Thursday, 29 September 2011

Bunting and learning

No one could ever accuse me of being unenthusiastic..........well .............unless mentioned in the same sentence as housework.

So when I saw squigglyrainbow's excellent bunting swap, I jumped in........both feet.

I have learnt a few lessons since then.

1. I really can't sew.
2. Always check out where the blog writer lives, before signing up.
3. Postage to Australia is not cheap.
4. I really can't sew.

The idea is you sign up to make a chosen number of pieces of bunting, sending them off to the individual addresses and then wait to receive the same number back, each individual one being able to either be strung together to make a bespoke bunting for your own house or used to decorate something else........................this is a great idea..................

My bunting contains a little piece of Wales.

The cut out hearts allow the light to shine through.

I love sewing, but shabby-chic was probably invented for me and my dubious sewing skills.  The recipients of my pieces of bunting should realise that although it may appear that I threw the things together and then told my kids to sew them up, I actually spent hours cutting, ironing and sewing.

I love bunting, but most of all I did enjoy making my pieces and like to think of a little bit of Wales winging its way to other lands.  I wanted to add something extra in my envelopes but ended up being very limited with weight to try and keep the postage costs down, so please know that my envelopes also carry love and blessings from my little corner of the world.


  1. What great idea your bunting looks awesome!

  2. I don't know what you're talking about, you crazy lady - that bunting looks great! The cut out hearts are gorgeous
    Emily x

  3. You are precious! And thank you so much for taking part - Have you received any yet? Lots of love to you xxx

  4. How funny! I don't own a sewing machine and I would love to have one, but deep down I think I already know that I can't sew.
    I love your bunting, your touch of Wales is very thoughtful.
    And yes, postage FROM Australia is also very expensive!
    Have a great weekend,
    Sandra x

  5. Love your cute bunting!! :) What a lovely blog!!

  6. They are lovely faith, the light shining through them is wonderful. I hope I'm on your list!!

  7. Faith, I would love to do a Christmas Bunting Swap.... maybe you could organise one and we could have lot's of UK participants!!!! xx

  8. The bunting is very lovely!! Although I definitely cant sew either!! Does crochet bunting count, and I would definitely jump in for the christmas bunting swap he he since I am in the UK

  9. I think your bunting turned out quite cute, Faith. ;-)

  10. Lovin' the bunting! You CAN sew... and very well too!! I would never have attempted the cut out hearts (too much faffing about for *lazy* me!) haha... Bunting really makes me happy... I want get on my machine and get sewing now!

    ...And thank you for your comment today - It feels good to know I'm not the only one driven slightly mad by a tired lot of boys at the end of the week! I have done no chores at all today... feels goood (although I now have tonnes to do tomorrow..oops)
    Hope you've done a bit of relaxing this weekend!!

    Louise xx

  11. I just received my lovely piece of bunting in the mail today...thank you for taking the time to create such a lovely piece. I can't wait to see the others coming my way to complete a very special string of different parts of the world.
    Thanks again.

  12. Hello!

    I received my gorgeous piece of bunting last week & keep forgetting to swing by & say THANK YOU! I'm so sorry, I'm blonde & ever so forgetful, but a spate of "look at my lovely bunting" posts today has finally reminded me once & for all!

    I love that I can see here how you made it, so, so cool!

    Thank you so much. I will blog about all my bunting pieces when they've all arrived so I can admire their collective beauty. :)


  13. I received a lovely, well travelled, love heart bunting, very sweet and you can so totally sew. I'm a wannabee crafter and am now feeling daunted by the quality of these buntings!


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