Saturday, 13 August 2011

The vicar's chicken

Today has been a day for tying up loose ends (and sewing them in.)  This is the vicar's chicken, promised at the school Christmas fayre last year, when I sold out.  It was made that very weekend, but remained unstuffed and lifeless until today.  The vicar wasn't in when I called, so I left it on her hubbie thought it was all rather sinister!

While I was in the mood for sewing, I figured I would put together another gift I made a couple of months ago.  This is for a poppy loving friend of my mother's.  Again, another thing started and then put to one side, I am nothing but consistent!!

I took a leaf out of Lucy at Attic24's book, and used a thrifted jumper to make the back of the cushion, as Lucy explains to do here.

Of course, doing these two bits of work could make one rather smug, but my smugness was short lived because on uncovering all these half-finished jobs, I also discovered 'the boring blanket' which lies mockingly in my work bag.  The thing is, I do like it, but it is going to take me ages to do and there are things I would rather be doing.  The first time I worked out how many hexagons I needed, I worked it out to be about 800, after sitting down to settle my nerves I calculated it again, and now figure it is more like 450.  I have done 80-ish, but it is not the granny stripe blanket of my dreams, and therefore it remains in my bag.........


  1. Hello! I've just seen you've joined my blog, so thought I'd pop over and check out yours - and I'm so glad I have! Love the chicken, love the cushion, good luck with the blanket...
    Emily x

  2. Hello, I thought I'd pop over too! I also have a blanket that mocks me, I started a Granny Stripe year ago, then got distracted by lots of things that were more 'instantly gratifying'!
    Nice to meet you!
    Sandra x

  3. Hello I've just joined your blog and love the cushion, how fab is it and the chicken is just gorgeous. I like the colours in your blanket but sure can understand it staying at the bottom of the workbag. Looking forward to seeing lots more of your work.


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