Friday, 23 September 2011

Baking, bananas, bikes and birthdays..........

Yesterday was the day when my littlest turned three.

Normally I bake enough to feed a small army and then a small army turn up and eat everything.  This year, we have not had the troops around, so I have been a little more restrained.

This is a first..............cake pops.

I discovered them on Suzanne's lovely blog Crea in the City, and thought I'd give them a whirl. 

I love to bake, and what I lack in talent I make up for in enthusiasm!  I followed some great instructions online and was doing well until it got to the part where I had my freshly coated cake pop, white chocolate dripping everywhere, thinking, 'so where am I going to put this to set'.  Hubby was making all sorts of useless useful suggestions ('What you need is some polystyrene') and in the end they ended up sitting in a couple of bananas and a bagel until I could find something more elegant and fitting for the occasion.
Can you guess what it is yet?
Much excitement to discover a mystery present in the morning...........what could it be?

One sleepy-faced, pyjama-ed three year old

A little more wide-awake..........cake and tractors the way to man's heart!

Our celebrations don't end here, we have a family day out at the zoo tomorrow and then a big family lunch to toast my Dad's 80th on Sunday.

Thankyou for all you get well wishes, I think we got off very lightly and I reckon I will be able to deliver an action packed weekend yet..........not sure how tired I'll be  on Monday though!

I was reading Emily's post from Unravelled a couple of days ago, and she was referring to the lovely sunset she had been looking at, it was quite poignant I thought, as I noticed the strange light  and went outside to see a beautiful coloured sky with a huge rainbow.

  Its a big old world, but we are all under the same sky. 


  1. You have a very cute little man there so proudly sitting on his new bike.
    Good luck with the rest of the weekend.
    Anne xx

  2. What a happy boy! Happy 3rd Birthday, you can never go wrong with a bike!
    I MUST try those Cake Pops, thank you for the link - I'm picturing footballs and tennis balls already!
    Have a great weekend,
    Sandra x

  3. Wow, beautiful sunset and gorgeous boy! My girl is three and I think it's such a fun age. She adores cake pops too.

    Happy birthday to your lovely boy!

  4. Oh what a lovely little boy on his new bike! That photo reminded me of one taken of our son on his new bike aged about the same......he's off to Uni on wednesday and i'm dreading it :( time flies so make the most of it x

  5. Happy birthday to your little boy. He looks so proud on his new bike.... Those cake pops look yummy, how different and a great idea for childrens parties..What a lovely sunset you have captured with your camera, you should enter it in a photo competition. Maybe you could take a peep at my blog as you may like my crochet......xx

  6. Looks like a great time was had, and lovely cake pops, I dont think I will be able to make something like that he he :)


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