Saturday, 28 July 2012

Year of projects - 29.07.12

Well, I'm being a (tired) early bird this morning, getting my update done before the start of a busy day.  We are out to a family lunch, and with church first, time is limited  to sit in front of the computer.....however, I will be sat with cup of tea in hand, reading everyone elses progress this evening.

This is my ten-stitch twist which I took to the beach yesterday,  while the children played......I think I'm getting very brave, as I do have a little bit of a 'thing' about sand getting near my yarn.....but yesterday I couldn't pass up the window to knit.

This is it again this morning, a little further along.  I have to say, I'm not sure I will have the patience to make a blanket, as although easy, I'm finding it a bit slow......I am kept going with the changing colours, which always make things more interesting, but unlike crochet, it isn't instantly gratifying.  The pattern is simple and clever, the way I like it....... maybe it's just my technique isn't as slick as it should be.

This is really all I've been working on this week, a little dabbling of my toes into some simple crochet, but I've definitely had my 'knit head' on, in the main.

We've had beautiful sunshine these past few days and have loved it......farming and sunshine brings on the mad dash to get the crops in, so yesterday the combine harvester turned up to cut our winter barley.

This is a photo after a small break down (this too, is typical and is all part of the fun of harvesting time!) which with a drill, some hammering and a bit of blue air, was  soon fixed .

As the combine was on stop, it was very difficult to dissuade two small boys to leap into the was brief and highly supervised though as my hubby and our neighbour had their fixing-fingers in the header  at the time. ever, thank you for all your lovely comments from last week....I'm looking forward to catching up this evening, when boys are tucked up and all the days events are done....probably with a bit of the Olympics in the background.....who knew it would be such addictive viewing!

Have a great week.x


  1. That really is a beautiful project Faith, looks like it needs a bit of concentration and a head that is certainly in "knitting mode". I'm sorry I got it wrong about you knitting on the beach, I forgot about sand as we have very little of it down here :o) It's mostly pebbles all the way!

    Your boys look so happy having an amazing farm life to enjoy as they grow up, very special. Hope you have a fun week ahead xox Penelope

  2. Ten Stitch Twist is looking great Faith and I'm really enjoying the colour changes in it. I'm not sure if I'd brave my knitting at the beach, mainly as when I'm there I'm normally the one in the water lol. We had a rare hot day (yes just the one) and it came as a surprise so we downed everything and had a picnic lol. Loved the pictures of the combine and I'd say climbing into the cab is every little boys dream lol. Have a good day out.

  3. Real life machinery is like Tonka toys coming to life!

    That blanket is so neat!

  4. Your knitting is beautiful. Somehow it reminds me of the beach and the water coming up against the sands. :)

  5. Your project looks very pretty, and the ting about sand is, it'll wash out!

  6. ooh that is a neat project\pattern. never seen that before!jealous of your beach knitting! :o)

  7. What a neat project. I've never seen it before. The color changes are great.

  8. What very beautiful yarn, and a fascinating pattern from a technical point of view. I'm trying to work out how the rounds connect.

    You're right about the instant gratification of crochet! :)

    Love the shot of the boys in the combine.

  9. I'm impressed by your bravery! So did you end up with a lot of sand in your 10 stitch?

  10. Two farmers in the making there!

    I hope you do have the patience for the Ten Stitch Twist as it's going to look gorgeous, and any sand will wash out when you block it so you could make it your beach knitting for the summer :D

  11. ohh..bringing yarn to the beach..brave..despite spending lots of time by the water...I haven't been that brave..

  12. I'm going to be very intrigued to watch your progress on the 10 stitch twist. Just added it to my favorites for future reference, too!

  13. Wow, your knitting looks complicated... But lovely! Will you make it into a cushion if you don't make a blanket? Love the yarn by the way!

    Your boys look in their element in the cab... Every boys dream I should think, well my boys at least!!

    Have a great week :-)
    Louise xx

  14. What an interesting pattern and pretty yarn. IT looks like fun especially with yarn that changes color on its own. You've gotten a lot done.
    We're having such a terrible drought in the U.S. that the farmers are really suffering and when it's all over we will too as prices of everything will go up.
    Glad you're not having the same problem over there.
    I'm not too happy with the coverage of the Olympics here as it's the same old events over and over. This afternoon there's not even anything on.
    Those boys are just so darn cute and they have the most beautiful smiles! Have a great week! I'm going to go look at the pattern for that's really neat!

  15. I love the ten stitch swirl you are doing - I had just had to add that one to my favourites! Keep going with it, it will be fab when it's done x

  16. Those are gorgeous colour changes, that blanket will look great!


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