Tuesday, 11 October 2011

One-a-day Tuesday's tallies - wk5

Well, here it is wk5 which is really confusing me as I seem to have the wrong number, neither a multiple of five or seven!  (Trying to recall how many I started with would probably be the answer, but that is too much for my addled brain to cope with!)

A quick tot up tells me I have 31, which is a little odd, as it should be 32, but one has wondered!

I had trouble taking a picture as the light in the house isn't great, and as you can see I am overspilling the toybox!

Just before starting this post I weighed a square again, which came out at 13g. I say 'again' as I weighed a square at the beginning of the project to calculate how much cotton I would use.  Problem is, that as I have crocheted, the cotton has been running out faster than I thought it would.  The original weight was 10g (work that one out!) so this extra 3g explains how things have been going a little topsy-turvy!

I ventured to the yarn shop and bought another couple of balls, so I wouldn't run out............. now, I am back to square one (well, no I am on 33........but...well, you know what I mean!) so I fear another yarn shop visit is called for.........the only thing that scares me is, that I may get drawn into other things whilst there!!

Anyway, please note that (even with my fuzzy brain), I have 32 squares and the pattern calls for 64, so I am (almost) half way there! And by the end of November I should will have a Christmas present ticked off my list (haven't really got a plan how I do all of the others on time too!)

Anyway, hi to all my fellow one-a-dayers, hope you have all had a successful week! 
To check out other peoples' progress, please check out gingerbreadgirl's blog here


  1. Faith, love todays post...that sounds so like something I'd write...I'm just loving how quickly you are going through these even if you are on 31 instead of 32, imagine how many you'd have done if you didn't set yourself the one a day challenge ??
    I can't account for why yours weigh 13g instead of 10, perhaps there is a cotton gremlin adding some on.
    I am looking forward to seeing more of this :D

  2. Hi!
    Great work! It's very pretty. Have a great day!

    Food for Thought

  3. Hi Faith! I have lost one square for my last blanket too and never found it again. Maybe it will show up someday! Great, that you will be finished so early! Seems that everybody is counting in the moment.:)Love your picture, your blanket looks wonderful!

  4. Its looking amazing and you are already halfway (Im sure that other square will turn up!) its looking fab!

  5. Yarn shops are such dangerous places. I never seem to come out with only what I went in for.
    Your blanket is looking absolutely lovely.
    In answer to the question you left on my blog i haven't really found the counting of my ripple too bad. There's a fuller answer over there so I won't clutter up your comments!

  6. I bet you can crochet those squares now with your eyes closed....You must have the patience of a saint to make so many matching squares, but as you are half way there now its down hill all the way and will look lovely when its finished.......xx

  7. Your blanket is looking lovely, and that's brilliant that you're halfway through! Good luck on resisting all the other temptations in the yarn shop when you go back for more by the way!! ;)

  8. lol! Loving today's post your so funny I know you will get this blanket finished in time and whoever is lucky recipient is one spoilt person.

  9. Good going, it's looks fab, some one is going to be very lucky to receive such a gorgeous gift.xxx

  10. It must be puzzling when you have a different number than you anticipated...they are looking great, and halfway there....can't wait to see the end blanket :)

  11. It is looking super and congratulations on the half way point

  12. The all white yarn looks great with that pattern. Is it planned as a bed blanket? I can picture it as one - or maybe for snuggling up on the counch. Cheers.

  13. Your blanket looks wonderful, it's great your half way. I have lost circles over the last week that reappeared, I think little fingers may have took them on a trip!

  14. Your blanket is looking really super. Lots of people seem to have things missing this week - maybe it's something in the air! Judy x

  15. This looks great.
    I love the simple, single colour. Very striking.
    Have a fab weekend.
    PS giveaway at mine if you fancy it. X

  16. I have this in my queue - was planning on doing a multi colored one, but I'm liking the way yours looks! Decisions, decisions!

  17. Lol. Strangely the stripes in my granny stripe are using progressively more yarn too - even when using the same yarn?
    Love the idea of using one colour - looks so elegant.


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