Tuesday, 4 October 2011

One-a-day - Tuesday's tallies (wk4)

Well, as ever I seem to be squeezing this post in before my food shop and picking up the boys from school.

My tally this week is 25.

This week I haven't got round to sewing in ends and sewing the squares together hence why the new squares look a little bigger.

I am pleased on how this blanket is going and really have to say it is no trouble, I tend to have a look in my 'chuck it all in' hidey-hole in the car at the end of Monday, and generally the week's work is completed as I do it all on the school runs.............effortless.......... just about!

Haven't yet figured out what I will do about the shortfall in cotton, although I'm pretty sure I want it to be all one colour for the person I am making it for.  I know how much a square weighs, but am not really sure how much I will need to make the border which looks very pretty on the pattern......hhhhmmmm, can you tell I am not the best at making decisions!!

(Just spent ages trying to arrange three silly pictures and now everything is slowly unfolding, so I give up)
(now as soon as I type it got worse!! To cap it all off, I got to the end of the post and one of the pictures has gone!!)

Try again..........I want to make a Christmas present for my mother-in-law and  was thinking to make a flower scarf, rather like the beautiful Japanese scarves which so many are blogging about at the moment.

Anyway...........taking a look at my newly acquired crochet and knitting book, there are a number of flower motifs which are really pretty, so I hope to give some of them a go this week.

My question is...........you knew there was one coming didn't you?!

Has anyone any tips in designing shapes to tessellate (gosh, that's dredging up some memories from junior school) planning is not my strong point, but planning would probably help with this, as then I could join as I go?  Any advise gladly accepted!

Back on subject, to check out other peoples one-a-day work check out gingerbread girls blog here.


  1. Have got no clue about your tessellation question off the top of my head- I'm imagining that Escher drawing of the tessellating birds at the moment, which is not helping..!!
    Love those squares at the top of your post. I think one colour will look stunning.
    Have a great week.

  2. I hope you manage to work out what to do about the shortfall of yarn - maybe a border of squares in a slightly different colour would work?

  3. There are really only three true tessellation shapes, equilateral triangles, squares and hexagons. Rectangles and diamonds are variations of squares really in that they have two sets of parallel lines. There is another shape which tessellates nicely, the name of it escapes me but an example of which is


    I don't know if that really helps though. If you have some squared paper you could draw out a few of your shapes and have a go with them to see what you come up with?

    I still love your blanket by the way, it's so pretty.

  4. I was bad in math and only heard of tessellations via Cookie A's sock book. Good luck!
    Your blanket is cool; I'm always reminded of a beach of sand dollars. I could totally see a baby lying on its tummy drooling or a child reading a lovely book on it.

  5. Oh I have this problem too, I'm terrible at working out how shapes go together, I just get so flustered by the whole thing and than give up, I should really try harder. Your one a day is growing nicely, still with the crochet on the go I see, thats the way to do it. I can't wait to see you start on the scarf.

  6. Ooo it's going well Faith... great progress! Have you tried putting the word "quilt" into Pinterest search? I just did and you get loads of photos of sewn quilts..many of which are tessellating shapes.. you might find some inspiration there? :)x

  7. Your book looks a little bit like "everything but the square" - if it is there's tessalating patterns in the back! If not I'd perhaps draw shapes on paper and cut them out to test? It might work or not but you can try :-)

    Lovely circle squares!

  8. Tessel-what-now?? I obviously wasn't paying any attention at junior school, lol ;) Hope you manage to decide what to to about your cotton shortage - your squares are looking lovely anyway :)

  9. Your blankets looking great! I don't even know what tessellating is, but I google everything!

  10. Maths was never my strong point I'm afraid but I love the way your blanket is coming together - so classy in just the one colour.

  11. You're so good! I'm trying to finish a blanket for a friend who is due her 3rd baby any day and can barely squeeze in a row a day. She'll be lucky if it's done by the baby's 1st birthday at this rate! Never mind the Christmas decorations I promised for my daughter's school's 60th anniversary fete and Christmas presents!! Argh!
    Keep up the good work!
    Sandra x

  12. Can't help on the designing I'm afraid but your blanket is looking super, I am admiring your ability to get so much done

  13. Hi Faith! I can´t help you with your tessellations question. I have looked through all my crochet books, but I couldn´t find anything. I hope you will find a solution for it!
    Your blanket has grown a lot! Great, that your plan has worked and you was able to do so many squares this week!
    Have a wonderful day! Barbina

  14. Your blanket is getting on really well! Although I can't help you with designs as I have never done any kind of flower crochet (although it is something I want to attempt).

    I hope you get something figured out!

  15. Sorry, I'm no help with you question but your blanket is looking gorgeous, hope you can sort out the border.xxxx

  16. Wow, those squares are coming along nicely!xx


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