;-)


  18. A walk in the woods sounds divine and everyone looks pretty happy to me. :-) I have to admit that I thought the yarn at the top was Noro at first glance, I have never heard of King Cole but it sure looks the same. Looks like a great substitute. Your flowers look lovely. I think I may have the book you borrowed around here. I also at first had to re-adjust to the pattern differences but am getting kind of used to it now. I automatically check the front of my books to see where they were published before starting. :-)

  19. I'm so sorry you're not feeling well. I hope you are by the time you read this! I love that pattern and put it on my favs. I always love your projects. I was a fortunate recipient of some of those lovely flowers! Lucky me! You did a great job on them! Take care sweetie!

  20. The rubber boot picture made me smile. Hope you get feeling better soon. Take things slow.

  21. Please get well soon!

    I too would love a peek at the Malteser Square recipe. Beautiful photos.

  22. Those flowers look great, i love the daisy. And I would be interested to see how the King Cole knits up.

  23. I am loving the look of that Ten Stitch Twist, I shall watch your progress with interest, maybe even give it a go myself :)

    I think a lot of us here in the UK are flagging just now, end of term, straight from unseasonable cold to a mini heatwave with no chance for our bodies to acclimatise, and even though the sun's shining now I'm convinced we all have vitamin D deficiency after so many months of grey skies.

    Loving the flowers though, a proper tonic, and nothing beats a walk in the woods :D


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