Friday, 12 August 2011

What a diference a day makes.

It's amazing how things can change in just a day isn't it? 

 I've been keeping an eye on my plum tree, knowing that if I didn't, I would miss my chance.  The plums have been plentiful this year, actually, I'm not sure I remember any that actually ripened last year.  So a couple of nights ago, when watering the greenhouse, I took a wonder around the garden......I know maybe I make it sound like it is mammoth, but its funny how you can be out there but not see anything properly.  Anyway, seemingly overnight, the plums had ripened and were ready to be picked.

 So out I went yesterday fighting off the wasps (which had also been keeping an eye on my plums and felt they were just right too) and made a good harvest.

The thought of turning them into a pudding seemed very frivolous (and it would have been huge pudding!) so jam they became. 

I am feeling very smug and squirrel like to have made 8 pots of jam, all sitting happily on the shelf ready for winter.
Well.......actually winter maybe pushing it, as a large dollop went straight into a cakes, that don't last five minutes in this house with four hungry boys.

I haven't let on yet. 

I have endured large scale paper mache with three sticky boys and a beach party in the drizzle this afternoon.

I have to go and make supper shortly............. but in the meantime................. I am sitting with my cake and a cup of tea quietly typing that is frivolous!

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  1. The cake looks way yummy and like the perfect way to use a pot of your winter stock ;-) I recently tried my hand at jam but it ended up making only the equivalent of one jar. Kind of funny. It tasted really good though.


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