Sunday, 21 August 2011

Year of projects (wk1)

Well, having signed up for Ravelry's  blog-a-long year of projects just a few days ago, this is my first post about my progress (if I had thought about it more carefully I could have joined on a saturday and given myself even less time to complete very little!)  Anyway, progress is progress, even if it is just becoming better organised and more 'workish'!

On my 'Year of projects' page I have listed a number of things I want to do in a year (up until June 30th) this included to make some realistic birds........well I soon dropped the realistic and just stuck with birds!

I know what you are thinking, that robin looks mighty fat, he hasn't ruffed up his feathers because he is the facts of the matter are, that I actually made another bird too, but he ate it.........who would have thunk it eh?!

Fly away, fly away
After enjoying my new feathered friends for a day, I decided it was somewhat cruel to keep them captive, so this morning I went out side and released them, after some emotional goodbyes they were gone, sad and even now I'm finding it hard to contain myself, but I know it was better for them to be in their natural environment.  Maybe in years to come they will come back and visit us again.

On a lighter note, a couple of days ago I ordered the yarn to make my granny stripe, I have such a burning desire to own one that I could not control the urge any longer.  Hopefully it will be here at the beginning of the week.

So here it is, back out of the bottom of my project bag, the boring blanket. I have done about 10 hexagons.  Not much I agree, but it all makes a difference, and is certainly more than the none I have done for the past three months.
I know it will be lovely when it is finished, but in the meantime it is so......<yawn>.......boring

So there we are, progress I think, although maybe not on a monumental scale.  Not sure what I will do next week........crochet's a fly by the seat of your pants sort of hobby isn't it ;-)

Until next time, enjoy your Sundays.............


  1. very cute little birds :) i have a granny stripe blanket on my list too but also suffer from blanket boredom so don't know if i'll get anywhere with it!

  2. Oh wow I love that blanket. The colours are fab! I do understand your boredom working on it though - I'm working on a poncho which is 120 small motifs all crocheted together and I've only managed about 12 of them so far. They're so quick individually but it just seems like such an effort to do them all!

    p.s. commenting with my Livejournal ID as my blogger ID never works for some reason!

  3. Very smart to join as you go. The colors pop so against that black!
    Yes, progress is progress. Don't feel bad at all b/c I have yet to even embroider the face on my daughter's doll which is my first project and I started YOP when it had started.

  4. Good luck to your lovely free range birdies, may they stay safe from knitted kitties.

    Very pretty blanket. I completely get the granny stripe craving however, I made two! Looking forward to reading more of your blog.

  5. I really like the black edging on your (boring?) blanket!
    Very stunning.
    And those birds are so cute! Hope they enjoy their freedom!

  6. Very cute birds! I'd tempt them with suet and berries to keep them around.

    The hexagons look very striking assembled with black borders like that!

  7. I also loved your birds, and also the chocolate faced boy is too beautiful for words. I also loved your poppy pillow. where did you get the pattern? I probably looked right over it as my own cherubic faced pixie is busy "helping mommy" by shoving m&ms in the dishwasher. Great post!

  8. I love the "boring" blanket but totally understand about doing the same thing again and again. I get bored, too. That's when I start something new and come back to the first one later!

  9. OOOOOH love that blanket!!!!! I just bought some grey yarn to make something similar but with grey in place of the black ..... but it's already been used for another project! :)

  10. Fun post and sweet birds! I need to learn to crochet so I can some fun little animals.

  11. Rofl totally loved reading your blog, you had me laughing out loud.... well I think the birds are very cute and the robin adorable even if he did eat another bird...naughty fellow... just think of all the baby chicks they'll bring to show you rofl

    I love the colours in your blanket but don't you just hate when a project becomes that boring ole thing... keep going at it bit by bit and it will soon be finished and fab

    Hope your yarn comes soon, as someone who is watching the posite for new yarn I know the anticipation.

  12. How cute are your birdies - love them! (who's ever seen a skinny robin anyway??)

    Your blanket is looking very pretty too, fab colours! I wouldn't mind one of those languishing over the back of my sofa :)

    Louise xx

  13. Welcome to YoP! Hahaha your birds are very poofy and cute! But please stop them from eating eachother!

    And your blanket in progress looks great already, love those colors with the black!

    X Lily

  14. Looking forward to seeing your projects progress through this coming year! Thanks for hopping by my blog today!


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