Sunday, 23 October 2011

Year of projects (wk10)

Are you thinking about Christmas gifts yet? My list is in the making!

My hubby said 'So is this going to be well organised so you can get it all done, or are you going to have some sort of crochet meltdown, where everything else is neglected (think housework, cooking, running kids to school)?'

I'm going for being well organised AND having a crochet meltdown!

This week, I have gone off list kinda, when someone expecting their third child, had their baby four weeks early.  Baby and Mum are both home now, but I guess it will take some time to settle when they weren't quite expecting him yet!

Anyway, as previously mentioned, I was looking at all the limp, straggledy bits left from my first Lucy pack, which were not enough to make a whole stripe (and having not even tackled the ends on the colour changes yet, I didn't want to add any more in the mix).  So from a big tangledy-mess, I made this..........

This was 'fly by the seat of my pants' crochet, and I think it paid off.  I passed the pressie on to the Grandmother after really only spending one evening and a morning on it, so it was super quick (although, I should add it is a small blanket)

I've been wanting to have a go at a ripple for a while, so it has got it out of my system, although I think next time I may try a different yarn to the stylecraft, but I'm guessing that acrylic is a good way to go when it comes to baby things that will be hurled in the machine regularly.


Added to my YOP list are..........

1. Sunnyspread throw (which is my current one-a-day piece)
2. Hot water bottle cover (I am not grabbed by any of the patterns I've seen on Ravelry so far, so I may make it up)
3. Moogly's Blackberry Salad Striped baby blanket (I should have until just after Christmas to complete this)
4. Caity Cat from the super clever  The Green Dragonfly
5. Owl Bag

This is definitely not where the list ends..........just where it all begins!

I bought this on a complete whim yesterday as I loved the colours and feel.

...................Any inspired ideas what I could make with it? 
(It is Rico Creative Micro DK, 100g 100% micro-fibre (which I'm not sure I even understand what that is?))

Thankyou as ever for all the advice and encouragement.  I'm looking forward after our Sunday roast chatting with a very excited eight-year old about his first cub camp, to looking at all your lovely blogs

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  1. Gosh you made that blanket in super fast time !! It looks lovely and I'm sure the recipient was very pleased. The only thing I can think of for that beautiful ball of yarn is maybe a hat or scarf ?? Have a good week. xxx

  2. Wow, that's a quick little blanket, and yes, I think acrylic's just the thing for a newborn! I had a look at the blackberry salad blanket and that also looks quite fun, so I look forward to seeing that!

  3. I started my zig zag blanket last week and have only just managed to crochet 8 rows. After seeing your lovely BLANKET it has spured me to get on with it. Watch this space .......xx

  4. I can't believe how quickly you worked that blanket up for your grandmother and the blankets blended so well! I think that yarn would make a great cowl or scarf- it's got awesome colours. Thanks for the link love with Caity! Jxx

  5. Beautiful blanket! Good luck with all your Christmas knitting too. I haven't really thought much about gifts yet, though I still want to make the amigurumi ballerina bunny for small girl.

  6. Lovely blanket, and so quick. I have a set of microfibre socks, so I'm guessing that'd be a good use for that yarn.

  7. Wow! You must crochet fast! I'm still struggling with a Giant Granny for a friend's new baby (due any day).
    I like your idea of a hot water bottle cover to send back to chilly people in the UK for Christmas, look forward to your pattern!
    Sandra x

  8. No thought to Christmas yet, except wondering if I'll make a ghan to go into the drawing we have....not looking good for this year. Too many projects. Love the ripple, pretty colors! I also like that it's more wavy vs pointy. What stitch combination, count etc. did you use?

  9. A super way to use up leftovers, it looks like a lovely blanket. No ideas for the yarn, but the colours look nice and bright

  10. Wowzers, you sure whipped that blanket out!
    Good luck w/the Xmas gifts. Maybe set goals every day so you won't meltdown. It can be so stressful whipping out those, especially now.
    I think a moebius or mitts would be great in that new yarn you had picked up.

  11. How about a hat with the microfiber yarn? I love the ripple!!!!

  12. The ripple looks great well done on getting it done so quick. I think a new scarf in that yarn would look pretty, I can't wait to hear more about all your chrissy projects try not to stress too much. xx

  13. That Rico Creative yarn looks stunning! :) Maybe you can use it for a cowl, or a slouchy hat or something? The colors feel Autumny to me :)
    ps I'm having a big giveaway on my blog! :)

  14. Your quick little gift is gorgeous! I am refusing to give in to too much Christmas knitting--that is one pressure in December I do not need! :) I hope your well thought out plan keeps you successful!


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