Tuesday, 25 October 2011

One-a-day Tuesday's tallie (wk7)

I'm feeling very cheery today!

  • Its the school holidays..........

  • I'm actually finding time for some proper sorting through the chaos this week......

  • I've nearly finished my stripe (I can't believe it, I think the crochet elves must have be working on it at night, as it was nowhere near big enough, and now it nearly is!)

  • I found two balls of cotton for my one-a-day that I somehow misplaced, and all is right with the world again! (I am officially not going mad!!)

That is 48 squares!

I went into my LYS on Saturday and I bought their last ball of the cotton that I've been using, and resigned myself to a re-think.  Last night I decided that I would do one more row of six and call it a day at 54, to make sure I had enough cotton to do the border...........but today..................I have been given a gift in the shape of two more balls hiding upstairs.  Therefore the (now) plan is to carry on to the 64 squares intended in the pattern, knowing I will have enough for those and the border...................pheeewww!

I must be a simple girl, as it is the simple things that make me feel like I'm going to burst with happiness!

I am so excited at the prospect of finishing my stripe this week that I am having difficulty containing myself!

Anyway.......enough about me........to see other peoples' one-a-day work, check out Gingerbreadgirl's blog

P.S. A friend sent me this link to the British Sun newspaper yesterday and my liking for crocheted stripes has just been reaffirmed..............check it out



  1. Your blanket is looking great and IM so happy to hear you are happy :O) HOw about that hotel room, I cant believe it only took her a month to knit all that and Ive been working on this blanket for what seems like forever and its still not finished!!!!

  2. That hotel room is fab, I especially love the telephone. Its brilliant you found the missing yarn now you can complete as planned. Blanket looks beautiful.

  3. Wow! I doubt very much that was all done in a month - and half of it's crocheted, not knitted. But other than that, it's AWESOME! I love colourful stripes and would love my living room would look like that :).

    Your blanket is looking fabulous - and nearly finished, YAY! Can't wait to see your stripey blanket too :)

  4. Yay for finding the misplaced yarn :)

    You've done so much more than me, it looks great.

  5. Woohoo for yarn find thats awesome don't you love finding good yarn that you stashed away. I'm jumping with excitement too to see your finished strip blanket. xx

  6. I just love it when you find yarn that was stashed away :-) your blanket is looking lush. Also loving the link to the sun paper how cool is that stripyness :-)

  7. Haha, lovely that you found two extra balls! That is better than the other way around ;-). It's getting pretty big! Way to go.

  8. Your blanket looks so beautiful! Great that you have found the two extra balls of yarn! I am so happy for you! : ) I just realized, that I have bought one ball with a wrong colour last week :(
    So I have to go there again and change it.
    I wish I could find some hidden yarn too!
    Have a great week! Barbina

  9. Glad you found the extra yarn - the blanket it looking so lovely.

    Enjoy the holidays!! xxx

  10. I'm glad you've found the yarn to complete, it's a beautiful blanket. I love the hotel room, thanks for sharing the link.xxx

  11. Hi!
    It's beautiful! Glad you found 2 more balls. Have a great day!

    Food for Thought

  12. Yippee for finding the yarn! Happy holidays, Judy x

  13. Glad you are able to finish your blanket..... How frustrating it would have been to run out of cotton when you have almost finished. Its looks great. Thanks for your kind comments on my blog........xx

  14. Hi again, thanks for the comment and the answer to your question. I will be joining the squares with double crochet to form the ridge. I've started joining them tonight and it looks great, just brings the co IRS together nicely.xxx

  15. Oh that is wonderful! Little things make me happy too! I am happy for you that you will be able to finish as intended! Yay!

  16. yeah, isn't that a wonderful feeling when that happens? Just like when you find money in your pocket! I am glad you can make the blanket the size you originally planned for, & great progress!

  17. Not too sure about the knitted telephone but the stripe blankets are heaven to me. Heaven knows how all that was knitted in a month as the article says.

    Love your blanket and it will look stunning when finished.

    Enjoy your week x

  18. Great Progress!
    and to that article: that sure is a cozy hotel room (Grooann that was lame) I do like it too though, I bet it would be fun to stay in! =D

  19. He he, lots of chaos been happening for you this time....your blanket is really getting on well and I am glad you are able to do more now that you have found 2 balls of wool :)

  20. That hotel room is great, I'm amazed it was finished all in one month. How great that you have found the wool, now you can finish your blanket how you wanted.

  21. Your blanket is looking great, I am glad you have found the missing balls so it can be how you planned


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