Friday, 21 October 2011

Camping, crochet and cars.........

I know I live in the most beautiful place in the world............starting the morning with this can't help but make you smile!

I'm feeling a little......well, I'm not quite sure.

My biggest boy is out on his first cub camp. We dropped him off to do a night hike this evening and we don't collect him until Sunday. He's never been away before and although I feel excited for him, I'm also a bit nervous too.

He's only been going for a few weeks and on Wednesday he was enrolled in readiness for the camp this weekend. This evening I was frantically trying to sew on his badges and was very aware that the badges didn't look like they had been sewn on by fairies with gossamer silk.....rather more like they were sewn on with one of those huge plastic darning needles and wool that you get in kids'craft sets.

The inspiration

I've started and completed and delivered a crochet project this week, which in normal Faith style was a last minute idea, being made into the eleventh hour. One of the babies that I planned to make a blanket for, made an early appearance and ooooppps here we go again

Anyway, I took what was little scraps of my style craft which weren't long enough to make a whole stripe ( I already have more ends than I care to think of) and I made.......well, that would be telling.........but it is also stripy!

The leftovers

In other darling hubby........who I wouldn't dare question his sanity (while others may) is making an epic journey to Scotland tomorrow, to collect his latest car acquisition. He has a need for 'big old boat' cars.....we have owned many......anyway, he has discovered a car which he couldn't pass up and after many failed attempts (including the one when the owner broke down shortly after leaving home) to get it, tomorrow is the day and I will be saying goodbye at 2am and trying to get back to sleep.

I will be back on Sunday to blog about my Year of Projects the meantime, I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!


  1. Your little guy looks cute in his cub uniform. I hope his camping experience is a good one.
    Anne xx

  2. He looks so grown up in his uniform, hope the camp went well! Cant wait to see what you made with the leftovers...

  3. How cute is your little man in his uniform and I hope he had a fab time...its so hard thinking they are old enough now to go on things like this and stay out...mmmm is it wrong to miss the baby stage a bit lol.
    I hope hubby manages this time to get his car and I can't wait to see what you made with the yarn...I'm intrigued and you know 11th hour presents often turn out to be the best and I sooo the worlds best at thinking of last minute gifts and not actually thinking of what time I have rofl..until sunday

  4. How exciting for your son and how worrying for you. I bet he will have a great time and it will fly.
    Very excited to see what you conjured up with short notice and scraps.

  5. aww you must be missing him so much. He looks so so cute in his cub uniform. I think I would question your husbands sanity hehe though if it was wonderful wool we might all be up at 2am driving for miles lol.


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