Thursday, 19 July 2012

This and that and then some more.....

Well this week has contained a little of everything.....and thankfully, we are all just about still functioning.

With the school summer holidays starting next week, we certainly have decided that sprinting to the finish line is the best way.

We've had a which I was playing as part of a small ensemble......I also raided the garden beforehand for suitable flowers, getting drenched in the process.  Once these hydrangeas were all picked, I hunted around to find someway to transport all the huge wet blooms to the church......eventually I ended up emptying my ironing basket and using that...........never has an ironing blanket looked so wonderful!

We've had middle boy's Leavers Concert, The Jungle Book, which he was playing King Louie and singing 'Now I'm the king of the jungle'...........just brilliant!  Many tissues needed!

We've had biggest boy's deadline for his cub badges, there has been DIY-ing, painting, writing, collecting, swimming.......

I've been at Pencil Case Nerve Centre sewing the boys' designs for their teacher presents.

(I must admit, I ended up winging this, as each time I started to read a tutorial, my mind was elsewhere and I found it incredibly hard to decipher)

The cases I think are a real success....even lined too.....I hasten to add in gingham so I could follow the lines!

Somewhere in the middle of the week, was our 13th wedding anniversary, but I'm afraid it got lost in all the other activities.

Today is the last day of school for little and middle until September, which will help ease the pressure....I also have a handful of puddings to do for a family get-to-gether tomorrow.......I'm thinking cheesecake, bakewell and a summer pudding.....nothing beats a summer pudding....lets hope it brings out the sunshine.

Well.....I am pushing my luck sitting here, when there are boys to be chivvied, breakfasts to be made, faces to be cleaned......x


  1. Ah, gorgeous pressies for the teachers, so unique too.They will love them I'm sure.

  2. Fabulous pencil cases, what a great idea.
    Congratulations on your 13th anniversary, we "celebrated" 13 years this year too (it kind of got lost amongst other things as well!)

    The pencil cases are gorgeous...well done!! Hang in there with all those things going on. Holidays just around the corner.
    Anne xx

  4. Love the flowers and the pencil cases. I'm sure that the teachers will really love them.... Belated Congratulations on your Anniversary. Perhaps you can celebrate on Sunday after your family do?! Joan

  5. Gorgeous flowers for a wedding, I think all ironing baskets should be filled with flowers, then we can ignore the ironing!!
    Those pencil cases are wonderful! I'm sure the teachers will love receiving something so special and useful!
    Happy anniversary!

  6. Sounds like a hectic week, love the blooms, so gorgeous for a wedding and the cases just look like an item to be treasured as I'm sure the teachers will. Enjoy the holidays, its so much better having that little bit of ease and I think delaying the days activities for a moment while you blog is a great way to start off the holidays. Belated congrats on your anniversary its amazing how the hustle and bustle we can forget about it. Ohhhh puddings, please may we have some pics, if I were attending I couldn't pick one to have so I'd have to have a medeley ;-) Enjoy your family get together.

  7. What great teacher presents. I am loving seeing everybody's teacher presents this week. What a beautiful photo that last one is, Happy Anniversary.

  8. Oooh congratulations on 13 years, that's really exciting. Hope you get some time to do something nice together.

    Those pencil cases are amazing! The embroidery is beautiful. You are so clever. And they are such a lovely idea for a gift compared with all the commercial rubbish you can buy now - its like the marketing men have another reason to gets people's hard earned cash from them, or am I just grumpy?! Either way your gift is beautiful and thoughtful

    You are a very talented lady!

    Enjoy the summer hols with your wonderful boys

    Helen xx

  9. So that it doesn't get even more muddled in the mix, I'm wishing you a very happy wedding anniversary! Your pencil cases are just wonderful and I agree about the summer pudding! Have a lovely weekend.

  10. Busy life, and so full of joy. Congratulations on your anniversary, I hope you find time to celebrate something as wonderful as that! I adore your hydrangeas and wish I had to gumption to change my soil up a bit to get some of my blue ones to change color--one of these years.

  11. Love those pencil cases, and happy anniversary

  12. I bet those teachers will cherish those presents! Played as part of an ensemble? Played what?

  13. Fantastic teacher gifts! Wonderfully homemade, useful, and pretty!
    Are you a violinist? How fun to play for a wedding and be part of a talented ensemble.
    Terrific wedding pic of you and the hubbie. Congrats and many more to you dear.

  14. Hi Faith, I adore the gifts you made for the teachers - what a brilliant idea! I hope you're finally getting the summer weather to go with your summer pudding (delicious!!!). Enjoy the school holidays - what a lovely long break with no rushing to make lunch boxes for a while - bliss. We've just had our first week of term so two small folk are very tired.

    Have a fabulous week - see you again soon.

  15. What a beautiful bride you were (and still are). The pencil cases are adorable - I'm sure the teachers will treasure them.

  16. Wow how busy have u been. Love the pencil case,s. happy anniversary you look stunning in your dress.

  17. Those pencil cases are awesome - I love them!!!!!! Happy anniversary xxxxxx

  18. You have had another busy week Faith...I love your pencil cases...there are sure to be some happy, smiling teachers!
    The photo of the wedding flowers are so pretty..I'm loving those colours and such a beautiful photograph of you...Happy 13th wedding Anniversary lovely lady!
    Hope you have a happy weekend,
    Susan x

  19. Firstly.... Happy 13th anniversay, gorgeous wedding pic! I hope you manage to celebtrate soon when things aren't so hectic xx
    It seems I have missed quite a bit while being absent from blogging (again!). Your makes are fabulous as usual... I especially adore your tea cosies! Your knitted slippers are fab too and I can't believe you made those pencil cases for your boys teachers... you ARE super Mum!!!

    Thanks for your lovely comments on my post and I hope you are enjoying the start of the summer hols :)

    Louise xx

  20. A belated Happy Anniversary ... love that pic of you both, you don't look so different now :D

    I would love to have enough hydrangea blooms to fill a laundry basket ... that really must have looked marvellous :D

  21. What a gorgeous bride you were and I agree with Annie, you don't look like you've changed much. I've always wanted to have curls like you have too.
    My hydrangeas have succumbed to the heat but I had some beauties in the Spring. How pretty they must have been in the wedding. Speaking of, Happy Anniversary! You need to make time when you can to commemorate that special day.
    The pencil cases are just darling! What a great gift! You are so talented and how you manage to accomplish it all is truly amazing! And puddings too? You have had a very busy week and I hope you get to rest a bit soon!

  22. Those pencil cases are to die for! I love them! You are so thoughtful and clever to make these. I bet they will be treasured for years to come. Just wanted to say thank you also for inspiring me to dye my bread dough after your multi-colour cake earlier in the summer. As you said at the time some unexpected after-effects....!! Much to the glee of the consumers! Enjoy the summer holidays with your little ones!

    E x
    PS Your wedding pic is so beautiful and yes, you like exactly the same! How lovely!


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