Sunday, 16 October 2011

Year of projects (wk9)

If there was ever a week that was shorter than previous weeks, last week was it!

We've done it all, seen it all and bought all the relevant t-shirts......first teeth out, birthday cakes, selling cows, nose bleeds, selling cars, meals out, fish and chips, friends for supper, table-top sales where we made -£3 (yes.....I know!) in this household is never dull!

In amongst all this, very few new projects have been thought about, but a few stripes have occurred.

I have been uummming and aaahhhhing about whether I should finish my blanket now, as it is heavy and more than big enough for the sofa.  So I figured I would get to the end of the next batch of stripes and call it a day, however on putting it on our bed to take a picture, I figured it is neither here nor there, so I will press on until it reaches the end of our kingsize bed.  So another Lucy pack will be on order tomorrow I think!

I will this week, commit to actually deciding what needs to be added to my list for Christmas, I had a slight wobble this morning when I thought it was only six weeks until Christmas, I am fairly sure that is not right, but let's face it, it won't be long until it is! 

I have said I will take part in the local school's Christmas fayre, which means I will have lots of sewing to do before long, leaving me less crochet time.............I think I may need to make a timetable all in different colours to decide what to do first!

On another note, please check out the fab giveaway at Annaboo's House I love the concept of Pay it Forward and to have something made by the creative Annaboo herself would be fab, so I'm definitely in!

Anyway, time is ticking on and I have reading, uniforms, supper and baths still to do.........I could just hide, but I figure I would soon be discovered.

Looking forward as ever to reading every one's Year of Projects progress later, when littlest, middle and big are safely tucked up, if you would like to see what everyone else is doing too......see here.

I should also say, I am so amazed at all the encouragement and words of wisdom I constantly receive when really all are a very clever lot, and without you...........I'd be a miserable blogger with lots of unfinished rubbish crochet am constantly blessed by you all!


  1. wow - what a week!

    Your blanket is beautiful. They do seem to take longer the closer you get to the end, but it will be worth it. I love the colours.

  2. The blanket looks awesome, and I'm impressed with the fact that you are going for the king sized! Good luck.

  3. Your blanket is looking gorgeous and it's going to be fantastic when it's finished!

    Oh, that gave me such a shock when you said 6 weeks till Christmas, lol! I had to check and it's 10 weeks away, but that's still going to just fly by, eek! :S

  4. I love your blanket and think its fab on the bed too..and bigger is always better right. I sure know what you mean about hectic weeks so hopefully this week will settle a bit although with familys that rarely happens. I try not to think about how close xmas is because I'm nowhere near organised and I have a list a mile long. I do find a rotation of projects helps me to get things accomplished, just to give you another idea on a timetable and I've no doubt you'd finish all your lovely projects without us, it just might not be as much fun lol.

  5. So pretty! The last third of a blanket is always a chore no matter how engaging the yarn, pattern or colours! It's going to be awesome!

  6. Amazing blanket and such fortitude on your part to stick with it that long! I hope your next week will be a bit calmer, but I am thinking back to when all 4 of my kids were little, and I am thinking you are in it for the long haul! :)

  7. Blanket looks GORgeous!!! You have got much further than I ever have with a blanket, I get bored so easily and new little projects sneak in to distract me...!!
    Thank you for your comment on my recent post, I too am definitely looking forward to the half term week off!!! Also hubby has the week off and my eldest turns 10...OMG TEN!!!... so we will be busy busy busy but it will hopefully be lots of fun :)
    Hope you have a great half term with all of your boys!! Take care xx


  8. What a week, I'm amazed you had the energy to get any rows in, Your blanket looks wonderful on the bed, at least if you go for the bigger size it can be moved around the house. Hope you have a calmer week!!

  9. Yes, yes, keep going on your ripple stitch blanket ... it's so lovely and will be loved and used for many winters to come. Happy crafting!

  10. Your crochet work has inspired me to get my crochet hook out again....I am know starting a granny blanket in zig zag stitch, so less commenting and more crocheting........xx

  11. Your blanket looks fabulous and I'm glad to hear you're going to add those extra stripes so it fits your bed. I'm sure it will be worth the extra effort and you'll be happy with it.

  12. You are such a great mum! More ppl need to realize that being a SAHM is a very busy life and boy do we work hard.
    I love your blanket. Such wonderful colors. To even get that far in length? Wowzers! Kudos to you on such patience.

  13. That's a huge project. I'm more than impressed!:) Good luck with finishing it!


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