Tuesday, 18 October 2011

One-a-day Tuesday's tallies (wk6)

I know I am not alone in thinking 'where are the weeks going?'...........but where are they going?

How good is your maths? 

Five up, eight across.......this week I am up to 40 squares, and they are all sewn together........do I sound smug .........

I had a parents' evening at my oldest boy's school last night, and the maths teacher was talking about finding maths in every situation, getting comfortable with numbers, seeing patterns, finding numbers fun.......I must admit I quite liked maths in school and went on to do A-level maths (although since having children my brain has turned to mush!) but I've always been nervous about my 6,7 and 8 times tables.  Maybe now my son is having to learn, so should I. 

Funny, I have not lost the fear of being picked on, in front of others!  I was sitting squirming last night and I am a 'grown-up' (whether I feel like it or not!!).

Anyway.......... I ramble!

The throw is shaping up well, if only just a bit small, but as ever, in my indecisiveness I'm not sure what to do........hhhmmm.........

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  1. The throw looks wonderful you have done really well.
    I always struggled with my times tables they would just not stick! but since my boys have weekly test at school we practice together and I have improved. My mum is so proud!

  2. oh my word, that is beautiful! So understated and lovely (says she, Queen of the Raucous Babette). Just gorgeous.

    My maths is not bad. Fine for every day stuff and "when could we pay off the mortgage if we stopped eating" type calculations. (Actually, given current food prices, the answer to that is probably in about 3 weeks). I do like numbers, but I admit to being useless at tax calculations.

  3. You are speeding along with that gorgeous throw now, Faith! As for maths- I am with you on the 7 and 8 times tables - the rest I am fine with, but those two not so much!

  4. Your throw is looking lovely. It is so rare that you see a blanket/throw in all one colour, especially white. You must be very brave as white would last about 3 milliseconds with my kids.

  5. brilliant progress, your blanket is coming along fab & I think I would be very smug if I actually managed to have them all sewn together too :)

  6. I did not like maths at school and whenever I am counting in crochet especially doing multiples I always think of me saying 'when will I ever require maths in my life' and now the thing I love to do is largely maths based hehe. Loving the blanket it's so elegant.

  7. It looks gorgeous my maths is terrible so I would have really been squirming!

  8. The steady approach is really working for this one isn't it? It looks so pretty. I didn't know any of my times tables until I became a teacher, then I had to get really good at them really quickly! It's amazing what we can achieve when the pressure is on!

  9. Much smugness going on there! But well deserved though I think! Great progress.
    Just remember teachers are just normal people like me and you too! Although the Head Teacher is a whole different matter!
    Kier x

  10. Just awesome how your blanket is turning out. I love seeing it every week w/it's vintage look and soft appeal.

  11. Looking great. How much bigger are you planning to make it?

  12. It looks so sophisticated, it's a wonderful blanket. In white it looks so different from a multi-color one. I'm not sure what I like best, I guess they are both great! Although your version would fit right in my home, it's more my style :-). Can't wait to see it finished!


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