Sunday, 28 August 2011

Year of Projects (Wk2)

Well, week two has whipped around pretty quickly and I am back on Sunday update again!  A few weeks ago I was on a bit of a lull with my crochet, unsure which direction to take and uninspired by my current projects. Joining the Year of Projects blog-along  was the good prod that I needed to get going again.  A good crocheting friend (she is both a good friend and a good crocheter!!) refers to losing her crojo (her crocheting mojo) and I definitely feel like I have mine back.  Mind, before you get too comfortable thinking you are in for a few hours worth of photos and wonderful prose, I will bring you back down to earth with a bump and say despite finding my aforementioned crojo, I've done very little ;-)

I came home from a lovely day out on Thursday, to discover that the postman had brought my granny stripe yarn.  This was fantastic, however, as I was going out that evening, I was unable to do anything.  The anticipation during Friday was just about bearable and once the kids were in bed, out came the parcel.

Granny striping at random turned out to be quite scary, I did the first two colours and instantly regretted my choices.  I wouldn't say I am a great planner, I tend to plough on in and hope for the best and I was beginning to think this was not the way to go.  After much angst, I was pretty sure random was a bad idea, but by the time I got to colour seven, I was beginning to go with the flow a bit more.  I have so far completed 12 of the 17 colours (Lucy Attic 24 Stylecraft pack) and feel that it is balancing out a bit better.  I am really enjoying it as it so simple and very quick...........the fact I am feeding my blanket addiction can not be overlooked either!

Sticking with the granny theme, I have also started a cushion out of some Wendy cotton.  I love working in cotton as I like to see the definition in the stitch.  The back of the cushion is completed but I have yet to sew the ends in.  The front I want to make out of small squares using the same four colours.

What I would like to do, but haven't tried yet, is to do another round but offset it, so it will be like a diamond within a square.....does that make sense?  I also think I will do a join-as-you-go method to work all the little squares together.

So really, not a lot to show, but I feel like I am back with the crocheting world!!  I was reading gingerbread girl's blog yesterday and was really caught up with her idea of a 'one-a-day' blanket.  I know I have a million and one things I want to do, but then could one innocent little block a day hurt?  And there would be another blanket at the end of it...............


  1. Your posts always make me smile... I love you've gotten your crojo back...I love that word, I need one like that for my knitting... knitjo ?, not the same flow...never mind.
    Love the parcel and colours...isn't it sooooo exciting to see the postie coming with the parcel and you know whats in it even before he hands it to you, maybe thats just me lol
    I love the stripes in your Granny Stripe blanket and I think a square a day is good if it feeds your blanket addiction, in fact I'd say its a necessity.
    Looking forward to seeing your cushion finished, I love the yarn colours in this.

  2. Random is hard, isn't it! I'm doing a scrap quilt, struggling with the same thing. Yours looks great so far. Stylecraft does have so many nice colours!

  3. Glad you have your "crojo" back! Such lovely projects you are doing, too ;-)

  4. Love the colors of the first blanket! I think bright, fun colors really make it fun to crochet such a blanket b/c the visual is so stimulating and happy.
    I'm a planner also and can't fly by the seat of my pants on a project when it comes to color coordination.

  5. I think the Granny Stripes can be a bit of a leap of faith when choosing colours. I used to end up draping 8 or so rows across the bed and then walking back to try to get the right perspective. The Lucy colours are excellent.

    I love your cushion too, I think the offset back will look great.

  6. ooh I ordered the Lucy pack for a granny stripe blanket too although haven't gotten round to starting it yet - yours is looking gorgeous so far :)

  7. I'm loving your granny stripe randomness!! I want to try doing one myself soon....
    Yours looks so cheerful :)

  8. Loving your colour choices. I made my granny ripple by the random colour method too and at times it was nerve racking but once it's got's it's border on all those colours just pop. Can't wait to see your progress xx

  9. gosh that is a very pretty granny stripe...i think i need to learn how to crochet. Reading these blogs have really inspired me to learn. loving your blog, going to join it now!

  10. I so understand the tension of not being able to craft immediately when you receieve a fluffy parcel!!! Love the wendy cotton colours - chocolate lime with a hint of strawberry! xx

  11. I love the idea of a diamond within the square. And your colors are great (so I guess the planning paid off!).

  12. Ummm..yeah...patience is not my strong suit. I think you held out better than I ever would have to rip into that package. By the way, I am in love with the colors in that granny stripe blanket--you are on your way to a gorgeous blanket.

  13. Crojo! Genius!

    Now then. I have looked and looked at your Granny Stripe. I think I have worked out that the bright blue and shrimp are your starter stripes and I have to say I LOVE them! Just keep going with it. It'll be gorgeous.


  14. Nothing like new yarn to get the juices flowing again. Love the colors and can't wait to see it progress.


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