Thursday, 25 August 2011

Such a perfect day........

Don't you just love feeling like you've had a good deal? 

A couple of weeks ago my sharp-witted 91 year old Gran noticed a voucher in a national paper for free childrens' admission to National Trust houses and gardens, never one to miss a trick she was on the phone to let us know and today we took the boys to Colby Gardens in South Wales.

Big open spaces, trees, flowers, sunshine and great food................what more could you ask?

Places to explore, adventures to be found and no need to keep being told to 'quieten down'.........

Wild animals in their natural environment...............

All things to make a person very happy indeed. 

And to top it all off?

Coming home to find the postman came with my long awaited, this time...........can you guess what it is yet?


  1. Lovely photos- I know that my children need to be outdoors as much as possible- and this looks just perfect.
    Lovely parcel of woolly colours too- a blanket maybe?

  2. That looks like a wonderful day!

    Is that a pile of Stylecraft? A couple of the pink shades are jogging my memory. Is there a granny stripe in your future, by any chance?

  3. I have just found your blog and i love the crochet you are doing. I am now going up into my loft to find some wool and have a go at crocheting again. I am going to follow you so i can keep an eye on what you are making.... I am short of followers and would love you to follow me....xx


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