Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Reading the small print!

What a week this is shaping up to be.

Monday was spent in the gardens of a local 'big house' recently on TV.  The kids were in their element, rolling down banks and running around in the great expanses of lawn.  Various homeade jams and chutneys on the parish stall, birds of prey, dog showing, bouncy castle, bbq.  The sun was shining, there was food (!!), there was a tour of the house...........just perfect!

Tuesday was friends to play, baking and crafting with kids, polished off with a trip to the pictures.

Today is a picnic with more friends in the park..........friends and food, what could be better?  You can see I am driven by food can't you!!

I have been pondering the blogger award, thinking about my lame efforts to award 15 other bloggers as the rules of the award called for, and I wanted to put it right.  I have to also mention, that I have this week been given the award again, one time by goodpurlgonebad and the other from Louise at tea at weasels.  I am very grateful on both counts as both blogs are brilliant and inspiring to read.

I smiled to myself when I re-read my last list of interesting facts, as I had written that I had the most appaling memory and then proved it by totalling forgetting the seven facts needed and writing out ten instead!!

Anyway, as I said, I clearly disregarded the rules and I am about to put it right.  I have only been blogging a few weeks, but in that time, I have read some lovely blogs and been encouraged by some really talented people.  I know so many of the blogs I read, have already been given awards, so there a probably some bloggers who are currently trying to find space on their bowing shelves......anyway here goes..........are you counting?

1.  goodpurlgonebad a fellow member of the Year of Projects, clever crocheter undertaking the most beautiful babette in rainbow colours.
2.  annabooshouse home of the very cute korknisse people, a lovely blog packed with lots of crafty cleverness!
3.  beberouge lovely crochet and embroidery and also part of the bunting swap I have recently joined.
4.  Aurora blythe a really pretty blog, full of crochet and vintage inspiration.
5.  Rosie hearts beautiful sewn goods and fabric, her sewing is amazing.
6.  Crafts from the cwtch I first came across Ravelry's Year of projects on Sarah's blog and she inspired me to join too.  This blog is packed with lovely crochet and knitting, all too clever.
7.  Chaos, kids, crochet and cake a lovely blog of crochet and family and cake, just the perfect combination!
8.  With needles and wool  Ruth is another Year of Projects fellow blogger who creates lovely dishcloths, scarves and beautiful headscarves.
9.  Unravelled Emily has a blog filled with lovely colourful crochet and great family stories, just lovely!
10.  Hand 2 heart africa another colourful crocheting blog from the year of projects.
11.  It started with Ruby another inspiring year of projects blogger with beautiful knitting and yarn pictures.
12. Squiggly rainbow my new blogging friend who has just organised a bunting swap.....brilliant!
13.  Crafty Clare super talented in both knitting and crocheting, check out the genevieve sweater she has just shown.
14. Page after page another fellow year of projects blogger with lovely knitting projects and colourful pics.
 and breathe.......
15. Knitspiringodyssey another blog I have started to read with the year of projects, lots of interesting things and lovely knitting.

I can now (hopefully) sleep tonight, knowing that I have read the small print and done things right.  I will not bore you with another set of random facts about me, once in one week is probably enough!!  I am struck by what a friendly bunch you all are in the blogging world.  The encouragement and advice already in my early days is just such a surprise.  Anyway, thank you again for the awards I am honoured!

Onto more pressing matters.........blankets!!

I have done it.........I have joined gingerbread girl's one-a-day challenge on Ravelry to make a Sunnyspread blanket.  I have this in mind for a christmas present, so figured I would try out one square and see how it went.  I am loving this colour (which isn't quite as orangey in real life) but my hubbie thinks it is all wrong.  I am guessing as a gift it may be a love it/hate it sort of colour, so I will probably go with a safer option, but definitely all one colour and in cotton as I think it is soooo pretty.

And......even more exciting.....I have bought myself some swirly balls of yarn..........very excited, I see everyone 'talking yarn' and showing pics of these twisty balls and I had yet to have some of my very own.  So these are they, intended to be made into socks, although I am rather scared in advance, not having attempted doing good 'expensive yarn' socks before...........wish me luck!


  1. It sounds like a good time was had by all. sock yarn is great fun. Do you trust your husband's color instincts? Mine has only three acceptable colors, green, brown, and blue. I love the square you've done, including the color.

  2. gosh that sunny spread is going to be gorgeous! I am way excited about the One A Day group! I cast on A's Afghan yesterday!

  3. Ah, thank you for the award, Faith! It's brilliant how kind and friendly the blogging community is, isn't it?
    Love the swirly yarn and looking forward to seeing what you make with it (think I'd probably end up just looking at it for months and months - paralysed by indecision about what to do with it!)
    Emily x

  4. Thank you for the award - you are very kind :)

    Your yarn looks stunning! I love the colours so much.

    Sounds like you are having a great week! :)

  5. The yarn and your square look lovely. I noticed you show dogs ? Can I ask what breed? We used to show and breed Pugs and Japanese Chins. Only have two elderly Chins left - and a Devon Rex cat. Have a great week. xox

  6. Thank you! I shall enjoy exploring some new blogs on your list too.

    I thought I'd already posted here, apologies. I love your treacle coloured square and beautiful yarn.

  7. Oh My Goodness, I'm so honored thank-you so much for the lovely award. Lots of love to you and your fantastic blog xx.


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