Friday, 27 July 2012

Lazy, hazy days

Well, we're taking this welcome bit of sunshine in our stride, and beginning to relax into the school holidays.....walks with the dog, beaches, trees, crochet, picnics.........just perfect!

Beach combing

Shell collections


'Who you lookin' at?'

Wonderful hydrangeas

Early morning stillness

Dappled sunlight through the trees

Handsome fella on our walk this morning (a young cormorant??)

The art of building a castle

I can see the sea!

I have worn shorts (yes, that was where they great reflective light came from) and ....this is a big step forward, I have crocheted on the unheard of thing for me, who has been known to squirm at the thought previously....although it was cotton, and not wool...I'm not ready for wool

Biggest boy has been at a cub jamboree to celebrate the Olympics and is promised a 'real-metal' gold medal tomorrow....very exciting.

For those of you interested in the Malteser Square recipe, you can find the recipe here.....I warn you though,it is the beginning of a very slippery slope.......don't do it!

I will leave you with the wise words of my three- year old.

Littlest: "Mummy, aliens don't wee"

Me: "Really...don't they?"

Littlest: "Nope, they only poo"


  1. Absolutely gorgeous photos, it does look beautiful your way. Love the shells, the hydrangeas and the early morning boats.
    We finally had a little sunshine here too, what a difference it makes. Not enough to make me wear shorts yet (though I did back in May when we had that lovely hot spell), your "reflective light" comment made me chuckle, bet you my legs are whiter than yours! Actually, I think my daughter has the whitest legs I've ever seen.

  2. Love your photos. And those words would be something my 3 year old would say too. :D

  3. Gorgeous photos. So relaxing to look at. It's very humid and hot here. I can't wait for fun days to come. I'm canning beets, pickle relish, and freezing green peppers and zucchini....these are my busy/long days.

  4. I must say that I am gratified to know that last little bit. I had no idea. :)

  5. Enjoy those lovely sunny, lazy summer days.
    Anne xx

  6. I love how you find such awesome whole shells like that! On our beach, it's dirty and there are usually just broken bits of stuff or damaged sand dollars.
    What a beautiful day for you all!

  7. Aaaw what sweet little thing your littlest is Faith..nothing like out the mouths of babes! Thanks for the warning and for the recipe, lets see how long it takes me to cave in!
    Beautiful time for happy family memories being made. This past week has been glorious, I feel so blessed indeed, oh, and well rested before back to work on Monday!
    I've also been crocheting on the beach this past week, there was an older granny behind me knitting away, I just wanted o go up to her and hug her :0) Keep building confidence Faith, soon you won't go anywhere without your hooks and needles xox Penelope

  8. Yay - beach crochet! Now you know you have a serious addiction. I love the alien comment - that's just precious. I have kept a journal of all the crazy things my children have said over the years and the plan is to give it to them when they are 21. There are some crackers in there so far!!

    So pleased you've had some lovely weather and managed some shorts wearing! Long may it continue.

    Have a fabulous week!

  9. Now I'm wondering what colour alien poo might be. (I think it's a sort of pea-soup green.)

    What wonderful shells you have! And those hydrangeas are absolutely gorgeous. So glad you're having some nice weather at last.

    P.S. You should see me in my cycling shorts (or perhaps not). There's nothing like tight black Lycra for making the most of white legs. :)

    P.P.S. I've never crocheted at the beach either - good for you!


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