Sunday, 11 September 2011

Year of projects (wk4)

Wow, week four already..........although it has gone quickly, I have definitely achieved more than I would have done without the year of projects, so it is all good!

My time has been a little limited this week, due to 'back to school' and a few busy evenings.  The evenings may prove to get busier with various clubs and things that the boys would like to attend.  I have never really crocheted much in public, but I think it will be on my horizon, otherwise I will never get anything done.

The elusive ball of red arrived on Friday which was so exciting I can tell you (there it is snuggled in my bag)  I have striped it in and it hasn't disappointed.........

My granny stripe has been calling me, but in my head nagging away is also the fact I saw a mahousive spider two days ago, heading for my stripe project bag and I can't quite shake the fact, that it may jump out on me and shout 'BOOO!'.  Most unimpressed with my husband who failed to catch it, this thing must have been on performance-enhancing steroids, as it clearly won the race!

I can't tell you how much I love the colours, the stripes and the yarn, I am so glad I didn't wait longer to start it.

The sock monkey is finished and pretty much as I expected, he is fairly ugly.  I was a bit over enthusiastic with the stuffing, so it looks like he could do with signing up for slimming world and the acrylic used really was quite nasty.  I half read the instructions and started decreasing a little to early on the head, but despite all this, he is extremely popular with all three boys, who all want one now.  I feel it has been a worthwhile project and I will definitely add at least two more to my list for presents this Christmas.  I will modify things a little maybe so he appears a little less obese!

Elephant ears and sausage arms and legs........not a good look!

I have bought a big bag of cotton this week from the LYS which is going to make a sunnyspread throw for the one-a-day project and also a Japanese flower shawl as another present. 

I am motivated and keen, when I finally figure out how I am going to make more hours in the day, there will be no stopping me!


  1. If you find out the secret for making more hours in the day, can you let the rest of us know? LOL.

    He's a cute pleasantly plump little monkey!

  2. Thank you for commenting on my blog, I am glad I gave you inspiration for a christmas gift idea. Pickle is such a cute name, I like it :)

    Your granny stripe blanket looks amazing, I shall make that next year at some point, as I love it more each time I see one! Your monkey is also looking adorable!

  3. Hurray for reds that don't disappoint and portly monkeys! I'd like to know the secret of the extra hours too ;)

  4. Love love love the red yarn and I'm so glad it arrived...I got yarn too on Friday..don't you just love that lol.
    How cute is your monkey they make such cute little pressies for children don't they.
    Can't wait to see more of your one a day and I'd say you'll manage that fairly easily, cotton is such a wonderful medium to use, I love the stitch definition it gives...I'm a big fan of cotton..can you tell lol.

  5. I happen to love the plump monkey. Him imperfections is what makes him so lovable. Like your stripes too. But I truly hope that Mr Spider is not on his way to another house to terrorize. I can not stand spiders and would probably have thrown my knitting across the room to make sure he was not in it.

  6. I love your granny stripe blanket - I'm looking forward to seeing this grow... if you brave the spider that is, lol!

    I know how you feel though - I was carrying my new bag of wool upstairs the other day when I noticed a spider crawling round the outside of the bag. I quickly dropped it, but I haven't a clue where the spider went and have a horrible feeling that he's nestled right in the middle of a ball of wool somewhere *shudders*!

  7. Great colors for that Granny Square. Do you just crochet one on in random order or is all planned?
    The sock monkey is big but very boy. I can see him well-loved in the future and w/a little wear he'll look classic.

  8. I think he looks cute. I think it is better to be over-stuffed than under-stuffed, for a sock monkey.

  9. The colours look great, but I think a spider in residence would scare me away from my knitting, and possibly out of my house!

  10. I can't wait to see the progress on the blanket. It's going to be lovely when it's finished. And don't worry about crocheting in public. When I first started knitted I was really shy about that too. Now I resent public places where I can't knit!

  11. What a cute little monkey!! Perhaps he will conquer the spider!! Thanks for your comments on my scarf! Knitting in the round, I feel, makes the scarf warmer as it is thicker. and yes it is a tube. I think it goes faster somehow...even though there are way more stitches. LOL!

  12. SO glad you're enjoying the group and getting so much from it! Your monkey is charming!

    I definitely recommend a little portable project pack for your handbag - it's how I get lots of my things done - the other mums outside the school gates used to give me some funny looks but actually they are used to seeing me there with a crochet hook or knitting needles in my hands while I wait :)


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