Sunday, 4 September 2011

Year of projects (wk3)

This project has legs!

I'm not sure if the intention of this Year of Projects challenge is to make lots of WIPs, but in my case it definitely is.  In my defense, I made a flying start on my granny stripe, but was working with only 16 of the 17 colours, unfortunately, like watching paint dry, the last ball has still not arrived so I am being like a small impatient child.  I don't want to go onto the second phase of stripes without using the missing one first, especially as it is red and therefore will possibly cause an imbalance if missed.  I also started to work on the front of my cushion and have had a definite mind block over exactly how I made the small square last week........ridiculous I know, but I have made and frogged so many squares that I have also had a tantrum about that and stuck it back in the bag.

Onwards and upwards anyway...............this week I received my first ball of swirly wool (much excitement I can tell you!) and after a few swear words and a very patient hubbie, I managed to make it into a ball........I did toy with the idea of not making it into a ball and working from the hank...........hmmm, I know........boy, I'm glad I didn't do that!

Anyway..........I have one sock made!!

I also have the other in the making, so there is every chance they may become a pair!  This project has been a good one as I have learnt a few new skills (winding a ball of wool, being one of them) and  new stitches.  Despite being told that crochet socks are not always comfortable, these are really lovely (although I'm not sure the red-ish colours are a good look on my milky white legs!) and have a nice lace pattern to make the project a little less boring.

Alongside my socks I also started a sock monkey last night.  It has to be said that the cheap, scratchy acrylic I am using doesn't make for the best looking monkey, but then I have a feeling that it won't really matter to my littlest monkey.  I am going to use this as a bit of a trial actually, as I think I will make at least another two of these for Christmas presents.....although maybe not out of these carefully thrown together  picked out colours.

On the subject of Christmas, I have decided to put a few more things on my list with just that in mind.  I have started a one-a-day project as suggested by gingerbread girl and am going to make a sunnyspread throw.  This got me to thinking about what else I could make and I rather surprised myself by realising I could maybe get a few things done now and save the last minute spending/panicking that normally takes place in our house the week before Christmas.  So this week, I will start making my list and then tag it on the bottom of what I already have and hope that out of somewhere I will find some drive and sense of urgency to get the job done!

I'm looking forward to seeing what everyone else is getting on with, I am feeling all 'glowy' inside at the encouragement from fellow crocheters.......thankyou!


  1. Thanks you so much for the link to Gingerbread Girl. I had seen the knitted puffs but I crochet oh so much faster. I really like this.

    I have never tried to crochet socks but think I may have to start. My mum wants some bed socks and I have always knit them but since she is not going to wear them in her shoes.....I think crocheting may be the way to go for her.

    Thanks for all the inspiration!

  2. Hope your missing yarn shows up soon. Love the wild sock colors!

  3. Great projects! I am looking forward to seeing the completed sock monkey as I am looking for some nice things to make the kids although I am currently considering the Rebecca Danger monsters... hmmmm.

    Anyway, have a great week and I'll see you 'around' later!

  4. Hope your missing yarn turns up real soon, must be annoying, I get very impatient with the postie when the expected parcels don't arrive.
    Love the sock and they look lovely and if you ask me red looks great with milky white legs, I should know mine are milky white too rofl
    I've two discovered balls are better than hanks for working from.
    I bet you sure are surprised how much you can make and get organised with for Christmas. It is my plan to make all Christmas presents this year between stitching and knitting I'm hoping to accomplish this and have made a start, so will be watching and cheering you on.
    I love the little sock monkey, they make cute little presents.

  5. Good luck with the second sock!

    FIngers crossed for a well-behaved and co-operative shade of red, when it arrives. How typical of red to be the late colour!

  6. the socks look great - i'm glad you decided to wind into a ball before started - i tried crocheting from the hank once and spent about 4 hours trying to sort out the mess and tangle of yarn that followed!

    looking forward to seeing the finished sock monkey :)

  7. I think the sock monkey's going to be very cute in those colours! Gorgeous sock yarn!

  8. I'm loving the crocheted socks!!! I might have to try making those too.... Oh dear...will you stop putting ideas in my head with your lovely crochet posts!! He-he :)

  9. The sock monkey is awesome!!! So much fun and I think I just figured out what to make for my niece for Christmas!!

  10. Sounds like a busy week full of fun crafty things and some not so fun crafty stuff. Hope you have a better week and that your red yarn turns up soon!

  11. The yarn is fabulous and I LOVE your sock (soon to be socks). Interesting what you said about crochet socks and comfort - I've often wondered what they'd be like. I am a far better crocheter than knitter and would never even attempt a knitted pair but now you have me thinking that perhaps I should try a crochet pair of socks one day.

  12. The sock looks great, what pattern did you use?

  13. Woah, craft-tastic! Looking forward to seeing the finished monkey - the idea of making soft toys just scares me, they seem really complicated, so I'm slightly in awe of you for making one.
    I'm trying to be a bit more organised for Christmas this year - we'll see how successful I am with that...!
    Emily x


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