Tuesday, 27 September 2011

One-a-day Tuesdays tallies (wk3)

I am so enjoying my one-a-day.

As my project I am doing a Sunnyspread throw and trying to complete one square a day.  Each square takes around 1/2 hour, so is very do-able and can be slotted in around my other day to day things.

I find myself grabbing my cotton and hook as I head out of the door in the morning to take the boys to school.  I manage the first half while we wait, we are inevitably early (although this may be a conscious decision, as I know as soon as I arrive I can crochet!) and the second half and maybe a start of the next one, at the end of the school day.  I had a smirky look from someone I knew yesterday, but I felt quite smug in the knowledge that I have at least one of my Christmas presents  on the way to being done. 

What else would I be doing with that time otherwise?

Anyway, enough wittering!

18 done!
 (There is one lurking in there which only has 11 'rays' not 12, but then nobody seemed to notice last week so I guess it is passable)

I haven't attempted any blocking, but probably will as time goes on and I start to panic about everything coming together on time.

I think the pattern suggests 84 squares, which was where I was heading, however, rather typically of me, I have just figured out that despite being organised and weighing one square to make sure I bought the right amount of cotton, I failed to appreciate that I will actually need more as the blanket has a border........oh. dear, so I may well end up making less squares yet.......I'll see where I get to!

This is a shot of the underneath, which I also really like, although I know most wouldn't have sewn it like I have with the ridge, but I like the geometric feel to it in one colour.

Anyway, the afternoon is fast disappearing and I will be back on the school run shortly, so better look lively.

You can follow other one-a-dayers work by taking a look here.


  1. This is looking really good, and the 11 rays square is definitely not noticeable :)

    Although I quite like the ridgy side...but maybe that is just me.

    Sounds like you got the hang of crochet on the go :)

  2. I always take my crochet stuff with me to our playground and very often people look at me like I´m bit crazy.:) But in the end we all will have the most beautiful blankets, right?
    Have a wonderful week! Barbina

  3. It's looking fab, front and back.xxx

  4. It's looking good. It's going to be one sophisticated blanket when it's finished.
    Kier x

  5. I'm enjoying this one a lot, it is somehow restful to watch it grow into itself! I agree about the ridges, they add texture.

    Thank you for your lovely comment X

  6. I can't see the mistake, even after you telling us what it is. It looks lovely.

  7. Hi Faith..it is looking good... and as Deb said.. front and back! How about a slightly different colour border...or like you say... just a slightly smaller throw! :)x

  8. It's looking really great, and I think the back looks really good too! I still can't see which square has the mistake in it, even now I know what I'm looking for, lol!

  9. Next time tell that someone, "It's all about the DIY movement, yo." Great work on those squares.

  10. It's looking great, I like the back too it's very geometric!

  11. It's looking great - I tried to find the mistake last week and really couldn't - it's not noticeable :)

  12. Crochet on the go is the only way to go I say! I take a little something everywhere, can't stand sitting in the car or waiting anywhere without some along. :-) My sister in law was laughing at me today when I hopped in her car with my hook and yarn in hand when we were off to go Op-shopping. LOL I crocheted all the way and then I found some lovely vintage pattern books for $2 each. Awesome day!

    Love your progress report, I did not notice the mistake. Was too busy admiring how this looks so good all in white and when its made with colours too. Love it!

  13. It is a great pattern and you have made super progress. I always wonder how people can sit and wait not doing anything, I get fidgetty if I don't have some knitting to work on

  14. Fab, and I can't see the mistake, Judy x

  15. beautiful & no way can i notice the mistake. :)


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